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Ada Clara Boyd,  daughter of Clara Luella Boyd was born 31 March  1891.  She married  1st,   Walter Winfield Boyd, her cousin, son of Winfield Jasper Boyd and Flora Helena BAILEY.  Walter was  born  on  15  March 1875 and died on 30 Nov 1914.  Ada  married  2nd Walter's brother Luther who was born in Aug 1891.  After  Ada's  death,  Luther  married 2nd, Nancy HOYT.  Ada had children by both marriages.


1. Cynthia Boyd  d.  2 July 1988 m. 1st Albert PAGE

   I. Barbara Page  m. Herbert PURINGTON  had large family

  II. Clifford Page
       one daughter

III. Evelyn Page
     son Kevin

  IV. George Page never married

2. James Boyd d. 20 July 1980 m. Margaret HAMILTON

   I. June Boyd
  II. Walter Boyd

3. Myron Boyd d. young


1. Dorothy Boyd
2. Mabel Boyd
3. Sue Boyd
4. Irene Boyd 

Florence Boyd Crafts
HCR-63  Box 10
Wilmington, Vt  05363


1. Theresa Ann Boyd b. 11 Nov 1952 Bennington m. 1st Alan GRANGER m. 2nd Jerry CLARE

2. Carol Ellen Boyd b. 22 Feb 1954 Bennington m. Christopher JOHNSON

3. Leon Alfred Boyd (twin) b. 13 Mar 1956 Bennington m. Pamela PHELPS

4. Cleon Allen Boyd (twin) b. 13 Mar 1856 Bennington m. Bonnie MURRAY

5. Tammy Jayne Boyd b. 23 Feb 1958 Bennington m. Thomas REDIN

6. Dannie John (Buck) Boyd b. 28 May 1959 Brattleboro m. Janet GENELLA


1. Catherine Esther Boyd b. 10 Sep 1953 Brattleboro m. Marshall (Marty) GOODELL

2. Gordon Elliott Boyd b. 11 Sep 1954 Brattleboro m. Deborah BOYD 24 May 1980  b. 22 Aug 1960

<>3. Robert Paul Boyd b. 16 Dec 1958 Newfane, NY m. Earlene CABANA
Children of Robert P. Boyd:  1. Robert Paul Boyd Jr., b. 19 Jan 1982  2.  Daniel Earl Boyd
b. 15 Dec 1982  3. Oliver Wade Boyd b. 11 Nov 1987  4. Cricket Elizabeth Boyd b. 24 Sept 1996  5.  Dawson Clay Boyd b. 6 Jan 1999.  

Florence Ida Haynes, daughter of Wallace L. Haynes and Rosina M.  RICHARDSON, was  born  20  September 1897 in Wilmington, Vermont.   She married Elvyn Olaf HASLUND,  who was born on 10 August 1894  in Brooklyn, New York. They had two children.  Elvyn  died  24  Aug  1958.  He  was  the son of Einar Jalmar Haslund/Hafslund who came to Wilmington, Vermont from Norway.  Florence died at the age of 96 years on 26 July 1994. She was
a teacher for many years and taught at the  Round Schoolhouse in Brookline and many other one-room schools in the area.

1. Edward Elvyn Haslund b. 24 Aug 1930 m. Blanche MARTIN

2. Ralph Leslie Haslund b.  3 Oct 1932 m. Louise SMULDERS

1. George Wellman Jr. b. 8 Nov 1928  d.  3 Mar 1983 m. 2 Sept 1950

2. Harry Judson Wellman b. 28 Feb 1932 m. 29 Jan 1984


1. Joyce Rose Wellman b. 18 Jan 1955 m. Michael STOWELL

2. Beverly Jean Wellman b.  8 Oct 1957
3. George Clarence Wellman b. 17 Jan 1964
4. Raymond Harry Wellman  b.  9 Nov 1970

Cora Calista Boyd,  daughter of Winfield J. Boyd and Flora H. BAILEY, was born 4 Mar 1885.  She married Fred C. ALDRICH, 18 Apr 1904. They had four children.

