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County Formations

Philadelphia Co. original created 1682.

Chester Co. original created 1682.
Lancaster Co. created 1728 from Chester Co.
Cumberland Co. created 1750 from Lancaster Co.
Bedford Co. created 1771 from Cumberland Co.
Westmoreland Co. created 1773 from Bedford Co.
Fayette Co. created 1783 from Westmorland Co.

Is it any wonder that Pennsylvania is so confusing to research?!

1745 Bucks Co., PA John Moland of the Northern Liberties of the City of Philadelphia, Gentleman sold his 308 acre plantation to Jenkin Phillips. Bucks Co. Deeds page 100 LDS 172883.

1746 Bucks Co., PA Mortgage from Jenkin Phillips to John Moland on 308 acres. Bucks Co. Deed Book 7 page 295.

1746 Lancaster Co., PA. John Moland of Philadelphia Co., Esq. was attorney to James Hamilton regarding a deed.Lancaster Co., PA Land Records page 35

1747. John Moland in the Northern Liberties of this City, selling a young and strong Negro Girl. PA Gazette

1750 Lancaster Co., PA. John Moland of Philadelphia, Esq. purchased land from Hans Zimmerman. Lancaster Co., PA Land Records page 30.

1753 John Moland selling a negroe man who understands country work, 29 years of age. PA Gazette

1756 John Moland Attorney on tax list for the City of Philadelphia. PA Gen. Mag. page 31.

1759 Patrick Morland 20, Lancaster, PA in Capt. Robert Boyd's Co. PA Archives

Jan. 8, 1761. "On Friday last were interred, at his Country Seat, near the City, the Remains of John Moland, Esq. who was one of the Governor Council, and an Attorney and Counsellor at Law, in this Province. By a generous and polite education - by a severe and steady application to study - and by a uniform and zealous attachment to the interest of his client, joined to a clear apprehension and tenacious memory, he was eminently and justly distinguished, for an easy dignity in social life - superior abilities in his profession - estensive knowledge in polite literature, and as a warm and faithful advocate." PA Gazette Comment: John Moland is said to have a daughter, Elizabeth, who married Sir John St. Clair who was a major in the British Army and arrived in VA in 1755.

John Moland was said to have been born in London in 1700 [I have found no proof of his birth in London. He could have been born anywhere in England and schooled in London.] and after graduation from Oxford was appointed King's Attorney for PA. His son, William Moland married Hannah Noble and became a surgeon in the Revolutionary Army. William had a son William Noble Moland who married Elizabeth Cowperthaite of Philadelphia and was also a surgeon in Philadelphia. William Noble Moland had a son Samuel Moland who became a merchant traveling between Philadelphia and the western counties. He settled permanently in Butler Co., PA opening a tavern and general store and married Margaret Cooper. Samuel was born 1815 and died 1896.

The Moland house, a stone farmhouse, was built by John Moland, a prominent attorney in both Philadelphia and Bucks counties and a Justice of the Supreme Court of PA. The house served as General Washington's headquarters during the Continental Army's Neshaminy encampment, Aug. 10-23, 1777, as he waited to learn more of Admiral Howe's intentions.

Moland House

March 1761. Bucks Co., PA Will Book 3 page 51. LDS 172900. Will of John Moland of Warwick, Bucks o., PA. Mentions daughters Elizabeth, Hannah, Grace. Sons Joseph, Robert, William and John. Written Nov. 1760.

1761 Thomas Moland married Margret Baker in New York City. NY Gen. Record page 43.

Oct. 1762. Elizabeth Moland on list of letters at the Philadelphia post office. PA Gazette

1763 William Morland of Lancaster Co. was on list of letters held at the Philadelphia Post Office. PA Gazette

1764 Sept. 12 Richard Moland born to Thomas and Margaret Morland.PA Births, Philadelphia Co.

1766 Thomas Moland, Lieut. of Philadelphia on list of letters held at the Philadelphia Post Office. PA Gazette

1770 William Moland of Philadelphia on list of letters held at the Philadelphia post office. PA Gazette

1771 Dr. John Moland of Bucks Co. on list of letters held at the Philadelphia post office. PA Gazette

1773 Oct. 21 William Moland married Hannah Noble.PA Archives Comment: William is said to have been a surgeon in the Revolutionary War and supposedly loaned the government some $70,000 which he never recoevered and died quite poor. His father was John Moland [above] born London in 1700 and died on his farm called Neshamony near Philadelphia. He had been a student at law of the "Temple" London and was appointed King's Attorney for the Colony of PA.

