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Origin of the Surname Walker

In the north of England and south of Scotland a fulling-mill is still called a
walk-mill. This name may signify either a fuller or an officer whose duty
consisted in walking or inspecting a certain space of forest ground.

The above Crest is shown here for decorative purposes only.
No implication that is is our Walker crest.

Descendants of *Jackson W. Green Walker
As Compiled by:
Jane A. Schwarz Combs

Generation No. 1

1.  *JACKSON W. GREEN WALKER  (*UNK1) (Source: Name of 2nd wife from Barbara Yancey Dore aka Rootslady also all information about Hannah.  Also all childrens info  <> taken from Sabine County Texas Website 8-11-05.) was born 18 Feb 1821 in AL, and died 09 Sep 1872 in Sabine Co.Texas (Source: Butial, McElroy Cemetery in Sabine Co.TX.).  He married *MARGARET LATHAM.  She was born 18 Mar 1824 in TX, and died 27 Sep 1916 (Source: Buried McElroy Cemetery in Sabine Co., TX.).
2. i. *JOHN LATHAM WALKER, b. 13 Oct 1852, Sabine County Texas; d. 17 Dec 1947, Yellow Pine [Sabine] TX.
 ii. ELIZABETH WALKER, b. Abt. 1843, TX.
3. iii. WILLIAM J. WALKER, b. 19 Jan 1846, Sabine County TX; d. 02 May 1934, Texas.
 iv. HARRIET WALKER, b. Abt. 1848, TX.
4. v. MARION E. WALKER, b. 14 Jun 1850, Sabine Co.Texas; d. 03 Oct 1940.
 vi. JOHN WALKER, b. Abt. 1852, TX.
 vii. EUGENIA WALKER, b. 13 Oct 1852, Sabine Co. TX; d. 17 Dec 1947, Texas.
5. viii. JACKSON GREEN (JR.) WALKER, b. 25 Jul 1860, Sabine Co.Texas; d. 28 Dec 1920, Texas.
 ix. OCTAVIA WALKER, b. Abt. 1866, Sabine Co. TX.

Generation No. 2

2.  *JOHN LATHAM WALKER (*JACKSON W. GREEN, *UNK1) was born 13 Oct 1852 in Sabine County Texas, and died 17 Dec 1947 in Yellow Pine [Sabine] TX (Source: Copy Death cert. informant: Margaret Runnels of Beaumont, TX).  He married (1) *LUCINDA LAMBERTH/LAMBERT Abt. 1874.  She was born Abt. 1857 in Texas, and died 1885 in Texas (Source: Buried in Hemphill Cemetery, Hemphill Sabine Co., TX.).  He married (2) HANNAH C. ASHMORE (Source: Name of 2nd wife from Barbara Yancey Dore aka Rootslady also all information about Hannah.  Also all childrens info  <> taken from Sabine County Texas Website 8-11-05.) 05 Jun 1886 in Sabine County Texas, daughter of SPENCER ASHMORE and ELIZABETH CLARK.  She was born 09 Aug 1852 in Sabine CountyTexas, and died 10 Mar 1929 in Sabine CountyTexas (Source: Burial, Hemphill Cemetery. Hemphill, Sabine Co., TX  information from website of Barbara Yancey Dore.).
6. i. **WILLIAM JACKSON WALKER, b. 19 Jul 1875, Sabine Co.TX; d. 13 Feb 1953, Beaumont [Jefferson] TX.
 ii. HARRIET LORENA/ FLORINE WALKER, b. Oct 1877, Sabine Co.TX.
 iii. JOHN WALKER, b. Abt. 1880, Sabine Co.TX.
 iv. DAVID E. "DAVE" WALKER (Source: Name and all information from Barbara Yancey Dore from her Sabine County TX website. 8-11-05.), b. Sep 1881, Sabine Co.TX; d. 1950.

Children of *JOHN WALKER and HANNAH ASHMORE are:
 v. MARGARET "MAGGIE" F.4 WALKER, b. 14 Apr 1891, Sabine Co.Texas; d. 24 Feb 1973; m. EMANUEL WALTON "MANN" MCGOWN; b. 07 Apr 1877, Sabine Co.Texas; d. 07 Apr 1923, Yellowpine/Hemphill, Sabine Co., TX.
 vi. J. ELIAS WALKER, b. 18 Feb 1889, Sabine Co.Texas; d. 22 May 1959, Sabine Co.Texas; m. ROSA ?; b. 22 Nov 1893; d. 11 Jan 1953, Sabine Co.Texas.
 vii. BERTIS WALKER, b. Dec 1892, Sabine Co.Texas.
 viii. HARVEY LEE WALKER, b. Dec 1895, Sabine Co.Texas.

