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                    THE BOYDS OF VERMONT

                       Chapter 3               Pages 27-39

Abraham Boyd  of  Upton, Massachusetts married Hannah HILL of Hopkinton,  Massachusetts  soon  after their  intentions were published  24  June 1766. She was born 12 July 1742, daughter of  Ralph  and Sarah HILL. No dates of their deaths have been found.  The last  record of  Abraham was on September 3, 1818 when he  deeded land to Robert Boyd (Land records book 6 page 154 Wilmington, Vermont).(see also book 6, page 113)

           Wilmington Reunions,  Look and Greene, 1970

"Abraham  and  Hannah Hill were early settlers of Wilmington, Vermont. They and several  children settled on land alongside the Deerfield river  which he had purchased before the War of Rebellion, 1776. The  river flowed through the southwest part of town. Through  the years  more and more land was purchased until the Boyd family, children,  grandchildren, and even the great grandchildren, eventually owned many of the farms along that river valley  which,  in the 1920's were to be abandoned and flooded when the  New England Power  Company  constructed the Harriman dam at Whittingham".   (see "Wilmington Reunions 1890-1970 "by Margaret C. Greene and Barbara H. Look).

Abraham was a soldier in the War of the Revolution. He fought at the  Battle of  Bunker  (Breeds) Hill and at the Battle of Bennington.  He  is  listed in the Patriots Index of the DAR. DAR  national  number 602081. Computer code 1-034-MA:

"Private,  Capt.  Stephan  Sadler's  Company, Col. Wheelock's regt.  which  marched 20 Apr 1775 in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775 to Roxbury, Ma".

  "Abraham Boyd,  receipts  for  wages  for  service in Capt. Henry  Leland's  company,  Col. Willis regt. dated Hopkinton" Feb 5, 1776.

"Abraham Boyd was a Minute Man in the defense of Boston, 1776 He  was  from   Upton,   Mass.,  removed  during  the war  to Wilmington,  Vermont,  where he died". DAR lineage book, page 349, under #29975 Mary J. Castle.

Abraham Boyd is mentioned in Dr. John Long's Diary as traveling up and  down  the Deerfield river from Shelburne, Mass to Wilmington, Vt. in the 1770's.

Soldier, Sailors and Patriots of the Revolutionary War - Vermont.
Carleton E. and Sue G. Fisher.  Camden, Maine:  Picton Press, 1992.
Volume 2.  Page 358 Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution.

Hopkinton, Massachusetts Vital Records
Wilmington, Vermont Vital Records
1790 Vermont census 


1. Abraham Boyd Jr.  was  baptised  16  October 1768  in Hopkinton,   Massachusetts.    He  married Elizabeth  TAYLOR McKINSTRY  of  West  Springfield, Mass. Their intentions were published  6  October 1792. (V.R. of West Springfield, Mass.) Elizabeth was born 19 June 1764 at Gilsum, New Hampshire. Try as I might I have never been able to fnd any more data on Abraham Jr. 

2. Robert Boyd  was  baptised 22 October 17692 in Hopkinton, Mass. He married Susannah  WHEELER 10 September 1798. She was born  in 1782,  daughter  of  Deliverance  and  Mary  WHITMAN WHEELER.  Susannah  died  31  Jan 1854 and Robert died 16 Feb 1845, both in Wilmington, Vermont. 

3.  Levi Boyd  was baptised 8 November 1772 in Hopkinton, Ma. He  married  Sally STEVENS 4 December 1800 in Wilmington, Vt. Sally was born  in 1778  and died 25 Dec 1864. Levi died in Wilmington on 7 June 1839.  

4. Simeon Boyd was baptised 23 October 1774 in Hopkinton, Ma. He married  Ruth CLARK 14 December 1802. She was born in 1787 and died 3 July 1844. Simeon died 25 July 1856 in Wilmington.  

5.  Stephan Boyd was baptised 21 September 1777 in Hopkinton, Mass. He married  Lucy CUSHMAN  9 December 1802.  Stephan was killed  by a  falling tree sometime in 1813. Lucy married 2nd William  WILDER 19 March 1815.  She  died 21 Sept 1855, Wilm.  

