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                                CASTLE LINE
    Timothy Hunt Castle               Julia Ann (Boyd) Castle
         Photos courtesy William Castle of Speedway, Indiana

Julia Ann BOYD,   born  1 Oct 1812  in  Wilmington,   married
Timothy Hunt CASTLE, 1 Aug 1839. He was born 10 June 1814  in
Wilmington.  He  died 22 June 1880 and she died 15 March 1890
in Columbus or Quincy, Illinois.

Harriet Amelia BOYD, born 24 April 1832 in Wilmington married
Justus B. CASTLE.  He  was born  5 Nov 1823 in Wilmington.  She
died 24 Oct 1912 in Chenoa, Illinois and he died 25 June 1908
at same place.

Timothy H. and Justus B. CASTLE were sons of Philo CASTLE, Sr
born  in 1781 in Wilmington.  He married Jerusha DIX on 2 Sept
1808.   She was  born 26 Oct 1784  in  Wilmington.  He died in
Wilmington  15 May 1845  and she died 14 Jan 1875 in Mendota,

Philo CASTLE  was  the  son  of Timothy CASTLE, born 22 April
1747  in  Woodbury,  Connecticut.  He  died  24 June 1813  in
Wilmington. He married, 17 Feb 1779,  Mary (Molly) HUNT.  She
died 5 April 1808. He then married  Freelove PAINTER. Timothy
CASTLE enlisted in Capt. Thadeus LACEY'S Company of Minutemen
from Roxbury, Connecticut on 5 Feb 1776.  In 1780 he served as
a Lieutenant in the Connecticut Militia.

Timothy CASTLE was the son of Israel CASTLE, born 18 Apr 1722
in Woodbury, Connecticut.  He died 18 Oct 1809 in Roxbury. He
married,  in  March 1746, Eunice TERRELL bapt. 5 Jan 1759 and
died  in  November  1786.  She  was  the  daughter of Timothy
TERRELL and Thankful GALWIN.

Israel CASTLE  was  the  son  of Isaac CASTLE, who was born 6
July 1672  in  Woodbury,  Connecticut.  He died 25 July 1727.
He married 24 Feb 1704, Sarah ADAMS.  She was born 3 Oct 1680
and died 24 Feb 1708. She was the daughter of Samuel ADAMS of
Fairfield,  Connecticut.  Isaac  married  2nd in 1715, Joanna
RICHARDSON,  born 1 Sept 1683.  She died 24 Feb 1791. She was
the  daughter  of  Thomas  RICHARDSON  and  widower of Daniel

Isaac CASTLE  was  the  son of Henry CASTLE, Sr. who was born
in  England  in  1613.  He died 2 Feb 1697 in Woodbury, Ct. He
married Abigail FINCH ca. 1666.  She was born in 1645 and died
in 1725.  Henry shipped to the colonies on 4 July 1635.  He was
one of the early settlers of Stratford, Fairfield County, Ct.

1. From the MSS  "Henry Castle of Woodbury, Connecticut" by
W.W. Ingraham

2. Misc. Castle data from William Castle of Speedway, Indiana.

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