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John W. Bucholz and Mary Ohde/Oda
family photos below

*John W. Bucholz/Buchholz arrived in USA in 1870 from Germany.  He was born in 1830 and died in 1906.  He is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Newton Twp., Miami County, Ohio.  He married Mary Ohde/Oda born in April of 1829 in Germany daughter of Friedrich Ohde/Oda. Mary died in 1908 and is buried beside her husband, John.  According to Helen Buchholz Smith, wife of George Smith,  "John Buchholz came to USA in 1869 on the ship 'Dr. Beard' from Bucco, Mecklenburg, Germany.  They landed in New York City in January 1870 at Castle Gardens. Great grandpa (Friedrich) Ohde/Oda was born 4 March 1801 in Germany and died in August of 1887.   Friedrich's wife's maiden name was Vesendurb.  John and Mary Ohde/Oda were married in 1852 in Germany. The following told to me in a letter from Mrs. George Smith (Helen Buchholz) in 1990.

"They (John and Mary) moved to Harrisburg, Ohio, 10 miles north of Dayton and lived with grandma Buchholz's brother and family, John Oda's, for six weeks then moved or lived on several small rented farms. They lived in their last home 14 years on what is now called Hogpath road, not too far from Arcanum, Ohio.  I often heard uncle Charlie and Joseph (my dad) tell this story as their Grandpa Oda had told it to them:  When grandpa Fredrick Oda was a boy about 12 years old in Germany he was out herding cattle and he heard cannons firing and saw Redcoats coming over a hill towards him. Napoleon and the Danes met there at war. One side Napoleon's? was called Redcoats.  Frederick got a cow by the tail, jumped on,  and hurried home as fast as the scared cow could take him".   

From the Ministry of Affairs, Mechlenburg, Schwerin, Germany.
"At the examination of the immigration records from 1869 til 1877 no name Buchholz, with the Christian name Johann Wilhelm, could be found.  But the name Ohde was found, as we proved the record of the Ministery of Internal Affairs of Mechlenburg, Schwerin.  At the 12th September 1869, the landowner Eggers from Redenrank at Kropelin, asked for permission of an immigration consent for day laborer worker Friedrich Class Ohde, born on the 4th March 1801.  The immigration consent was given to him at the 19th September 1869 from the Mecklenburg-Schwerin Ministry of Internal Affairs.
With this information a comprehensive search for the couple Buchholz began.  As the day laborer Freidrich Ohde immigrated alone at the age of 68 yrs, he probably followed relatives, who immigrated already to America."
On another note:  There is no ship that we have been able to find called Dr. Beard.  However, there are records of a Dr. Barth.  Some of us deem this possible given the credibility of history that is handed down from generation to generation.
This info from Loretta Smith: Email address:  GUpnorth *at*

John and Mary's children: (order of birth not certain) were:

1. John Bucholz born 1835 married Anna Louise Phalor born 1853. They lived in Covington, Ohio.

2. Henry Bucholz married Mary Harlacher born 1870. Henry died in 1943. Henry lived in Miami County, Ohio, about 1 1/2 miles east of Bradford, Ohio.  Bradford is divided in half, one side in Darke County and the other in Miami County.  The county line splits the town just about in half.  They had 12 children.  Dora Buchholz born 20 June 1890.  Harry Buchholz born
11 Jan 1892.  Forest Buchholz born 13 April 1895.  Estella Buchholz born 11 Feb 1898.  Sarah Buchholz born 30 Mar 1900.
Mae Buchholz born 14 Nov 1902.  Minnie Buchholz born 30 Oct 1905.  Ruth Buchholz born 12 April 1908.  Hazel Buchholz born 22 Nov 1910.  Glen Buchholz born 15 Feb 1913.  (birth data from Eloise Haygood, Houston, Texas).

3. Charles Bucholz born in 22 Aug 1866 in Germany and died in 1949. Charles married 1st Della Coates. Della died with TB and is buried somewhere in Oregon. They had two children: Mary B. Bucholz Lewis-Miller and Edward Bucholz.  Edward is buried in a military cemetery at Tawas, Michigan. Charles married 2nd Catherine Jeanette Netzley 2 August1902 by J.H. Brandon, JP. and moved to Brady Twp., Saginaw County, Michigan. Nettie died 20 May 1953.  Their children:

i.. Goldie (Hill) Bucholz  born 1900 adopted by Charles. She married Lester Hammond. Goldie died in Strongs, MI in 1945. 
ii.. Roy Glen Buchholz born 22 Feb 1903  died November of 1949.
iii. Ira Joe Buchholz born Jan 14, 1904 died 10 Nov 1976 married Cinderella Hashbarger. 
iv. Myrtle Buchholz born 21 Jan 1906 married Chester Hammond. Died 25 Dec 1986. 
v. Carl C. Buchholz born 28 Oct 1911 died 28 March 1974 m. Elva Deal.  Elva's Obit
vi. Earl Virgal Buchholz born 16 Sept 1912 died 14 Aug 1955 married Jeannette Wolfe.
vii. Leona Buchholz born 4 Sept 1915 died 21 Feb 1985 married Frank Mau. 
viii. Evelyn Buchholz Watkins.
ix. Margie Buchholz Griffus. 
x.. Dorothy Buchholz born 5 May 1921 died 16 May 1997, m. Anthony P. Mitas. 
xi.. John W. Bucholz born  3o January 1926 and died 28 August 2008.  John W. Bucholz 1926-2008 Obit