6.  Luther  Boyd was born in Wilmington, Vermont 17 Oct 1781. He married  Elizabeth (Betsy) WHEELER, 29 May 1803. Betsy and Susannah  (who married Robert Boyd)  were  sisters. They were the  daughters  of  Deliverance and  Mary WHITMAN Wheeler who were early  settlers of  Wilmington. Betsy died in Wilmington  28 Feb 1873. Luther died 3 at Columbus, Ohio 12 January 1867.

The DAR (attributes a son James Boyd to Abraham and Hannah Hill. I have found no proof of a son James and think Mrs. Giovanazzi's research goes awry. She would not answer any of my letters in the 1990. The DAR now admits some of the records are faulty.

1. Sources: Vital Records of Wilmington and Whitingham, Vermont. Vital Records of Hopkinton, Mass. Land Records Wilmington, Vt.
2. Cemetery stone says Robert was born in 1771.
3. See below.

      Wilmington, Vermont, The Times Press, 1900

 "Abraham Boyd  was  a  soldier  of  the Revolution and came to Wilmington  as  one  of the earliest settlers just before the outbreak  of  the war.  He  came  in with two companions from Hopkinton,  Massachusetts,  by the guide of marked trees.  He cleared a small patch of land from the dense forest and built a  crude  log  hut.  His sons were Robert, Levi, Stephan, and  Simeon. Robert the eldest2 son married Susannah WHEELER and settled  in  the  south part of town. He started in life with  "an axe and one lousy calf"  but reared a family of seven children and aquired a handsome fortune.

James Manning Boyd, eldest son of  Robert, when he was twenty years  of  age,  went to live with his aged grandparents, remained  with  them  the  rest of their lives, and suceeded to their estate, a fine 200 acre farm on the Deerfield river.  This farm was flooded when the Harriman dam was built in the 1920s.

James Manning Boyd  married  Phoebe Drury  MOORE,  a niece of Zephaniah MOORE,  the  first president of Amherst College. A family of thirteen children  were born to them. Seven members of this  family  are now living, the three brothers, Ransome M.,  Warren R., and  Edmund M.  in this town and Ansel N.  of Whitingham, and two daughters.

James Manning Boyd  and his wife were substantial  and worthy people and passed  their  lives  on  the  old Boyd homestead where he died at the age of sixty-eight and she at the age of eighty-nine.

Warren Robert Boyd  was born in  1837 and was educated in the public  schools. He married Lucy Ann RICH in 1861 and settled on  the  south  part of the old farm, which he conducted with industry  and  success  until  he  removed  to the village of Whitingham in 1894. He erected a good set of buildings on the farm  which  he  sold  to  lawyer Davenport. In 1895 Mr. Boyd
built his present commodius residence on School street, where he is  passing the latter years of an active and useful life.

The two  children of  Warren and Lucy  are Leslie W., born in
1866,  a  farmer  and  selectmen of Wilmington, and Della B., Mrs.  Perry M. Davis.  Warren R. Boyd  was  an early and prominent member of the grange. He has  served his town  capably as selectman, justice of  the  peace,  and  many years as a lister, and is a highly esteemed citizen. <>  1. From the book "Wilmington, Vermont" published in 1900 by the Deerfield Times Press.
  2. Abraham was the eldest son, not Robert. They also had a son named Lutherborn in Wilmington, VT., who left for Ohio in 1813.

Abraham Boyd Jr.,  son  of  Abraham  and Hannah HILL Boyd was born in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. He was  baptised 16 October 1768.   He  married  Elizabeth  (Taylor)  McKINSTRY  of West Springfield, Mass. Their intentions to marry were published  6 October 1792. [V.R. of West Springfield, Mass.] Elizabeth was born 19 June 1764 at  Gilsum?? New  Hampshire.  Abraham died 23 June 1798 in Wilinton?, N.H. [Data comes from the late Doris Boyd Giovanazzi, 69 Riddell St., Greenfield, Mass. I have not been able to confirm any of  the information on Abraham Boyd Jr.. No correspondence from Mrs. Giovanazzi (1990). Mrs. Giovanazzi joined the DAR in 1975 proving her lineage to Abraham Boyd (Sr.). National  application number 662081, Dorothy Quincy Hancock Chapter,  DAR.]  (See Doris Giovanazzi in Chapter five.)