1776-82 Andrew Moreland on muster rolls of Militia Flying Camp. PA Archives

Hugh Mooreland served in the 4th PA Regt. as listed in the "Index to Revolutionary War Service Records".

Moses Moreland served as Pvt. in the 1st PA Regt. per the "Index to Revolutionary War Service Records."

1778 William Moland physician of PA. Took oath of allegiance to the Whigs and acted in the militia. In 1778 while in Philadelphia, was in possession of the Royal Army, he went to that city, and immediately embarked for the West Indies, in the hope of finding a brother, who was able to afford him pecuniary aid. He seems to have failed in his object, for he returned in the summer of the same year. During his absence he was attainted of treason; but availing himself of the terms of the proclamation, he surrendered for trial, and was admitted to bail. In 1783 the Chief Justice recommended the Council to pardon him. Loyalists of the American Revolution Vol. II page 85.

May, 1778. William Moland husbandman of Bucks Co. and others, tired for treason due to assisting the enemies of the State and of the US of America, by having joined their armies at Philadelphia. PA Gazette.

1783 A dunish road mare strayed from the plantation of widow Moland. PA Gazette

March 25, 1784 Chester Co. Richard Mowland married Rachell Williams. LDS 6048316

1787 William Moland and Joseph Moland on Bucks Co. tax list. PA Archives, Series 3, Vol. 8 page 753.

1788 Alexander Morland was on the list of letters at the Philadelphia Post Office. PA Gazette

1788 Cumberland Co, PA. Lancelot Mollan married Sarah Brisland.Cumberland Co., PA Church Records of the 18th Century, page 11.

1790 Fayette Co., PA Deeds page 329. William Moreland of Fayette Co. security bond for Joseph Huston, Sheriff. LDS 863548.

1791 Cumberland Co., PA. Jumuk [sic] Mollen married Mrs. Martha McKeslin.Cumberland Co., PA Church Records of the 18th Century, page 60.

1797 Aug. 24 John Morland married Martha Scott. PA Archives

1800 Cumberland Co., PA. John Moorland assault and battery on Francis Kelly of Middleton Twp., by spitting in his face at the plantation of John Kinkead. Test: Patrick Lynch, Henry Funk, James Morland.Indictments Cumberland Co., PA, page 152.

1809 Cumberland Co., PA Deed Book S, page 239. David Moreland signed quit claim on all real estate and personal property to his brothers James and John Moreland.

1809 Cumberland Co., PA Deed Book T page 127 LDS 21055. John and James Moreland of Middleton Township, Cumberland Co. sold 15 acres.

March 20, 1811 Act dissolving the marriage of William and Hannah Moland. PA Archives, Series 9, Vol 1 page 2958.

1832 Green Co., PA. Moses Moreland Revolutionary War Pension application. He entered the service in Lancaster Co., PA. Was 74 years old in 1832, so born 1758. Is also on the 1840 Census of Pensioners in Green Co., PA.

The Provincial Councilors of Pennsylvania 1733-1776

This family pedigree is an excellent example of the complexities involved with researching a colonial American family. It includes a surname spelling variation, activity in numerous counties and states along with some of the descendants passing away in other countries.

1. John Moland "The name Moland appears to have been contracted from Moreland, in or shortly before the days of the Councillor." John Moland is named as a graduate of the University of Oxford, who took the degree of B.C.L. on Oct. 11, 1714. John Moland the Councillor is said to have been born in London in 1700 and studied law at the Inner Temple, on the books of which he is called John Morland and he was commissioned King's Attorney in Pennsylvania. He practised law in Lancaster Co. before his marriage. In 1744 he resided in Rockhill Township, Bucks Co. He later owned a plantation near the Neshaminy. In June 1745 he purchased 116 acres on the Frankford Rd., in Philadelphia Co., since known as "Rose Hill" where he afterwards resided. He was a subscriber to the Dancing Assembly held in the City 1748-9. From 1748 until his death he was a leader of the bar of the Province. He was admitted to the Council on June 19, 1759. He died Jan. 5, 1761. He married ca 1738 Catherine Hutchinson of New Castle on Delaware. She died Feb. 14, 1780.