1. Nora Aldrich b.  died in infancy
2. Grace Aldrich  married James VANASSE b. Southampton, MA
3. Malcolm Frederick Aldrich b. 14 Jne 1923
m. Lillian STONE 16 Oct 1944 b. Warren, VT.
4. Edward Boyd Aldrich b. 22 Dec 1925

Rita E. May,  daughter of Agnes Louise Boyd and Ralph William MAY,  was  born  on  24 May 1933 in Wilmington, Vermont.  She married Charles R. STAIB of Hartford, Connecticut on 23 April 1955 in Wilmington. He was  born 29 July 1935 and his parents were Harry STAIB and Sarah NICHOLS.  They  had three children the eldest two being born in Hartford.  Gretchen the youngest was born in Wilmington.

1. Ralph Staib b. 15 Nov 1955 m. Helen G. BUSHIKA 17 Aug 1985  b. 27 Feb 1960

2. Heidi Staib b. 14 Aug 1959 m. Allen E. TAYLOR 24 Oct 1986 b.  9 May 1947

3. Gretchen Staib b. 21 Mar 1963 m. Carroll D. Havrelok?  8 June 1985 b. 17 Aug 1959

Lois May, daughter of Agnes Louise Boyd and Ralph William May was  born  30 Oct  1950  in  Wilmington.  She  married  James O'CONNOR, 18 Nov 1973, in Oxnard, California. He was  born 21 August  1944,  in  Bellplain,  Minnesota  the  son of Russell O'CONNER and Helen SCHMITT. They had two children.

Grace Aldrich,  daughter of Fred C. ALDRICH and Cora C. Boyd, was born 28 Sept 1917. She married James VANASSE. They had one son, Phillip Frank Vanasse.

Malcolm Frederick Aldrich, son of Fred C. ALDRICH and Cora C. Boyd, was born 14 June 1923. He married Lillian STONE, 16 Oct 1944. They had six children.

1. Edward Vern Aldrich b. 28 June 1945
2. Herbert Fred Aldrich b. 18 Nov 1946  d. 18 days
3. Albert Lincoln Aldrich  b. 12 Feb 1948
4. Frank Malcolm Aldrich  b. 31 Mar 1949
5. Flora Lillian Aldrich  b. 23 Mar 1950
6. Yvonne Marie Aldrich  b. 16 Jly 1951

Edward Vern Aldrich,   son  of Malcolm F. ALDRICH and Lillian STONE,  was  born  28 Feb 1945.  He married Sue ______?  They were divorced and he married Betty _______? Two children.

Albert Lincoln Aldrich, son of Malcolm F. ALDRICH and Lillian STONE, was born 12 Feb 1948.  He  married  Iris D. BUNDSCHUH.  They were divorced  and he married  Robin HUTTEN.  He had two sons by his first wife and a daughter by his second.

Frank Malcolm Aldrich,  son of Malcolm F. ALDRICH and Lillian STONE, was born 31 Mar 1949. He married Debra SPARROW  2 Nov 1971. Debra was born 29 Jly 1953. They have two children.

Flora Lillian Aldrich,  daughter  of  Malcolm  F. ALDRICH and Lillian STONE,  was born 23 Mar 1950. She married Wayne DAVIS 2 Sept 1967 and has two children.

Yvonne Marie Aldrich,   daughter  of  Malcolm F. ALDRICH  and Lillian STONE,  was  born 16 July 1951. She married Robert D. LIVINGSTON 22 Jan 1974. He was born 22 June 1945.

Phillip Frank Vanasse, son of James VANASSE and Grace ALDRICH was  born 10 Feb 1937.  He  married  Marjorie BARRY. They had a daughter, Brenda Grace VANASSE, who died young.

Dorothy Jean Ainsco, daughter of Laura F. Boyd and Alfred R. AINSCO was born, 21 April 1924, in Raritan, New Jersey.  She married Robert Johnson FORT, 30 July 1945, born 7 Aug 1917 in Texas.  One child.

1. David Roy Fort b.  7 July 1946

Irma Frances Ainsco, daughter of Laura F. Boyd and Alfred R. Ainsco was born 5 Dec 1926 in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  She married William Arthur SLAUGHTER, 31 Mar 1950, born 26 Aug 1918 and died 23 Nov 1964 in Rome, Italy. Three children.

1. William Allan Slaughter  b. 23 Apr 1951
2. Barbara Carol Slaughter  b. 26 Apr 1953
3. Elizabeth Anne Slaughter b. 30 Aug 1954

Helen Muriel Boyd, daughter of Warren E. Boyd and Anna O. SCOTT, was born 31 Mar 1906. She married Clifford MELLOR, 16 Mar 1929, born 10 May 1904. Three children.