1. Hannah Boyd 2.  b. 27 July 1794 d. pre 1846 Kane County, Illinois. She married Levi BARTLETT, the son of Sylvester BARTLETT.  (according to a letter from Doris Boyd Giovanazzi)

Robert Boyd,  son of Abraham Boyd and Hannah HILL was born in Hopkinton,  Massachusetts.  He  was baptised 22 October 1769. He came to Vermont with his parents  and brothers when he was nine years old. When Robert  was  29  years old he married 17 year old Susannah WHEELER.   This was  10 September 1798. She was the daughter of  Deliverence and Mary WHITMAN Wheeler and was born in Wilmington, Vermont 1782 and died in 1854. Robert died in Wilmington 16 February 1845.  

1. James Manning Boyd  b. 24 Apr 1800 d. 18 Sep 1868  m. Phoebe Drury MOORE  b. 17 Jan 1800 d.  4 Nov 1889 on 2 Dec 1819

2. Lucinda Boyd b. 16 Mar 1803  d. 11 Aug 1865  m. Jacob CHASE 3.   b.  8 Feb 1804 d. 22 Dec 1884 on 26 Apr 1826 in Whitingham.

I. Julia Chase b. 18 June 1831 d. 23 Sept 1833
II. Abraham F. Chase b. 24 May 1835
III. Susan Chase b. 18 June 1839

<>3. Lorinda Boyd b. 1806 d.  3 Nov 1862  m. Luther HARRINGTON   b.        1810 d. 15 Apr 1896 on 9 Apr 1838.

3. Jacob Chase was the son of Abraham Chase and Betsy Rich. "History of the town of Whitingham", Abbe Hemenway. "Seven Generations of the descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase" John C. Chase and George W. Chamberlain, 1928.  

4. Abram Boyd b. 1810 d. 12 May 1868  m. Amanda MOORE  b. 1 Apr  1811 d. 21 Aug 1899 on 19 May 1831  m. 2nd Jehial SWIFT d.  6 Oct 1880
4 Apr 1870.

5. Warren Oscar Boyd  b. 1815 d. 29 Mar 1896  m. Ruth HAYNES b. 1810 d. 19 Nov 1883

6. Stephan Boyd b. 31 July 1817 d.  7 Jan 1886  m. Susan T. HAYNES b. 15 Sept 1816  d.  7 Feb 1896

7. Julia Ann Boyd d. 24 Jan 1877  m. Lewis HARRINGTON d. 25 Dec 1869 on 11 Mar 1840

Lieut. Levi Boyd,  son  of  Abraham  and Hannah HILL Boyd was baptised  8  November 1772  in  Hopkinton,  Massachusetts. He married Sally STEVENS 4 December 1800.  She was born in 1778  and died 25 Dec 1861. They had six children. 

1. Roxanne Boyd b. 25 July 1803 d. 23 Dec 1865 m. Willard FAULKNER 20 Nov 1826 in Whitingham, Vt.
  I. Willard Faulkner Jr. m. Hattie HOWARD

2. Israel S. Boyd b. 23 Oct 1805 d. m. Rhoda EAMES  8 Nov 1829 in Whitingham, Vt

3. Barbara Boyd b. 19 Apr 1810 d. m. Timothy BOWEN  1 Sept 1825 in Whitingham  See DAR part 9

4. Levi Boyd Jr. b. 13 Aug 1812 d. 10 Feb 1845 m. Louisa SABIN  20 Dec 1837 in Whitingham

   I. William Riley Boyd b. 1838 d. 23 Aug 1840
  II. Olive Louisa Boyd  b. 1844 d. 23 Apr 1845

5. Sally Boyd b.  3 Feb 1815  m. Ellis F. CHASE  b. 31 July 1812 on  21 June 1835 in Whitingham. Ellis married 2nd Lydia STANLEY ca. 1855. Ellis was the son of Abraham CHASE and Betsy RICH.
One child by Sally Boyd.

