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Prepared by Milton J. Rankin
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Ames, Andrews, Baker, Bance, Brown, Buckley, Butler, Caswell, Chaffee, Chambers, Crossman, Davidson, Dawes, Day, Dolbier, Doty, Drayton, Durand, Eggers, Ellis, Fairbanks, Fee, Felch, Force, Garrigus, Gates, Gedney, Goodwin, Harrison, Hart, Hobson, Hopping, Horning, Jewett, Kinney, Lee, Marshall, Martin, Meeker, Meslar, Miller, Morris, Muddell, Parks, Paulmier, Price, Rankin, Reeve, Roll, Rousse, Rutan, Shipman, Smith, Spooner, Weeden, Weisenstein, Wesp, Whitehead, Whittlesey, Williams, Wilson, Wright, Young

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This work includes some of the descendants of Edward Shipman of Saybrook, Connecticut. He came with other settlers of English origin and settled in the new colony at Saybrook in 1639. He amassed considerable land holdings in the area and lived there until his death in 1697.

Three of Edward Shipman's grandsons removed to New Jersey shortly before 1720. Benjamin Shipman (1693-1762), son of William, settled in what is now Morris County and lived there for the remainder of his life. Benjamin left few, if any, descendants bearing the Shipman name in New Jersey. Brothers Jonathan (1689-1762) and David (1692-1780), sons of John Shipman, settled in Essex County about 1718. Although evidence is inconclusive, I believe that most of Jonathan's descendants migrated to Virginia and that the bulk of the Shipmans of English origin who lived in New Jersey for nearly three centuries are descended from David.

The loss of many New Jersey records during the Revolutionary War have made it difficult to positively identify the children of Jonathan and David Shipman. It has been necessary to attempt to determine family makeup from scanty evidence. I would caution everyone regarding the connections between Jonathan and David Shipman and their grandchildren that are presented in this work. I would appreciate hearing from anyone possessing information that is not in agreement with my presentation.

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