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Marriage Bride Surname L
Bride name generic Date Bride name Groom name Bride age Groom age Bride condition Groom condition Parish
Lader 22/09/1859 Sarah Lader? Shadrack Millard ? 21 Spinster Bachelor Meare
Lampart 29/06/1813 Elizabeth Lampart Charles King

Spinster Bachelor Glast. St Benedict
Lane 06/01/1820 Sarah Lane John Bunn

Spinster Bachelor Meare
Langford 23/01/1776 Honor Langford John Warsfield

Spinster Batchelor Meare
Latiens 29/07/1808 Elizabeth Latiens John Venn

Widow Bachelor Meare
Laver 16/02/1795 Ann Laver George Norris

Spinster Bachelor Meare
Laver 13/05/1806 Margaret Laver James Cook

Spinster Bachelor Meare
Laver 12/04/1809 Ann Laver William Cork?

- Bachelor Glast. St Benedict
Laver 09/09/1811 Elizabeth Laver? John Laver

Spinster Bachelor Glast. St Benedict
Laver 28/01/1813 Ann Laver Benjamin Baker

Spinster Bachelor Meare
Laver 18/04/1822 Mary Laver Thomas Burnell

Spinster Bachelor Meare
Laver 14/04/1825 Margaret Laver John Barnwell

Spinster Bachelor Meare
Laver 02/08/1832 Frances Laver James Richards

- - Glast. St Benedict
Laver 13/12/1843 Mary Ann Laver Joseph Court Full Full Spinster Widower Glast. St Benedict
Laver 20/05/1844 Hester Laver Thomas Bobbett of age of age Spinster Widower Glast. St Benedict
Laver 03/04/1845 Margaret Laver James Rood 20 25 Spinster Bachelor Meare
Laver 25/11/1845 Sarah Laver Joseph Ball Full age Full age Widow Widower Glast. St Benedict
Laver 29/03/1847 Christiana Jane Laver James Bond full age full age Spinster Bachelor Glast. St Benedict
Laver 20/08/1873 Elizabeth Susanna Laver Sidney Holdaway? 27 24 Spinster Bachelor Meare
Laver 28/03/1876 Mary Laver Robert Green? Duckett Full Full Spinster Bachelor Meare
Laver 24/10/1876 Mary Jane Laver Jesse Laver Difford 24 25 Spinster Bachelor Meare
Lawrence 08/08/1798 Sarah Lawrence John Andrew?

Lee 26/01/1836 Mary Lee Edwin Symmons

Spinster Bachelor Catcott
Lee 30/10/1899 Ada Lee Frederick John Vowles 19 21 Spinster Bachelor Meare
Leigh 28/12/1802 Ann Leigh James Hudson

Spinster Bachelor Meare
Leigh 02/04/1850 Margaret Leigh? Samuel Crane? 21 21 Spinster Bachelor Meare
Leigh 13/06/1866 Mary Leigh Thomas Wilcox 55 68 Widow Widower Meare
Lester 04/11/1852 Mary Ann Lester Thomas Upham 17 26 Spinster Bachelor Meare
Lewis 06/11/1828 Roxlana Lewis James Philpott

Spinster Bachelor Meare
Lewis 23/09/1847 Hannah Lewis John Cullen full age full age Spinster Bachelor Glast. St Benedict
Lewis 16/11/1852 Eliza Lewis John Vowles Full Full Spinster Bachelor Wedmore
Lockyer 16/01/1800 Hannah Lockyer Elijah Difford

- - Meare
Lockyer 22/04/1805 Joanna Lockyer William Warfield

Spinster Bachelor Meare
Loder 15/05/1847 Mary Loder Robert Eason 27 24 Widow Bachelor Meare
Loder 20/07/1847 Betsy Loder Joseph Warr 19 20 Spinster Bachelor Meare
Lokier 27/12/1796 Jenny Lokier Thomas Day

Look 06/03/1810 Sarah Look Joseph Haine

Spinster Bachelor Glast. St John
Look 04/10/1810 Mary look Robert Scriven

Spinster Bachelor Glast. St John
Look 19/01/1858 Jane Ash Look George Giblett Burnett 23 25 Spinster Bachelor Meare
Lumbert 16/04/1855 Fanny Lumbert Thomas Hurley? 25 21 Spinster Bachelor Meare