    I. Rhoda C. Chase b.  6 Dec 1837 m. Newman DALRYMPLE

6. Riley Boyd  b. 28 Sept 1817 d. 10 Feb 1888 m. Elmira G. GORE b.1822 d. 10 Dec 1863  daughter of Daniel and Barbara GORE of Monroe, Mass.
m 2nd Mary J. ANDREWS b. 1836 d. 17 Aug 1930 on10 Oct 1865

   I. Sarah Ellen Boyd b.1843 m. Andrew W. HODGE  6 May 1863

  II. Marian E. Boyd b. 24 May 1862  d. 18 Sep 1862
 III. William Riley Boyd b. 15 Apr 1863  d. 24 Apr 1864

<>Simeon Boyd, son of Abraham and Hannah HILL Boyd was  born in
Hopkinton,  Massachusetts.  He  was baptised 23 October 1774. He married Ruth CLARK 14 Dec 1802.  Ruth was born in 1787 and died  on 3 July 1844. Simeon died 25 July 1856 in Wilmington, Vermont.  Stephan Boyd,  Simeon's  brother  died  in 1813 and Simeon and Ruth adopted two of their sons, Arvine  and Benzil Boyd. Simeon and Ruth had two children of  their own who died young.

1. Ransome Boyd b. 1799 d. 18 Mar 1813 age 15
2. Dewey Boyd b.1808 d. 22 Mar 1810 age 1

Stephan Boyd, son of Abraham and Hannah HILL Boyd was born in
Hopkinton,  Massachusetts.  He was  baptised 23 October 1774. He married Lucy CUSHMAN on 9 December 1802 in Wilmington, Vt. Stephan was killed by a falling tree  sometime  in 1813.  His will was probated in May 1814. Arvine and Benzil were adopted by Simeon Boyd, Stephan's brother.  Lucy  married 2nd William WILDER on 10 March 1815. Stephan and Lucy had  five children.

1. Reul Boyd b. 1803 d. 8 Apr 1863

2. Marilla Boyd m. Harry Clark GARMAN 7 Sept 1827 at Dover, Vermont.

3. Juliana Boyd m. Benjamin F. JACOBS  7 Sept 1831

4. Arvine Boyd b. 13 Apr 1808 d. 29 Feb 1896 aged 88 yrs m. Julia CLARK 1829  b. 1808 d.  2 Oct 1903 aged 96 yrs      Arvine's Obit

5. Benzil Boyd b. 24 Mar 1811 Wilmington  d. 26 June 1871 buried Rest Land Cem. m. Julia Ann RAY  28 Oct. 1834   b. 16 Dec 1815    d. 26 Aug 1890. Julia was a daughter of Zelotes RAY and Lydia CROSSMAN. Benzil Boyd went to Troy, New York with ox team and brought back bell for the Methodist Church. Bell, now in Baptist Church belfry.  Julia's Obit


Benzil, his wife Julia, and 3 of his children. I copied this old photo which hangs in Wilmington, Vermont's Town Hall in 1990.   (RG Boyd)  

BENZIL BOYD b. 24-Mar-1811, m. JULIA ANN RAY 28-Oct-1834, d. 26 Jun-1871 "Benzil was only seven days old when his father, Stephen, died at age 34."  Benzil's 9 Children:

a. Charles Boyd b. 28 Jun 1836 d. 14 Oct 1855
b. Helen Francis Boyd b. 02 Jul 1838 m. ? NEWELL
c. Sarah Eliza Boyd b. 08 Jun 1840 d. 22 Oct 1922 m. 28 May 1862  Francis A. RAY
d. Edward C. Boyd b. 20 Aug 1844  m. 30 Dec 1869. Lived in  Wilmington, 1890.
e. Gilbert Boyd b. 20 Aug 1849 d. 22-Aug-1850
f. Leslie Durbin Boyd b. 04 Sept 1851  d. 30-Apr-1940 m. 14 Sept 1881 Janet Clarke NichollLived in Iowa 1890.
g. Alice Julia Boyd b. 14 Apr 1857 d. 29 May 1905
h. Horace W. Boyd b. 22-Dec-1860 . Lived in Montana in 1890
i. unnamed infant son b. 02-Aug-1847d. 02-Aug-1847

