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     Descendants of John and Margaret Long Boyd

                         Bruce L. Boyd:  boydnestlow "at"

Fourth generation (from John Boyd)

Elisha BOYD. Born on 13 Mar 1794 in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Elisha died in 1877; he was 82.  Occupation: Deacon.  Elisha married Patty Remington. Born in 1800.  They had the following children:

i. Canfield Boyd. (see bio. below) Born on 28 Feb 1819 in Franklin, N. Y.  Canfield died in 1896; he was 76.   On 6 Oct 1839 when Canfield was 20, he married Martha Neff. 
ii. Julius Boyd.  Julius married Betsey _____?.
iii. Maria Boyd.   Maria married Valentine Bartlett.
iv. Sabra Boyd.  Sabra married William Bartlett.
v. Nathan Boyd.  Nathan married Ruth Ann _____?.
vi. George Washington Boyd (1837-1923) married 1st Martha A. Kneeland.

Fifth Generation 

George Washington Boyd Born on 27 Aug 1837 in town of Thompkins, N. Y. George Washington Boyd died in Cannonsville, N. Y. on 21 Feb 1923; he was 85. Buried in Cannonsville, N. Y.  Moved Deposit, N. Y.  On 27 Nov 1862 when George Washington Boyd was 25, he first married Martha A. Kneeland, daughter of Stilson & Florence (Fannie) Kneeland born on 7 Apr 1840 in Masonville, N. Y.  Martha A. Boyd died in Town Of Thompkins, N. Y.
on 14 Apr 1879; she was 39.  George Washington Boyd married 2nd Sarah Kneeland, daughter of Stilson & Florence (Fannie) Kneeland born in 1832. Sarah died in 1898; she was 66.  George W. Boyd and Martha Kneeland had the following children:

i. Emma Aurelia Boyd . Born on 14 Oct 1863 in Johnny Brook, Cannonsville, N. Y. Emma
Aurelia died on 22 Nov 1953; she was 90. On 12 Feb 1885 when Emma Aurelia Boyd was 21, she married Durwood Belmont Seymour. Born on 16 Feb 1863. Durwood died on 14 May 1944; he was 81.

ii. Virgil F. Boyd. Born on 29 Sep 1865 in Johnny Brook, Cannonsville, N. Y. Virgil F. died in 
Feb 1933; he was 67. Virgil F. Boyd married Mary Estella Axtell. Born in 1868. Mary Estella died in 1938; she was 70.

iii. Berkley Stanton Boyd. Born on 30 Aug 1868 in Johnny Brook, Cannonsville, N. Y. Berkley Stanton died in Cannonsville,  NY on 21 Nov 1936; he was 68. Occupation: Creamery Owner.  On 19 Dec 1894 when Berkley Stanton Boyd was 26, he married Emma France. One son Leland B. Boyd born 1896 and a daughter Ethel Elizabeth Boyd.     Letter

iv. Ernest Leland Boyd. Born on 16 Aug 1872 in Johnny Brook, Cannonsville, N. Y. Ernest Leland died in Cannonsville, N Y  on  1 Jun 1952; he was 79. Buried in Cannonsville, N. Y. Moved Deposit, N. Y.  On 4 Oct 1893 when Ernest Leland Boyd was 21, he married Katherine "Kate" Axtell, daughter of Henry Axtell & Rebecca Neff. Born on 13 Dec 1873 in Deposit,  
N Y Katherine "Kate" died in Hamden, N. Y. on 20 Sep 1960; she was 86.

v. Leslie Lavella Boyd (1876-1951) 

Sixth Generation

Leslie Lavella  Boyd born on 23 Jan 1876 in Johnny Brook, Cannonsville, N. Y. Leslie Lavella died in Walton, N. Y. on 21 Nov 1951; he was 75. Buried in Walton, N. Y. Occupation: Store Owner.  On 11 Apr 1900 when Leslie Lavella Boyd was 24, he married Lillie (Lily) Belle Bennett, daughter of Charles E. Bennett & Bellezora Brundage. Born on 1 Jun 1880 in Franklin, N. Y. Lillie (Lily) Belle died in Cannonsville, NY on 26 Aug 1936; she was 56.
They had the following children:

i. Arthur Lavelle Boyd. Born on 15 Jul 1901 in Cannonsville, N. Y. Arthur Lavelle died on 17
Nov 1987; he was 86.  On 27 Aug 1925 when Arthur Lavelle Boyd was 24, he married Freda Brown. Born on 6 Oct 1905. Freda died in Walton, N. Y. on 2 Jan 1958; she was 52.

ii. Ralph Lynnwood Boyd (1908-1996)