3.  WILLIAM J. WALKER (*JACKSON W. GREEN, *UNK1) was born 19 Jan 1846 in Sabine County TX, and died 02 May 1934 in Texas (Source: Buried in old Brookeland Cemetery in Brookeland, Sabine Co., TX.).  He married CANCACY "OCTAVINE" MCELROY, daughter of JONATHAN MCELROY and LAURA BOREN.  She was born 11 Feb 1846 in Sabine Co.Texas.
 i. EMMA RICHARD WALKER, b. Abt. 1867, Texas.

4.  MARION E.  WALKER (*JACKSON W. GREEN, *UNK1) was born 14 Jun 1850 in Sabine Co.Texas, and died 03 Oct 1940 (Source: Buried in MdElroy Cemetery in Sabine Co., TX.).  He married (1) GLENDORA "DORA" LOWE.  She was born Abt. 1855.  He married (2) GLENDORA "DORA" LOWE, daughter of PERRY LOWE and NELLY/NELLIE BOREN.
 i. MELINDA4 WALKER, b. Abt. 1873.
 ii. BENJAMIN WALKER, b. Abt. 1875.
 iii. JACKSON WALKER, b. Abt. 1878.

 iv. MELINDA WALKER, b. Bet. 1873 - 1874, Sabine Co.Texas.
 v. BENJAMIN F. WALKER, b. Abt. 1875, Sabine Co.Texas; m. CATHERINE ?, 27 Nov 1899, Sabine County Texas.
 vi. PERRY JACKSON WALKER, b. Jul 1877, Sabine Co.Texas; d. 1932, Texas.
 vii. MARTELIA WALKER, b. Abt. Apr 1884, Sabine Co.Texas.

5.  JACKSON GREEN (JR.) WALKER (*JACKSON W. GREEN, *UNK) was born 25 Jul 1860 in Sabine Co.Texas, and died 28 Dec 1920 in Texas.  He married VIOLA ALLMEDIA E. "MEDIA" LETNEY 28 Sep 1889 in Sabine County Texas, daughter of JAMES LETNEY and DELPHIA GRAHAM.  She was born 15 Mar 1871 in Jasper Co., TX, and died 13 Sep 1964 in Texas (Source: Buried in Brookeland Cemetery, Brookeland, Sabine Co TX.).
 i. PRICE4 WALKER, b. Abt. Sep 1890, Sabine Co.Texas.
 ii. ETHEL WALKER, b. Abt. Aug 1893, Sabine Co.Texas.
 iii. ARLIE LETNEY WALKER, b. 03 Feb 1903, Sabine Co.Texas; d. 09 Jul 1994, Gregg Co., TX.

Generation No. 3

6.  **WILLIAM JACKSON WALKER (*JOHN LATHAM, *JACKSON W. GREEN, *UNK) was born 19 Jul 1875 in Sabine Co.TX, and died 13 Feb 1953 in Beaumont [Jefferson] TX (Source: Death rec.#25863 Jefferson Co.TX.  Have copy. Lee Walker informant.).  He married **NORA GENIVA JONES 09 Dec 1894, daughter of *WILL JONES and *SARAH ?.  She was born 05 May 1878 in Yellow Pine [Sabine] TX, and died 12 Mar 1945 in Kerens [Navarro] TX (Source: Death rec. Bk.8/Pg.530 Navarro Co, TX. Have copy.).
Children of **WILLIAM WALKER and **NORA JONES are:
 ii. ANNY WALKER, b. 17 Aug 1895.
7. iii. **NELLIE ORA WALKER, b. 01 Nov 1897, Yellow Pine [Sabine] TX; d. 08 Jul 1967, Waco [McLennan] TX.
8. iv. LANNIE ERA WALKER, b. 08 Jul 1900, Navarro Co., TX; d. 11 Apr 1999, Kerens (Navarro) TX.