"Leslie D. Boyd was a cattle rancher in Iowa.  While his son George Ray Boyd was away during World War I, George's  recent bride and their young son, George Jr., visited with Leslie and Laura, then living in Holland, Michigan.  Edith Foster Boyd said of her new father-in-law, 'He was most understanding; a kind and loving gentleman.' "  Leslie's 2 Children:

George Ray Boyd Sr.  b. 19 July 1882  d. 01 Sept 1952 m. 31 Dec 1913 ?
Laura Alice Boyd

GEORGE RAY BOYD SR.  m. EDITH HILL FOSTER  31 Dec 1913 George Ray Boyd's son Foster recalled :  "Dad seldom spoke about his childhood, except for his delight in playing tricks on his little sister, Laura.  He kidded her about her cooking efforts, and once had her jump out of the barn loft into a hay pile with an umbrella used for a parachute.  At least once Dad went with the  cowboys driving his Father's herd to Chicago and returned by train.  He must
have been in his teens then.  He studied at Iowa State College, where he  became an outstanding athlete -- a "four letter man."  As captain of the football team, he recalled spending each evening after practice soaking his aching football parts while trying to study tough engineering courses.  He did not recommend such a program to his sons.  (Although his youngest son, Ellsworth, did play football during his pre-engineering courses.)  After graduation, Dad and a friend (?) formed a dredging company and had adventures on the Cape Fear River in North Carolina, like those you hear told about steam-boating on the Mississippi: boilers nearly exploding, etc.  Brett, Dad's partner, took off with the business capital, and Dad took a job with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Dad was a member of the National Guard when World War I exploded.

He immediately volunteered for overseas duty, although not required to do so
because of his age and because of his young wife and son, George Jr.  Dad always showed an idealistic, heart-felt patriotism not common today.  After the war, dad would have considered remaining in the Army, except that he felt that the Army considered non-West Point officers to be declasse.  Dad returned to the Department of Agriculture where he remained until his retirement in 1952.  He had a noteworthy career, rising to the level of Bureau Chief, which I understand was at that time the highest civil service position."  George Ray Boyd Sr.'s 3 Children:

George Ray Boyd, Jr. b.  01 Jan 1915
Foster Leslie Boyd b.  8 Aug 1920 m. Gladys Allie Matilda Liddle.
Ellsworth Hudson Boyd

Foster Leslie Boyd m. Gladys Allie Matilda Liddle. 2 Children:

Susan Claire Boyd b. 04 Nov 1950
Foster Scott Boyd  b. 21 Nov 1952  m. 12 Mar 1994 m. Lisa Kerryn Roche
    1 child: Austin Taylor Boyd

<>Foster Scott Boyd  salboyd "at"

Luther Boyd,  son of Abraham and Hannah HILL Boyd was born in
Whitingham or Wilmington, Vermont 17 Oct 1781 (from cemetery stone.)  He 1.  married Elizabeth WHEELER  29  May 1803  in Whitingham by Jabez Foster, Justice of  the Peace. She was born 27 July 1783  in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. She died 28 Feb 1873. (death certificate Wilmington Town Records.) Betsy never remarried and  her  gravestone lists her as widow of Luther  Boyd. Elizabeth was the daughter of  Deliverence Wheeler and Elizabeth  Whitman.  (History  of  the  Wheeler  Family  in  America.) by Albert G. Wheeler, page 14. She is buried in the old Boyd Cemetery on the old Jasper Boyd farm near Whitingham. The cemetery is down the lane and is not marked at the road. This lane was a road to Wilmington years and years ago but the county stopped maintaining the road. I just drove in and parked by the lane and walked about 10 minutes down the lane. One son:

1. Elam Boyd b. 1811 d. 5 June 1888 m. 1st Elizabeth BRATTON b. 1806  d. 9 Sept 1872 m. 26 April 1835 by Charles K. Field, J.P.

Elizabeth was the daughter of John BRATTON  and  Lois WILCOX. John Bratton was the first child born in Whitingham, Vermont. He  was  the  son  of  Robert Bratton and Betsy FERREN, first settlers of Whitingham, who came from Colrain, Massachusetts. Elam Boyd m. 2nd Laura (COPELAND) HALL b. 23 Apr 1809 d.  4 June 1879 on 3 Dec 1872 by Q.W. Goodnow, minister. He married 3rd Mary (Burt) Plimpton b. 1810 d. 5 June 1888 on 11 Oct 1879 by O.E. Butterfield.

