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Origin of the Surname Baldwin

German   The speedy conqueror or victor; from bald, quick or speedy, and win, an old
word signifying victor or conqueror, as Bert-win, famous victor; All-win, all victorious, etc.

Descendants of *Joseph BALDWIN
As Compiled by:
Jane A. Schwarz Combs

Generation No. 1

1. *JOSEPH1 BALDWIN  He married *INDY LANE.  She was born 1832, and died Bet. 1860 - 1869 in Scott, Co.,VA.

Other children not known.
DWL: If he and Judith were married, it would have beed abt. 1845 and he died bbef 1850.

Donald W. Lane:  Her name Indy (should be Judy?) Lane on Martha Baldwin's marriage record listing her as the only parent.  Scott Co marriage records 1-134. Scott Co., census: 1850 (#721, age 20, with child Matthew (apparently Martha), age 3, with David Baldwin.)  She appearedto b a sistere or sister-in-law of David Baldwin.

2. i. *MARTHA J.2 BALDWIN, b. 1846, Norton [Scott] VA.; d. Bet. 1879 - 1886, Norton [Scott] VA..

Generation No. 2

2. *MARTHA J.2 BALDWIN (*JOSEPH1) was born 1846 in Norton [Scott] VA., and died Bet. 1879 - 1886 in Norton [Scott] VA..  She married *HENRY C. RHOTON 15 Sep 1863 in Scott Co.VA., son of ELISHA RHOTON and SARAH KIMBLER.  He was born 10 Apr 1844 in Norton [Scott] VA., and died 19 Jul 1939 in Springtown [Parker] TX (Source: Have copy Death Cert.Cause: Angina Pectoris (White Fun.Home, Weatherford, TX.).

Have copy of page from Mar. Bk of Scott Co.VA. Mar. by E.B. Rhoten. Martha had 13 children, died giving birth to twins, Cleveland & Ella.
DWL: Scott Co marriage Records 2-16-11. Dau of Indy (Judy?) Lane.  Scott Co census:1850 (721, age 3, as Matthew, with Judith, both with David Baldwin), 1860 (#1406, age 14, as Martha Lane with John & Judith Lane.

Notes for *HENRY C. RHOTON:
Children Fares & Kera are twins. Martha may have died during childbirth or shortly after. Henry remarried in 1886 and the mar rec. shows he was a widower. Mrs. Swope told me he mar. Alice Harris, but I have a copy of the mar rec for Henry & Virginia Stewart.  The 1900 census shows wife Virginia. He was 41 @ 2nd mar. Total 19 Ch. CSA Vet Bullrun, Frederickburg,Gettsburg. Co C 48th VA Inf. He picked out own casket,paid for burial, put the rest of his money in
his casket to be divided among ch when he died.

DWL:  Went to Texas shortly after second marriage.  Scott Co marriage records 2-16-11, 2-79-40. Cannot find them in 1870 or 1880 Scott Co census.  Marriage records show him as son of Elisha/Elias & Sally.

I sent Donald W. Lane all my files on Baldwin, Lane, Rhoten, 1998, Jane Combs.  Donald W. Lane sent me a 228 page file of Lane's.

