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                     HISTORY OF THE HAMMOND FAMILY  (c) 1991

                                   COMPILED AND WRITTEN


                                        OLIVER A. HAMMOND



                                   BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN  

                                                   Part 1

This  history of the Hammond family is taken from many sources.  All  of  the  early part is taken from the books of Frederick Stam Hammond who wrote the Hammond history from 1000  to 1902 A.D.  He wrote two volumes which were published in 1902. He lived in Oneida, New York.

William Hammond  of  Lavenham, County of Suffolk, England was the emigrant of this line in Volume 1.  He was a first cousin to  Thomas  Hammond  of Melford, England. He is the emmigrant ancestor of Volume 2.

Volume 1 is about William Hammond and all of his descendants. Volume  2 is about Thomas Hammond and all of his descendants. Both William and Thomas emigrated to America between 1632 and 1636.  William  went  to  Watertown, Massachusetts and Thomas went to Hingham, Massachusetts.

The task of collecting all of this latter part of the history is a memorial and a task of love.  It is an arduous task for which there is no hope or thought of financial reward. Our reward is to have produced the history for those who are interested in a copy of it.  So many family histories are lost because no one takes the time to put it on paper.

I want to thank everyone who have helped in collecting all of the material for this part of the history.  There are so many that we do not have space to  mention each  name. Without the large number who helped in collecting all the material there would be very little to write.  There may be errors because we are human.   Also there are  con- flicting dates given by different members of the family.

The earliest ancestor with whom  it  has been possible to connect William and Thomas Hammond is John Hamonde of Melford who  was  of  the  Lawshall family of Hammonds who were cloth manufacturers.

                                                  Oliver A. Hammond, 1973

Oliver A. Hammond was my great uncle, my grandfather Lester Hammond's brother.  He started his work on the family history at the age of sixty-five.  Except for editions to family members this work has not been published.  He was not a writer (nor am I) and certainly not accomplished on a typewriter.  He typed one finger at a time (I use two), capitalized when he should not have and made other errors in writing.  He had not the advantage of a PC or a word processor as we do today.  But he was an historian and a genealogist.  He spent almost ten years gathering data and putting this history together.  Withouts his efforts we certainly would have lost most of the history of our direct ancestors and the little stories and anecdotes that make a family history interesting and worth reading.  The story of the wagon trains leaving Oleans, New York would most probably have been forgotten.  I, for one, am extremely grateful for the work that he did and dismiss the errors of writing I find in the original work.

I have tried to remedy some of those errors.  In doing so I have changed the format, and went to an everyname index rathering than a numbering system.  I have brought some of the book up to date; ie deaths, births, and marriages.  I have tried not to alter Mr. Hammond's basic work but to write it as closely to the original as possible. 

Part 2

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