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                     HILL and WHEELER FAMILIES


The  history of Hannah Hill can be traced back 4 generations. Hannah was  born 12 July 1742 in Upton, Mass. On 24 June 1766 she married  Abraham Boyd  and raised five sons while Abraham farmed and fought in the Revolution. They moved to Vermont in the 1770's where their sixth son was born.

                              Ralph Hill:   Father of Hannah

Ralph was born in Mendon, Mass 4 April 1710. When he finished grammar  school  in  Mendon,  he  hired himself out as a farm worker  and  liked  the  conditions  of  near-by Upton. Ralph married a young girl by the name of  Sarah. He lived in Upton the balance of his life.

                           Daniel Hill:   Grandfather of Hannah

Daniel  was  born 22 February 1674-75 in Billerica and helped out  on  the  farm  of  his folks  until  he  was in his mid-twenties. He traveled south to Mendon where  he married Sarah EMERSON  (daughter of James) 4  November 1709. Four sons were born to them.

                  Capt. Ralph Hill Jr:  Great-grandfather of Hannah

Ralph Jr.  was  born in 1639 in Plymouth, England and came to America with his  parents.  The family first lived in Woburn, Mass.  and  then  moved  to  Billerica  which was just  being settled. Ralph married Martha TOOTHAKER,  15 November 1660 in Billerica. Martha was the daughter of Ralph's father's second wife, Margaret. He died 9 April 1695 aged 56. His wife Martha was born in Billerca in 1636 and died  there  4 January 1703-
1704 aged sixty-seven. Her parents Roger and Martha Toothaker had came to Billerca in 1635.

                   Ralph Hill:   Great-Great-grandfather of Hannah

Ralph  came  to the Plymouth plantation in 1643 and tradition has it that  he  was  "of Wellingslt" which was near Plymouth England.  He sailed with his wife and two small children. His wife's name  is  not  known but she soon died, but not before moving to  Woburn  where the two children were raised. Ralph married December 21, 1638 to  Margaret Toothaker who had just
lost her husband, Roger.  They  had two children. Ralph was a freeman in Woburn  in 1647  and a selectman in 1649. In April 1663, He gave half an  acre for a "buring" place and on April 29, 1663,  he  was  the  first  to be buried there. His widow lived to be seventy-six and died 22 November 1683.


        Elizabeth (Betsy) Wheeler married Luther Boyd 29 May 1803
      Susannah  (Susie) Wheeler married Robert Boyd 10 Sep 1798

Their parents were DELIVERENCE and ELIZABETH WHITMAN WHEELER. He was  born at Stow, Mass. 22 December 1749. She was born 21May 1750 at Marlboro, Mass. Their intention to marry was pub-
lished  5 June 1773.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Zachariah Whitman.

                                     THOMAS WHEELER:

Thomas  was  born at Stow, Mass 30 January 1722-23 He married Mary GATES.

                                      THOMAS WHEELER:

Thomas Sr.,  was born at Charlestown, Mass. 24 June 1697. His intention  to  marry  was  published at Stow, Mass., 15 April 1722, to  Elizabeth GATES.  He was living at Harvard, Mass in 1740.

                                   DELIVERENCE WHEELER:

Deliverence Wheeler  married  28  May  1691, Mary  DAVIS the daughter 
of Lieutenant Simon DAVIS and  Mary BLOOD Davis, and the  sister  of  Sarah  DAVIS  who  married  Thomas  Wheeler. Deliverence lived at Stow, Groton, and at Concord, Mass.

                                  CAPT. THOMAS WHEELER:
                     G.G.G. GRANDFATHER OF BETSY AND SUSIE

His  wife  was  Ruth  WOOD, daughter of William WOOD. Whether from England is not known. Thomas died at Concord 10 December 1676.   He  was  an  Indian fighter and helped to protect the pioneers  from  the  onslaughts  from  the red man. The first written record of him is  on  May 18, 1642,  when he took the oath of freeman at  Concord, Mass. He was one of the original propietors  of  Ockoocangansett   (land  purchased  from  the
Indians)  which  became  part  of Marlborough, Mass. He was a soldier in  King Phillip's war, was fatally wounded, and died as a result of those wounds.

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