1. Clifford Warren Mellor   b.
2. Ann Calville Mellor   b. 27 Mar 1935 m. Franklin H. Ellis.
3. Gail Catherine Mellor b. 18 Jan 1939 d. 26 Feb 1939

Vivian Adelaide Boyd, daughter of Warren E. Boyd and Anna O. Scott was born, 12 Nov 1909. She married James N. LEONARD, 29 July 1935, born 14 Mar 1908. Two children.

1. James Warren Leonard  b. 13 May 1938
2. Judith Scott Leonard  b.

Sylvia Adelaide Boyd, daughter of Willis D. Boyd and Florence H. BALL, was born 4 Nov 1912 in Wilmington. She died 10 Apr 1990 in Springfield, Vermont.  She married Allan SMITH, 24 May 1942.  He died in 1944 in Holland in World War II. One child.

Corrine Eunice Boyd, daughter of Willis D. Boyd and Florence H. BALL, was born 19 Feb 1915 in Wilmington. She died 29 Sep 1989 in Lynn, MA. She married Frederick Loring MATTHEWS, 29 June 1933, son of William Alfred Matthews and Margaret GIBBS.
He was born 2 Oct 1912 in Newton, MA. Three children.

1. James Edwin Matthews     b. 11 Aug 1934
2. Marilyn Sylvia Matthews  b.  4 Apr 1936
3. Nancy Jean Matthews      b. 29 Mar 1954

Eleanor Marguerite Boyd, daughter of Willis D. Boyd and Marguerite Helen Florence Dolman, was born 25 Oct 1929 in Santa Monica, CA. She married Ray Gilbert BEDFORD, 20 Sept 1952, born 20 June 1928 in Long Beach, CA. Three children.

1. Stephan Ray Bedford     b.  3 Oct 1954
2. Denise Lee Bedford      b. 10 Aug 1956
3. Debra Sue Bedford       b. 10 Aug 1956

Richard Milton Ware, son of Emma A. Boyd and Roy C. WARE, was born 19 Jan 1918 in Wilmington. He married Dorothy May SNOW 17 Sep 1944. Two children.

1. Paul Robert Ware b. 20 Mar 1948
2. John Charles Ware  b.  4 May 1950

Harry Eugene Erickson, son of Helen M. Meeker and Hjelmar B. ERICKSON, was born 9 Aug 1927. He married Lena ______? 18  July 1955. She was born 9 Nov 1931. Children.

1. Gloria Anita Erickson   b. 15 May 1956
2. Charles Frederic Erickson b. 28 Jan 1959
3. Harriet Helen Erickson    b. 23 Oct 1960

Frances Anna Erickson, dau. of Helen M. Meeker and Hjelmar B. Erickson, was born 10 Jan 1929. She married James KELLY, 15 Nov 1947, born 11 Jun 1929. Children.

1. Lynn Frances Kelly  b. 10 Dec 1948
2. June Ann Kelly   b. 22 Dec 1955
3. James Keith Kelly  b. 18 Nov 1957

Marie Ann Higley, daughter of Evelyn A. Meeker and Daniel Higley, was born 3 Apr 1936. She married Robert GARES.

Judith Scott Leonard, daughter of Vivian A. Boyd and James N. LEONARD was born 2 May 1941. She married Laurence T. SHAFFER in 1959, born in Nov. 1938. One child.

James Edwin Matthews, son of Corrine E. Boyd and Frederick L. MATTHEWS was born 11 Aug 1934 in Newton, MA. He m. Colleen H. CRANNEY, 9 Jne 1961, dau. of Hiram Mickelsen Cranney and Ruby Louise HARRISON. She was born 28 Mar 1936 in Lincoln, WY.

Marilyn Sylvia Matthews, daughter of Corrine E. Boyd and Frederick L. Matthews was born 4 Apr 1936. She married Frederick Earl STEELE, 16 May 1959, son of Eugene Robert
Steele and Bessie Almeda CRIBLEZ, born 15 Dec 1928.

Nancy Jean Matthews, dau. of Corrine E. Boyd and Frederick L. Matthews was b. 29 Mar 1954. She married Rex Ihrig ANTRIM, 14 Jne 1974, son of Wm. Drown Antrim and Margaret Caroline ASHE.


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