Generation No. 4

7.  **NELLIE ORA WALKER (**WILLIAM JACKSON, *JOHN LATHAM, *JACKSON W. GREEN, *UNK) was born 01 Nov 1897 in Yellow Pine [Sabine] TX, and died 08 Jul 1967 in Waco [McLennan] TX (Source: Copy Death cert. Cause: Acute Mycardial infarction).  She married **THOMAS LARRY COMBS 25 Aug 1917 in Navarro Co.TX (Source: Have copy mar.rec. Bk.  /Pg.390 Navarro Co.TX. J.P.Prect.7), son of *JAMES COMBS and *DORINTA RHOTEN.  He was born 21 Sep 1895 in Springtown [Parker] TX (Source: Birth rec. Bk.19-D/Pg.77 Parker Co. TX   Have copy.), and died 15 Oct 1978 in Waco [McLennan] TX (Source: Copy of Death cert. Cause: Acute heart failure, post operative period, fractur-).
Children of **NELLIE WALKER and **THOMAS COMBS are:
 i. CLIFTON COMBS, b. 12 Jan 1930, Kerens [Navarro] TX; d. 17 Oct 1999, Groesbeck (Limestone) TX       (lived at Lake Limestone); m. ELEANOR JOE CASON, 30 Jun 1951, Waco [McLennan] TX (Source: Mar.rec. Bk.43/Pg.813 McLennan Co, TX .  Have copy).
 ii. **HOMER RAWLEY COMBS, b. 17 Sep 1918, Eureka [Navarro] TX (Source: Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date of Import: 4 Jun 1998, Internal Ref. #; d. 05 Jul 1989, Waco [McLennan] TX (Source: Cause of death;Pulmonary Embolus/Bleeding Gastric Ulcer/Abdominal Aortic Aneur); m. *GEORGIA ANN "DOLLIE" REYNOLDS, 10 Apr 1937, Kerens [Navarro] TX (Source: Mar rec. Bk 31/Pg 120 Navarro Co, TX); b. 28 Sep 1915, Cookville [Titus] TX (Source: Birth cert. #51919 Titus Co, TX); d. 21 Apr 1982, Waco [McLennan] TX (Source: Cause of death: Cardiac Arrest/Acute Myocardial Infarction in hops. Was to go).
 iii. CLYDE LARRY COMBS, b. 09 Dec 1920, Kerens [Navarro] TX; m. LAURINDA MARIE AUGUSTA WEICHERT WINE, 20 Sep 1968, Waco [McLennan] TX (Source: Mar.rec. Bk.69/Pg.118 McLen); b. 08 Jul 1917; d. 10 Dec 1978 (Source: Cause: Auto accident.).
 iv. JEWEL MAE COMBS, b. 22 Dec 1922, Kerens [Navarro] TX (Source: Copy Birth rec.); m. WILLIAM A."BILL" FLETCHER, 04 Mar 1944, Kerens [Navarro] TX; b. Kerens [Navarro] TX; d. Kerens [Navarro] TX.
 v. BURTIS JUNIOR COMBS, b. 12 May 1926, Kerens [Navarro] TX; m. (1) KATHERINE NICHOLS, 02 Oct 1948, Waco [McLennan] TX; m. (2) ALLENE JANIE HERZOG, 19 Sep 1953, Waco [McLennan] TX (Source: Mar.rec. #1: Bk.44/Pg.408 McLennan Co.TX. Have copy.); b. 23 Mar 1928, Cego [Falls] TX.
 vi. THOMAS EDWARD COMBS, b. 10 Jan 1932, Kerens [Navarro] TX (Source: Birth REc. 1588 Navarro Co, TX); d. 26 Sep 1990, Waco [McLennan] TX (Source: Copy Death cert. Cause: Heart Attach. Had previous heart bypass surgeries.); m. (1) EFFIE O'DELL HOLMES, 22 Jun 1951, Waco [McLennan] TX (Source: Mar.rec. Bk.48/Pg.190 McLennan CO, TX); b. 19 Jun 1933; m. (2) BETTIE MARIE DABNEY WOODALL, 05 Sep 1984, Fairfield [Freestone] TX (Source: Mar.rec. BK.22/Pg.313 Freestone Co, TX).

8.  LANNIE ERA WALKER (**WILLIAM JACKSON, *JOHN LATHAM, *JACKSON W. GREEN, *UNK) was born 08 Jul 1900 in Navarro Co., TX, and died 11 Apr 1999 in Kerens (Navarro) TX.  She married HARRY H. HARP.  He died Abt. 1946 in Kerens (Navarro) TX.
Children of LANNIE WALKER and HARRY HARP are:

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