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Top Row:  Mrs. Anderson, Clifford Nixon, Jenove Thiel, Gerald Handley, Irene Robinson, LeRoy Bates, Nanch Schoch, Larry Good, Mary Lou Tucker.
4th Row:  Larry Somers, Shirley Thiel, Jimmy Hedrich, Patty Suppes, Unknown, Della Walter
3rd Row:  Karen ?, Melvin Barnes, Linda Dugalech, Marvin Griffus, Carol Thiel, Paul Schmiege, Judy Willson, Alan Cross, Alice Holappa.
2nd Maxine Courter, Beverly Miller, Madeline Courter,  Diane Devereau, Angie Aldrich, Barbara Stopjik, Lynn Harris, Margaret Griffus.
1st Row:  Carol Bleisner,  Lois Fowler, Joan Devereau, Mary Sue Boyd, Unknown, Barbara Reeves