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                     The Hammond Family     

WAVA HAMMOND,   daughter  of  Lester  Hammond,  was  born  in Ashley, Michigan, 11 Dec 1919. She had seven sisters and four brothers. She married Mancell Lee BOYD in 1936.  Mancell died 11  September 1973  and  she  married  2nd Theodore Roosevelt BATES on 1 June 1981. He died Dec 3, 1993. 

LESTER HAMMOND  was  born  21 July  1897  at  the old Hammond Homestead  eight  miles  north of Elsie, Michigan. He married Goldie BUCHOLZ,  26  September 1918. She died 4 April 1945 in Strong, Michigan. She is buried in the Ford Cemetery on Ridge Road, two miles north of Elsie,  Michigan.  Lester worked for A.C.  Davis on the Dredge. He built up an Automobile wrecking yard  in Fenmore. He left that and went to California in 1936 where he died in 1974.  Goldie, daughter of Jeanette Caterine NETZLEY was adopted by Charles BUCHOLZ  and was born in Darke
County, Ohio circa 1902.  Her natural father was Clyde Hill.

FRANK HAMMOND   was  born   8  May  1846  in   German  Flats, Herkimer County, New York. He lived at one  time in Bradford, Pennsylania.  He married Luvina FULLER 1 March 1890.  She was born near Saginaw, Michigan 12 Dec 1873.  She d. 13 Dec 1921. Frank came to  Laingsburg, Michigan with his parents in 1854.  They came by wagon train and were early settlers in that part of the country.  Frank  and Luvina had fourteen children, ten boys and four girls.

OLIVER HAMMOND  was  born in  German Flats,  New York 21 June 1815.  He died  31  August  1899  in  Dechard, Tennessee.  He married Rhoda THOMPSON on 25 December 1835, who was  born  on 19 Feb 1815. She died 28 July 1892  in  St. Louis,  Michigan. He came to Michigan on a wagon train in 1854 with his family. He was a manufacturer of boots, shoes, and harnesses.

SIMON HAMMOND  was  born  in  Cranston, Rhode Island,  10 Jan 1779.   He  died  in  Bradford, PA.  20 Dec 1860.  He married first, Hannah BABCOCK  the daughter of  Rev.  Arnold BABCOCK of  Rhode Island.  He  married  2nd  Harriet FRAZEE, daughter of   William FRAZEE of  Elizabethtown, N.Y.  Simon moved from Rhode Island to  German Flats, Herkimer County, New York.  He later  went to Bradford, PA.  He  had  nine  children  by his first wife and eight by his second.

SIMON HAMMOND  was born in July 1758 in Johnson. R.I. He died on 28 Jan 1848 at German Flats, N.Y. He had three children. 

STEVEN HAMMOND  lived in  Johnson, Rhode Island where he died in 1780.  He was born 31 Dec 1730 in Bristol, R.I.


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