    a. John Moland, Jr. born 1739. Was a subscriber to the PA Hospital, was an apothecary. His father's will remitted the debt for money paid for drugs taken up by him, but by codicil Nov. 29, 1760, his father revoked all bequests to him. John died in the East Indies Dec. 28, 1776.

    b. Thomas Moland born 1740. Was bequeathed 1 shilling. Was of Philadelphia, gent in 1764. He died in Bermuda Oct. 19, 1780. He married in NY ca Dec. 15, 1761 Margaret Baker.

    Child of Thomas Moland and Margaret Baker:
    1. Richard Moland born Sept. 12, 1764.

    c. Elizabeth Moland born 1743 and died Oct. 29, 1783. Married first Sir John St. Clair, 3rd Bart. of his line, who in 1754 having attained the rank of Major in the British army was appointed Quarter-Master General of the forces under Braddock. He sailed for America in advance of the expedition, arriving in VA in Jan. 1755 and proceeded to reconnoitre the headwaters of the Potomac. Returning he joined Braddock and was severely wounded in action of July 9, 1755. In the following January he was made Lieut. Colonel and two years later obtained command of the 3rd batt., 60th Foot. He was actively engaged under Forbes and Bouquet during the next four years and on Feb. 9, 1762 was gazetted Colonel. In 1766 he was made Lieut. Co. of the 28th Foot, then stationed in New Jersey. He purchased a farm in the neighborhood of Elizabeth Town, where he died before Nov. 30, 1767.

    Elizabeth married second Lt. Col. Dudley Templer who also commanded the 28th Foot and survived her.

    d. Hannah Moland born 1744, was of Bucks Co., PA, widow in 1788. She died in London. She married David Hay, Captain in British Army who became Major in 1772, resided some time in Philadelphia Co. He sold his wife's part of Rose Hill to Dr. John Kearsley, was afterwards Lieut. Col. of Royal Artill. and Commandant of St. John's Newfoundland. He died after 1776.

    e. Robert Moland born 1746. Ordered by his father's will to be apprenticed. Died in the East Indies.

    f. William Moland born Nov. 5, 1749 in Philadelphia, PA. He married Hannah Noble Oct. 19, 1773. She was born Warminster, Bucks Co., PA Sept. 1, 1757, daughter of Job Noble of Bucks Co. by his wife Rachel Wells. The Nobles came from Bristol, England. Was a surgeon in the Revolutionary Army. Was a witness with his son, William N., of old Dr. William Shippen's will. William died Doylestown, PA before Oct. 3, 1817.

    Children of William Moland and Hannah Noble:

    1. Elizabeth Moland born Sept. 1, 1774. Married Daniel Knight.
    2. Katherine Moland born June 28, 1776, died June 29, 1776.
    3. Ann Moland born Dec. 1777, died 1778
    4. Grace Moland born April 6, 1780; married Samuel Cowperthwaite.
    5. Sophia Moland born June 29, 1782; married John Creveling of NY.
    6. William Noble Moland born Sept. 2, 1784 in PA and married Elizabeth Cowperthwaite on March 31, 1808. She was born June 28, 1779 and died Dec. 31, 1833 Philadelphia, PA. William N. died 1818 per Philadelphia MM notes below or he died March 25, 1916 in Philadelphia, PA.
    7. Joseph Moland born Oct. 1, 1786, died May 11, 1788.
    8. Hannah Moland born Dec. 25, 1788 married Jesse Ridge.
    9. Louisa Moland born March 8, 1791 and died March 1825. Married Joseph Webb.
    10. Juliana Penn born Oct. 2, 1793 married Jeremiah Jacobs.

    g. Joseph Moland born 1753/54. Commissioned May 11, 1774, ensign in the 26th Reft. of foot of the British army. Died after March 1787. Married ca 1783 Barbara Unknown.

    h. Grace Moland born 1757. Joined Joseph Moland and Lady St. Clair in 1783 in a letter of attorney for the sale of 3/4 of Rose Hill. She became insane and died in London.