1. Luther left this family and  went to Ohio soon after he sold land to John  WILDER, 27August  1813. (Land Records in Whitingham.)  For more information on Luther Boyd, see  page 82.  Luther and Elizabeth  had one son. Why Luther left his family may never be known.  He may have wanted to go west and Betsy did  not  want to go.  Or he may have chopped down the tree that killed his brother Stephan and could not handle the guilt.  He  ended  up  in Franklin County, Ohio near Columbus where he owned a large farm and
fathered eight more children.  He may have fought in the War of 1812 as below:

Rank -Induction: PRIVATE
Rank -Discharge:

Above taken from records in the National Archives. These records were taken from Record Group 94 Records of the Adjutant General's Office, microfilm publication M602, a total of 234 rolls of film. Original data: National Archives and Records Administration. "Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812" M602, 234 rolls. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration. (I don't know if this is my Luther Boyd. Can't find proof but New York is just a stone's throw from Wilmington, Vermont)

James Manning Boyd,  son  of Robert and Susannah WHEELER Boyd
was born 24 April 1800. He died 18 September 1868. He married  Phoebe  Drury  MOORE 2  December  1819.   They  had thirteen children  of whom 9 survived to adulthood. Phoebe was born 17 Jan 1800  and  died  4  Nov  1889.  She  was  the daughter of Jonathon  MOORE  and  Mary  PACKARD.  She  was descended from Captain  Judah MOORE of Wilmington. (see Colonial Families of America,  John Moore  of  Sudbury, Mass., 1640, by Stanley E. Moore, CG).  They had thirteen children.

1. Mary Jane Boyd b. 10 Nov 1820 d. 21 May 1839

2. Ransome Wheeler Boyd b. 4 Aug 1822 d. 21 Jan 1903 m. Betsy Polina WELD b. 1822 d. 1903 on  24 Dec 1846

3. Susan Boyd b. 29 Jan 1824 d. 21 Jan 1895 m. Jonathon Newton BASSETT  2 Feb 1843. He  b  8 Feb 1816 d. 15 Nov 1877

4. Lorenzo Moore Boyd b. 23 Sep 1825 d.  2 Dec 1902  m. Ruth CRAWFORD b. 1822 d. 1880 on 29 Apr 1851

5. Lorinda Boyd b. 22 Mar 1827 d. 17 May 1839
6. Edmond Mills Boyd b. 23 Oct 1829 d. 25 May 1839
7. James Francis Boyd b. 27 Aug 1830 d. 27 Mar 1837

8. Harriet Amelia Boyd b. 24 Apr 1832 d. 24 Oct 1912 m. Justus B. CASTLE   b.  5 Nov 1823 d. 1908 on 2 Jan 1853

9. Phoebe Lovina Boyd b. 23 Sep 1833 d. 30 Aug 1864

10. Eliza Evaline Boyd b. 28 Aug 1835 d. 12 Sep 1908 m. Marshall Newton RICE b. 15 Jan 1827 d. 20 Jan 1917 on 23 Mar 1856

11. Warren Robert Boyd b. 27 Aug 1837 d. 11 July 1904 m. Lucy  RICH   b. 1839 d. 1912

12. Edmund Mills Boyd b. 20 Mar 1840 d. 23 Sep 1914 m. Celestia A. EDSON b. 1843 d. 24 Mar 1923 on 2 May 1861

13. Ansel Mortimer Boyd b. 28 Feb 1842 d. 29 May 1907 m. Margaret Haynes WALKUP  on 18 Mar 1863

Ransome Wheeler Boyd,  son  of James M. Boyd and Phoebe Drury
MOORE  was  born 4 August 1822. He married Betsy Polina WELD,
in Stamford,  Vermont, 24 december 1846. She was born in 1819 and died 26 May 1889.  He  died  21 Jan 1903.  They had three children, all were born in Wilmington, Vermont.

