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                      THE HARRIS FAMILY

MARY CATHERINE HARRIS,   wife  of  George  S.  BOYD,  was the
daughter  of  Alexander  Rudolphous HARRIS and Mary Catherine
LARKINS. Mary was descended from James HARRIS who came to New
Jersey from England in 1725.  The Genealogy of this family is
published in the  book   "The New Jersey Branch of the Harris
family" by  Sarah Harris Kiefer,  1888.  Mary and George were
married  6 May 1906  and  had  six  children.  Mary  died  31
March 1972 and George died 28 March 1946. (see page 108)

ALEXANDER R. HARRIS was born in Licking County, Ohio in 1833-
35.  He  was  the  son  of Samuel HARRIS and Mary BATESON. He
married 1st. Nancy Jane CRAWFIS  on 14 Oct 1862. She bore him
nine  children  before  she  died on 20 October 1880. He then
married Mary Catherine LARKINS 26 November 1881. She was born
in 1857.  Alexander  died in 1911 and Mary died in 1928. Both
are  buried  in  the  Ridge Road Cemetery seven miles west of
Oakley, Michigan.

SAMUEL HARRIS  was  born  in  Greene  County, Pennsylvania in
1808.  He immigrated to  Knox County, Ohio with his father in
the fall of 1827.  He married Mary BATESON of Licking County,
2 November 1834,  by  whom he had eight children. In the fall
of 1839 they moved to Putnam County, Ohio where they remained
the  balance  of their lives. Samuel died in 1888 and Mary is
reported to have died in 1852.

ABRAM HARRIS  was born in Warren County, New Jersey, in 1775.
He married Esther DENMAN of New Jersey, 21 Jan 1796. They had
nine  children,  seven  sons  and two daughters. In September
1796, they moved to  Greene County, Pa.  where  they remained
until  the  fall of 1827 when they removed to Licking County,
Ohio.  Abram died,  18 Feb 1850,  and  is  buried in the Bell
church graveyard in Morgan Township, Knox County, Ohio.

THOMAS HARRIS  was  born in Essex County, New Jersey on 5 Jan
1843. He married Phoebe HARRISON, 13 Oct 1763. She was born 5
Oct 1744. They had six children, four sons and two daughters.
Thomas HARRIS  was  a soldier in the American Revolution. His
services were principally at sea. He served in the Battle  of
Monmouth, 1778. Thomas died in 1822 and  Phoebe in  1824  and
both are buried in Knox County, Ohio. His grave was dedicated
by the DAR in July of 1988.

JAMES HARRIS  was  born  in  Bristol, Somersetshire, England,
close  to  the  border  of Wales about 1700. He immigrated to
America in 1725.  He  settled in Essex County, New Jersey and
married  a  lady  by  the  name  of BOLEYN.  They  had seven
children, six sons and one  daughter.  James  was a  merchant
tailor by trade,  an Episcopalian in religion, and a Loyalist
or Tory in  politics.  James  died  in 1773 just prior to the
American Revolution.     More on this Harris Family:

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