1785 Inhabitants of Fayette Co.

Moreland, Alexander Franklin Township
Moreland, David Franklin Township
Moreland, Isaiah Franklin Township
Moreland, John Wharton Township
Moreland, William Franklin Township

1790 PA Census

Mifflin Co.
Moreland, Moses 1 0 4

Franklin Co.
Moreland, Thomas 2 2 3

Fayette Co.
Moreland, John 2 4 5
Moreland, David 1 4 5
Moreland, Alexander 2 0 2
Moreland, William 1 1 6

Comment: There is an Alexander Moreland b ca 1720 Great Britian and a William Moreland b ca 1750, son of Alexander, wife Agnes Huston, listed on page 726 of Virginians & West Virginians 1607-1870.

This William Moreland is said to have been born 1748 in Charles Co., MD and wife, Agnes Huston born Jan. 26, 1760 at Peach Bottom, VA. She died May 9, 1828 in Fayette Co., PA. They were married Jan. 17, 1777. William is said to have been a private in the Westmoreland Co., Mil., Cont. Line. They had at least one son, Joseph Huston Moreland born April 7, 1795.

Chester Co.
Moreland, John 1 0 2

1800 PA Census

Greene Co., PA
Moses Moreland
1 male under 10
1 male 26-45
1 female over 45

Ellis' History of Fayette Co.

1802 William Moreland overseer of the poor. Page 510.
1802 Isaiah Moreland constable. Page 511.
1803 William Moreland, township supervisor. Page 510.
1815-1818 David Moreland had a blacksmith shop east of Stidgers, Uniontown Borough. Page 291.

ca 1817 William Moreland owned 5 shares in the Connelsville Navigation Co. Page 380.

Original Landholders in Dunbar Twp. Alex. Moreland 325 1/4 acres. Page 507.

A History of Uniontown

"David Moreland purchased from Jacob Beeson a small piece of land containing eleven perches, lying between an old tail race and Jacob's run. Upon this Mr. Moreland contructed a log blacksmith shop on the east and a log dwelling on the west. Here he lived and carried on the business of blacksmithing for many years. He was also connected with L.W. Stockton in purchasing horses for the National Stage line. He married a daughter of Joseph Collins, who lived out the Morgantown road on the Colonial Thomas Gaddis farm. He moved to Dubuque, Iowa in 1839.

David Moreland sold this property to James Veech, March 30, 1839, and he conveyed it to his father, David Veech, April 20, 1857."

1799 Tax List Dunbar Twp. Page 508

William Moreland 2 horses, 2 cattle 300 acres.
David Moreland 2 horses 1 cattle 350 acres.
Josiah Moreland 2 horses 3 cattle 300 acres.
Alexander Moreland blacksmith, sawmill 6 horses -- --
John Moreland 1 horse -- --

Marriage and Death Notices from Newspapers of Uniontown, PA

1820 December 9. Mrs. Mary consort of Mr. John Moreland of Georges Twp. in the 40th year [born 1780]died. She left her husband and numerous small children.

1852 June 15. Captain Isaac A. Moreland and Miss Isabella P. Jack of Uniontown, married.

1852 August 18. At her residence in Delaware Co., Iowa, of dropsy, Ruth, consort of David Moreland, formerly of this county in the 54th year of her age [born 1798] died......moved to the Territory of Iowa, on April 1, 1839...has been a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

1852 June 20. At his residence, in Morelandville, Bourbon Co., KY, William Moreland Esq. in the 71st year of his age [born 1781] died. Formerly of Fayette Co., PA.

Index to Fayette Co., PA Wills 1783-1900

1794 Alexander Moreland Vol. 1 page 23
1830 William Moreland Vol. 1 page 317

Quaker Records

Quaker Marriage Certificates Concord MM Delaware Co., PA

1724 Margrett [sic] Moreland witnessed the marriage of Joseph Miller and Anne Gilpin, page 6.
1726 Margratt [sic]Moreland witnessed marriage of Isaac Woodrow and Mary Chifears, page 13.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy

Philadelphia MM

1789 Daniel Molan, son of James buried, age 1.
1818 William N. Moland died age 34.

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Will Index LDS 384803
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