Seventh Generation

Ralph Lynnwood Boyd  born on 7 Jun 1908 in Trout Creek, N. Y. Ralph Lynnwood died in Stamford, NY on 22 Apr 1996; he was 87. Buried on 26 Apr 1996 in Walton, NY. Occupation: Creamery, Walton, Sheffield -Milk, Breakstone - Cheese. Education: 12 Years Deposit N. Y., Orlando Fla. Religion: Methodist.  On 25 Sep 1932 when Ralph Lynnwood Boyd was 24, he married Olive Frances Mallory, daughter of Frank Launt Mallory & Katherine Belle Launt, in Oneonta, N. Y. Born on 8 Mar 1909 in Mallory Brook, Hamden, N. Y. They were divorced on 1 Apr 1961.  They had the following children:

i. Richard Mallory Boyd. Born on 22 Mar 1934 in Walton, N. Y. Richard Mallory died in
Sonora, CA on 29 Jun 1986; he was 52.  Buried in San Deigo, California. Occupation: U. S. Navy 20+ Years, Aviation Forest Fire Fighter. Education: 12 Years, 2 Years Broome Tech, Binghamton, N. Y. Religion: Methodist/Baptist.  On 22 Jul 1956 when Richard Mallory Boyd was 22, he married Joyce Evva Riefel, daughter of Ancel W. Riefel & Esther Gallow, in Arizona. Born on 12 Apr 1935 in North Collins, N. Y.

ii. Bruce Leslie Boyd (1937-)

Eighth Generation  

Bruce Leslie BOYD. Born on 9 Apr 1937 in Walton, N. Y. Occupation: 24 Years U. S. Army Msgt E8, Engineer. Education: 12 Years + 1 Yr College & Military Schools. Religion: Methodist.  On 11 Aug 1957 when Bruce Leslie Boyd was 20, he married Anne Bradley VanderVoort, daughter of Francis VanderVoort & Jeanne V. Bradley, in Walton, N. Y. Born on 25 Aug 1938 in Oneonta, NY.  They had the following children:

 i. Leslie Anne Boyd  (1958-1979)
 ii. Steven Scott Boyd  (1959-)
 iii. Jeffery Lynn Boyd  (1963-)
 iv. Susan Carol Boyd  (1964-)

Ninth Generation

Leslie Anne BOYD. Born on 3 Mar 1958 in Letterman Army Hospital, San Francisco, Ca. Leslie Anne died on 14 Jul 1979; she was 21. Buried on 18 Jul 1979 in Arlington National Cemetery, Va. Occupation: Student, Maryland University. Education: 12 Years + 2 Years College. Religion: Methodist.

Steven Scott BOYD. Born on 3 Dec 1959 in Tripler Army Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii. Occupation: Senior Volvo Mechanic. Education: 12 Years + Volkswagon/Volvo Schools. Religion: Methodist.

Jeffery Lynn BOYD. Born on 3 Mar 1963 in Dewitt Army Hospital, Fort Belvoir, Va. Occupation:  Photographer. Education: 12 Years + 2 Years College (Nova & George Mason). Religion: Methodist.  On 5 Feb 1993 when Jeffery Lynn Boyd was 29, he married Lori Lea Thompson. Born on 26 May 1967.

Susan Carol BOYD. Born on 16 Oct 1964 in Dewitt Army Hospital, Fort Belvoir, Va. Occupation: Retail Manager - Gap For Kids. Education: 12 Years + 1 Year College (Virginia Tech). Religion: Methodist.  On 27 Aug 1988 when Susan Carol Boyd was 23, she married Kevin Arthur Stout, son of Arling "Buster" Stout & Patricia, in  Vienna, Va. Born on 21 Dec 1961.  They had the following children: 

i. Tyler Reese Stout  14 
ii. Connor Reed Stout

Bruce Boyd    boydnestlow"at"

                        CANFIELD BOYD and MARTHA NEFF

CANFIELD BOYD is a retired farmer of Cannonsville, Delaware County, NY who has made for himself a delightful home and comfortable fortune, and, what is of far greater value, a reputation as an upright man, strictly honorable in his dealings.  His great-grandfather (John), who came to America from Scotland, and made his home in Massachusetts, had two* brothers, one of whom settled in New York (Thomas), on the Hudson River, and the other in
Vermont (Abraham).  William Boyd, a son of the Bay State settler, was born in Cambridge, Mass.,  March 15, 1750, served as a patriot soldier in the Revolution, and married in January, 1777, Margery Taylor, of Newington,  Conn., who was born March 7,  1758.  A number of years after marriage they removed to West Springfield, MA  where they died, she in 1833, he in 1839.

* There were five brothers altogether; John Boyd Jr., Abraham Boyd, David Boyd
   Samuel Boyd and William Boyd.  See:

Their son, Elisha Boyd, was born at Cambridge in 1795, and until 1815 followed the life of a farmer there. He moved to Franklin, Delaware County, NY making the journey on horseback and in an ox cart, and here leading the life of a sturdy pioneer. In 1818 Elisha Boyd married Patty Remington, of Meredith, whose father served seven years in the American Revolution.