Received extensive file from Dan Miller  21 W. Charlton St.  Cincinnati, OH  45219  email:  He states that Henry married Virginia Stewart 18 Feb.  I have copy of marr license saying it was on 09 Jan.  Dan: There is some discrepancy of opinions about this man.  The Morman Ancestral File of Cecil Wroten shows a son Henry of Elisha and Sally (Kimbrel) Rhoton, born ca 1845.  This agrees with our thinking about this Henry.  Scott Co., VA marriage records show the marriage of a Henry Rhoton age 19 (single), son of Eliska (sic) and Sally Rhoton, to Martha J. Baldwin on 15 Sep. 1863 (by E. B. Rhoton).
Martha is shown as daughter of Indy Lane, but as single at marriage.  (And Mary Rhoton, probably sister of this Henry, married L. H. Baldwin).  Then, there is another marriage record for a Henry Rhoton age 43 (again listed as single, is this an error? Another man?), son of Elias and Sally Rhoton, to Virginia A. Stewart, age 23 and single, on 18 Feb. 1886 (this would make the husband born ca 1845, which fits with this Henry)(Minister John M. Stewart). The Marie Nolen papers, however, state that this Henry married secondly Alice Harris, who was born in 1861 and died 06 Jan. 1936. (Virginia A. Stewart could have been the same as Alice Harris.)  However, Marie Nolen has a different list of children for Henry and Martha Baldwin Rhoton.  She shows the following: 1. Elizabeth m. Mr. Combs, 2. John David m. Minerva Elizabeth Yoakum, 3.Julie m. Mr. Diggs, 4. Carter,  5. Malinda, 6. William, 7. Lee, 8. Cleveland, (twin with Ellen), 9. Ellen m. Jacob Webb (I disagree).  Marie Nolen then shows children of Henry Rhoton and
Alice Harris as: 1. Clay, 2.Connely, 3. Benny, 4. Dora m. Mr. Hightower, 5. Avie, 6. Nancy "Nannie". I have listed below those children of Henry and Martha based on the 1880 Scott Co., VA census.  At the age of 83, he was living in Fort Worth, TX, per Civil War article (SEE under discussion of his brother Jonathan).  Her served in the 48th VA Infantry during the war and saw action under Stonewall Jackson.
1870 Floyd Co., KY Lilbourn Balden (Baldwin) 21 VA, Polly 20 VA, John H. 1 VA, Henry Rhoton 25 VA,
Martha 22 VA, Elizabeth 5 VA, John Drad (David) 3 VA, Judith R. 2 VA, Wm. J. 1/12 KY.  1900 Parker Co TX
Henry Rhoten 56 (Apr 1885) VA, Virginia A. 37 (Feb 1862) VA, Robert Lee 20 (Oct 1879)VA, Grover C. 15
(Apr 1885) VA, Flora E. 15 (Apr 1885) VA, Nonnie Lee 13 (Oct 1886) TX, Dora A. 11 (1889) Avey C. 10 (Aug
1890) dau., Conley T. 8 (May 1892), Henry C. 5 (Dec 1894), Benj. F. 2 (1897), Elizabeth Stewart 18 (Apr
1882) stepdau., Eddie Myers 18 boarder.  (This census verifies that Henry married Virginia A. Stewart).
1910 Parker Co., TX: Henry Rhoten age 66 b. VA living with Robert L. Rhoten his son (but no card for Rob-
ert L. Rhotn in soundex, ED 71, page 166).  1920 Parker Co., TX: Henry Rhoten age 75 b. VA living with
son James C. Rhoten.  Laola Swope correponded with a woman whose husband is a descendant of Henry and Martha Baldwin named Jane Combs, POBox 8331, Waco, TX. 76714-8331.

Children of *MARTHA BALDWIN and *HENRY RHOTON are:
 i. *DORINTA ELIZABETH3 RHOTON, b. 11 Jun 1865, Ft. Blackmore [Scott] VA.; d. 04 Feb 1934, Kerens [Navarro] TX (Source: Death rec. Bk.5/Pg.459 Navarro Co.TX. Cause: Coronary Oclusion/Hypertensive); m. *JAMES "JIM" FRANKLIN COMBS, 09 Dec 1885, Scott Co.VA. (Source: Have copy of mar.license. Scott Co.Va.); b. 16 Oct 1865, Scott Co.VA.; d. 07 Nov 1946, Kerens [Navarro] TX (Source: Death rec. Bk.9/Pg.294 Navarro Co.TX. Cause: Apoplexy/Hypertension & arterio-).
 ii. JOHN DAVID RHOTON, b. 19 Feb 1867, Norton [Scott] VA.; d. 06 Jun 1957, Springtown [Parker] TX.; m. MINERVA ELIZABETH YOAKUM, 11 Nov 1889, Springtown [Parker] TX; b. 05 Dec 1872, Springtown [Parker] TX.; d. 03 Oct 1958, Springtown [Parker] TX.

1900 Census shows 7 ch., 4 living. Others not known.
Info: 1900 Census & Springtown Cem. tombstones.
Other information from Dan Miller: He gives Minerva's birthdate as Dec. 1873.  1900 Parker Co., TX:
John D. Rhoten 31 (Feb 1867) VA., Minerva 26 (Dec 187) TX., Laura Belle 9 ( Jul 1890), Henry C. 5 (May 1895), Dona 1 (Dec 1898).  (The following is a J. D. Rhoten and wife Minerva, but does not appear to be this man.  In 1920 this man is James Rattan in Collin Co., TX).  1910 Collin Co., TX: J. D. Rhotn 53, Minerva 47 PA, Beatrice 24, Ersa 22 dau, Nola 20, Loud 18 son, Jewel 14, Thomas 13, Jinsie 10, Ruby 8, Paul 6, Ben 4.  In 1920 Wise Co., TX we find what appears to be this family:  John D. Rhoten 52 VA.,  May E. 47 TX., Eddie V. 19 son, George 17, Johnie R. 14, Mattie M. 14, Theodore P. 12, Ester D. 11, Clifford 9, martha L. 7 dau, Eunice L. 5, Henry L. 24 son TX. (Based on this record I list the children below.  Did he really marry Minerva or is there confusion here?)