1.  Ransome Boyd b. 1848    
2.  Phoebe P.  Boyd b. 12 Sept 1850 d. 01 Aug 1852
3.  Francis A. Boyd b. 12 June 1851 d. 02 Nov 1852

Susan Boyd,  daughter of James M. and Phoebe D. Boyd was born 29 January  1824  and  died   21 January  1895.  She  married Jonathon Newton BASSETT, her cousin,  on 2  February 1843. He was born 8 Feb 1816 and died  15 Nov 1877.  He was the son of Jonathon and Emma Moore BASSETT.  They had five children, all were born in Wilmington.

<>1. James Manning Bassett 1. b.18 Mar 1844 d. 1916 m. Calista STANCLIFF
2. Esther Emma  Bassett  b. 10 May 1849 m. William DICKENSON

3. Ella Susan Bassett  b. 11 Feb 1851 d. 1918 m. Edward Cassius BOYD    b. 1844 d. 22 May 1916 on 30 Dec 1869, Son of Benzil Boyd and Julia Ann RAY

4. William N. Bassett b.  9 May 1853 d. 1920 m. Celia M. BRUCE  b. 1862 d. 1931

5. John Fremont Bassett   b. 25 Jan 1857 d. 1932

<>1. James Manning Bassett was a soldier in the Civil War, Company E, 11th Regt., Vermont Volunteers, heavy artillery.

Lorenzo M. Boyd,  son  of  James M. Boyd  and Phoebe D. Moore was  born  23  September  1825  and  died 2 December 1902. He married 1st Ruth CRAWFORD. She was born in 1822 and died  April 3, 1880. He married 2nd. Jane M.  PARKER.

1.  Henry Charles Boyd b. 9 Mar 1852 d. 24 Oct 1931 m. Ella RUSSELL 12 Nov 1876 b. 1859 d. 1935

2.  Samuel H. Boyd b. 1854 d. 1913 m. Effie E. Boyd 1880 b. 1865 d. 1948

3.  Sarah M. Boyd b. 1856 d. 24 July 1859

4.  Albert Warren Boyd b. 24 Oct 1860 d.  4 Dec 1916

Harriet Amelia Boyd,  daughter  of  James M.  Boyd and Phoebe Drury MOORE was born 24 April 1832. She died 24 October 1912. In 1853 she married Justus CASTLE, son  of  Philo  CASTLE Sr. and  Jerusha DIX.  They  had  five  children all were born in Mendota, Illinois.  In  1867  they  moved  to  McClea Co, Illinois, six miles south of Weston.  Harriet and  Justus are buried in Mendota, Illinois.

1.  Timothy W. Castle b. 11 Sept 1853 d. 11 Feb 1857

2.  William Daniel Castle b. 3 June 1855 d. 31 Aug 1933 m. Nancy Eliz. HAMILTON b. 31 Aug 1857 d. 31 May 1900 on 18 Feb 1879

3.  Harriet May Castle b. 19 Mar 1858 d. 14 Aug 1933 m. Fred HUBBARD b. 25 Aug 1850 d.  2 Apr 1935 on  3 June 1896

4.  Walter F. Castle b. 28 Mar 1860 d. 17 Oct 1864

5.  Jessie W. Castle b.  2 Dec 1861 d. 13 Oct 1864

Warren Robert Boyd, son  of  James M.  Boyd and Phoebe Drury MOORE  was  born  28  August 1837  and died in 1904. He was a farmer and owned a large  farm  near  Wilmington, Vermont. He was a carpenter and made most of his furniture as well as for others.  He married Lucy A. RICH on 9 Feb 1861. Lucy was born in 1839 and  died in 1912. They had four children all of whom were born in  Wilmington.

1. Wesley J. Boyd b. 15 Nov 1862 d. 15 Feb 1865

2. Leslie Warren Boyd b. 21 Sep 1865  d. 20 Nov 1926 m. Hattie WHEELER 15 Aug 1888 in Greenfield, Ma

     I  Leslie Lee Boyd b. 1890 d.25 Nov  1890
     II Christine Boyd  b. 11 Mar 1892 d.1983

3. Fred S. Boyd b. 28 Sept 1869 d. 4  Oct 1869

4. Della Belinda Boyd b. 29 May 1871 d. 25 June 1928 m. Perry Moulton DAVIS b. 1859 d. 1929 on 24 Oct 1891

Sources: Neil H. Boyd Family Records.
LDS Church Records, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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