Canfield Boyd, son of Elisha and Patty (Remington) Boyd, was born in Franklin, MA 28 February 1819.  His childhood was spent in attending the district school, and working on his father's farm, and he also learned the shoemaker's trade.  When about thirty years of age, he purchased the land on which he now resides in Tompkins, which at that time was a
desolate wilderness.  His first purchase consisted of fifty acres; and, with the assistance of his neighbors, he erected a board house, which he and his wife occupied on the third night after the first tree had been felled for its frame.  Martha Neff, whom he married October 6, 1839, was the daughter of Silas and Polly (Watts) Neff, and was born in Butternuts,
Otsego County. When about seventeen years of age, she left home to learn the tailor's trade, and sent to work in what is now Morris. At the age of twenty-five she married Mr. Boyd and like the faithful wife she was, insisted upon sharing his hardships in the little cabin, comforting and encouraging him and refusing the offers of more comfortable quarters for
the first few weeks with her neighbors.  At the expiration of eight years Mr. Boyd pur- chased another fifty acres, and later, in 1882, a frame house, which he now occupies, it being of commodious proportions, and delightfully situated.

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd are the parents of four children: Henry L., Thomas W., Gilbert E., and Elbert A. Boyd.  Henry, a blacksmith by trade, married Miss Lydia Smith, of Tompkins; and they have six children now living:  Hattie, Edwin, Mary, Willis, Lavina, and Ella; one daughter, Lizzie, having died of diphtheria at the age of seventeen. Thomas, a farmer in
Tompkins, married Miss Nellie Mains; and they have four children: Edith, Etta, Lena, and Kenneth.  Gilbert E. Boyd, also a Tompkins farmer, married Miss Jemima Mains, a sister of Mrs. Thomas Boyd. Elbert  A. works the home farm, and at present has one hundred and twenty-five acres of land in a state of high cultivation, the farm containing two hundred and
thirty acres in all. Here are kept fifty head of fine cattle; and a large dairy is operated, the butter from which finds a ready market at an advanced price in the large cities of New York and New Jersey.  A large quantity of honey, the product of an extensive apiary, is yearly shipped to market.

Elbert A. Boyd married Louisa M. Brown, daughter of Simeon and Lucia (Evarts) Brown; and they have one son, Emory Reed Boyd, born in 1884. Mrs. Elbert Boyd's great-grandfather, Collins Brown, came from the Eastern States in the latter part of the eighteenth century, and settled in Masonville, in this county. His wife was Margaret Chapin, a member of one of the oldest New England families.  

Their son, Collins Brown, Jr., who was born in Masonville, was educated in the district school, and later received an academic training. He was married three times, his first wife being Louisa Griswold, who became the mother of Simeon P. Brown, the father of Mrs. Boyd. His second wife was Mary Neff, and his third Sarah K. Wood, who died at the age of seventy-five.

Simeon P. Brown, having received his early education in the district school of Masonville, attended the academy at Franklin, and then entered Madison University, at Hamilton, Madison County, N. Y., where he was graduated from both the classical and theological courses, after which he was ordained as a Baptist minister.  His first parish was at Sherman,
Pa.; but later he went to Bennettsville, N. Y., where he remained one year. His next call was to Sidney Centre, and from there he came to Cannonsville. In 1864 he enlisted from the town of Sanford in the Sixth New York Heavy Artillery as a private, and served for eleven months.  He participated in the battle of Cedar Creek, and October 19, 1864, at Winchester, was shot through the thigh, lying on the field for twenty-four hours before assistance reached him. He died from the effects of his wound six weeks later, faithful to the end, a true patriot, a beloved and loving husband, father, and friend; and his loss was keenly felt, not only by his immediate family, but by all who were fortunate enough to possess his acquaintance. His wife was Lucia E. Evarts, of Coventry, Vt., a daughter of the Rev. M. M. Evarts, a Baptist minister of that town.

Mr. and Mrs.  Simeon Brown were the parents of three children: Louisa M., who married Elbert A. Boyd; Ernest W.; and Marcus S., a physician at Walton, who died in December, 1892. 

Mr. Canfield Boyd and his wife are both devoted members of the Cannonsville Baptist church, which organization they joined at the age of seventeen; and they are the acknowledged leaders in all church affairs, Mr. Boyd being a Deacon at the present time. In politics he is and always has been a Republican, a prominent man in all matters concerning the welfare of the town where he resides. His farm is one of the finest in the country, and its excellence is due entirely to his energy, strengthened by the courage and patience of his loving wife. This worthy couple are now drifting down, hand in hand, toward the close of life, looking back upon a past well spent, and forward to a future of everlasting peace.    From "The Leading Citizens of Delaware County, NY., 1895"

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