Father: Valentine Yoakum, Betty ____.

 iii. JULIE (JUDAH ?) RHOTON, b. Abt. 1869; m. ? DIGGS.
 iv. WILLIAM J. RHOTON, b. 07 May 1870, KY.; d. 11 Jun 1956, Springtown [Parker] TX; m. (1) ARDELLA OR AILSIE (?) WIFE OF WM J. RHOTEN; b. 28 Sep 1880, VA; d. 29 Dec 1915, Springtown [Parker] TX; m. (2) DANIE (?) WIFE OF WM.J. RHOTEN, Aft. 1910.

Info: Cem.tombstones & 1900 Census Parker Co.TX. e.d.68.
Other information from Dan Miller:  1900 Parker Co., TX: William Rhoten 30 (May 1870) KY., Ardelia 19 (Sep 1880) VA., Monie F. 1 (Jun 1998) TX., infant 1/12 (May 1900) TX.  1910 Wise Co., TX:  William J. Rhoten--KY, Ailsie 29 VA., Mona F. 11, Roy L. 9, Raymond J. 7, Gertie M. 5, Jewell W. 3, Barney A, 12/12.1920 Wise Co, TX., William J. Rhoten 49, VA., Danie 23 wife, Roy L. 19, John R. 17, Gertie N/W? 14, Jewell 12, Barnie 10, Dannel 7.

 v. JAMES CARTER RHOTON, b. 24 Sep 1871, Scott Co.VA.; d. 17 May 1947, Springtown [Parker] TX; m. (1) IRENE (?) WIFE OF J.C. RHOTEN; m. (2) REBECCA F. (?) WIFE OF J. C. RHOTEN; m. (3) TINY ? (W/O JAMES CARTER RHOTEN), 20 Aug 1913, Parker Co.,TX; b. 05 Dec 1872, TX.; d. 03 Oct 1958, Springtown [Parker] TX.

Info: 1900 Parker Co.Tx census & Springtown Cem. tombstones.
Other information from Dan Miller: Was James Carter married 3 times? First to Tiny, second to Rebecca F., and third to Irene?  1900 Parker Co., TX: Carter Rhoten 28 (Sep 1871) VA.,  Tiny 25 (Oct 1874) TN., Lillie P. 8 (Dec 1891) TX., Barnie C. 6 (May 1893), Tessie 4 (nov 1895). Donie or Dorie 1 (Oct 1898).  1910  Parker Co., TX:  James C. Rhoten 38 VA, Rebecca F. 25, Ruthy V. 7, Vina M. 5, Jessie M. 1/12, Lillie F. 18 boarder, Barney C. 15 boarder, Donnie M. 11 boarder, Homer L. 6, Adney T. 4, (Lillie,Barny, Tissie and Donnie were living with Carter and Tiny Rhoten in 1900, but why are they called "boarders" in this census and listed out of place?  Rebecca F. must be a second wife of james Carter Rhoten.  Who are Homer and Adney?) 1920 Parker Co., TX:  James C. Rhoten 48 VA, Irene 35 wife, Homer 16 son, Irene 13 dau, Jessie 10 son, Ruby 8 dau, James 6, Jack 1 4/12. Henry 75 father b. VA. (Was Irene another wife?)

 vii. ROBERT LEE RHOTON, b. 23 Dec 1879, Scott Co.VA.; d. 29 Aug 1964, Springtown [Parker] TX; m. LIZZIE (?) (W/O ROBERT LEE RHOTEN); b. 08 Apr 1882; d. 26 Jun 1970, Springtown [Parker] TX.

Info: Springtown Cem. tombstones.
Robert & Lizzie were living in Ft.Worth,TX.

 viii. FARES (GROVER ?) CLEVELAND RHOTON, b. Apr 1885, Scott Co.VA..

Twin to Kera.

 ix. KERA (FLORA ?) ELLEN RHOTON, b. Apr 1885, Scott Co.VA..

Twin To Fares.

Source: Donald W. Lane, Dan Miller, marriage and death records, Headstones.

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