1910 Census Michigan, Marion Twp, Saginaw County
Charles Bucholz  H  43 M2  7 Germany Germany
Nettie Bucholz   W  27  M1 7 Ohio Ohio
Edward  S 18 Ohio Ohio
Mary  D 13  Washington  Ohio
Goldie  D  8  Ohio Ohio
Roy    S  7  Ohio Ohio
Myrtle  D  4  Ohio  Ohio
Ira   S  10/12  Michigan  Michigan

4. Mary Bucholz married Frost.

5. Minnie Buchholz married Neisley.

6. Joseph Buchholz born 1 April 1871 in Darke County, Ohio married Esther Ann Grise 27 August 1893. Esther was born 29 June 1878 in Darke County.  They had six children: Lova Buchholz born Sept 14, 1895 and died 23 Feb 1957. Lova married Ivan Buell 30 Sept 1913. Herman Buchholz born 28 June 1897. Herman married Blanch Merriat 26 Dec 1917.  Grover Buchholz born 28 Dec 1903. Grover married Dorothy Bintam 10 May 1924.   Loring Buchholz born 14 Dec 1906 and died 15 April 1990 in Chesaning, Michigan. Loring married Marjorie Flegel 31 May 1930 Marjorie born 5 Aug 1911 and died 3 April 2000.  Helen Buchholz born 28 Aug 1912. Helen married George Smith 6 Oct 1934. Gaila Buchholz born 10 July 1914 and died 5 June 1915.  Joseph died 24 June 1933 and Esther died 22 March 1969.

*There was a John C. Bucholz who came to USA from Germany in 1883.  He was born in May of 1856 and died in 1926.
He came to and lived in the same area as the above John W. Bucholz.  He is buried in the same cemetery as John W. Bucholz.
Is he an older son that stayed in Germany for several years before following his father to America?  I believe so.  If not a son a relative of some sort for certain.  He married 15 Dec 1882, Minnie D. Slade/Starr (LDS-IGI sheets list both surname spellings for her). She was born in 1860 and died in 1908. They had nine children:  Charles H. Buchholz born in Jan 1883 and died in 1924.  Elizabeth Buchholz born in Feb 1884 died 1918.  David J. Buchholz born in Oct 1887 died 26 Nov 1977 married Cora B._____?  Frederick William Buchholz born 16 April 1889 died 26 Nov 1927.  John L. Buchholz born in Sept 1890.  Emma Buchholz born in April 1894.  Barnhart 'Barney' Buchholz born 22 Sept 1896 and died 24 Dec 1974.  Edith Buchholz born in June 1898 and died before 1927.  Albert G. Buchholz born in 1902 and died 22 Oct 1967 married Bertha A. ____?

Some data from 1. Joseph H. Bosserman, Covington, Ohio.  2.  1900 Census Franklin Twp., Darke County, Ohio.

Pictures below sent to me by Helen Smith.

Note: Some family members used Buchholz and some used Bucholz.

BUCHHOLZ, James R. Sr. - Age 75, of Corunna, passed away Friday, January 2nd at his residence. Funeral mass 10 AM Tuesday, January 6th at St. Joseph Catholic Church, 915 E. Oliver Street, Owosso. Burial to follow at Ford Cemetery, Bannister. Visitation at Mowen Funeral Home - William A. Scarlett Memorial Chapel, 409 West Main Street, Owosso on Sunday from 5 PM to 8 PM and also Monday from 2 PM to 4 PM and 6 PM to 8 PM. Rosary will prayed 7:30 PM Monday.

Bucholz/Buchholz Family Photos

Charles and Catherine Jeanette Netzley Bucholz

 Charles and Joseph Bucholz - circa 1917

Left to Right
Roy, Joseph, Charles, Grover Bucholz and Helen Bucholz

Esther Grise Bucholz, Minnie Neisley, Nettie Netzley Bucholz
(with sun in eyes)

Nettie Bucholz - John W. Bucholz - Charles Bucholz
Taken 1945 when Charles is 80

                               John Bucholz

Charles Bucholz and his first family.
Mary B. Bucholz Lewis-Miller and Edward Bucholz.

Joseph and Esther Bucholz Family cica 1925.  Left to Right
Loring Bucholz, Herman Bucholz, Grover Bucholtz, Helen Bucholz, Esther and Joe, Lova Bucholz.

From Left:
Henry Bucholz, John Bucholz, Minnie Neisley and Mary Frost
Brothers and sisters of Charles Bucholz

Original pictures given to me by Helen Bucholz Smith, wife of George Smith.


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