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Fergusons of Monaghan

LDS Film 522827

Vol. 115, No. 115, Memorial 79812
Ferguson to Wardell Regd 19th day of October 1744 at 11 oClock in the forenoon

To the Reg appointed by Act of Parlt for registring Deeds & so forth

A Meml of Indented Articles of Agreemt dated the second day of June One Thousand Seven hund & forty two and made between James Fergufon of Mullaghmee1 in the Parifh of Currin & County of Monaghan Farmer of the one pt & Robt Wardell of Killyfargoe in the Parifh & County af (aforesaid) Taylor (Tailor) of the other part Where by the sd Jams Fergufon in Cons of a Marriage & as a Marriage Portion Transfer & make over his whole _ _ Title & Jnp to the Lease of Lands of Anya in the Parifh of Clounifh (Clones) & sd County contg Thirty Three Acres three roods with the Bog thereunto belonging to the s. Robt Wardell & his heirs males lawfully begotten on the Body of the sd Sarah & in failure of such issue Then To the Female Issue Equally to be divided & in failure of Issue Male & Female to the sd Wardell his heirs & Afsign for Ever The ssd James ftill reserving to himself & his wife Martha Fergufon asl Elliot the full beenfits of the profit rent to him & her during their lives They not comitting any wafte upon the former Neither fhall it be in the power of the sd James or Wife to grant fell or fettle any Leafe longer than their own Lives without the Consent of the sd Robt & his intended wife Sarah and the sd Robt is to make good an agreement or article granted by the sd James for the Term of Twenty one years Dated Thirteenth of February One Thousd feven hund & thirty commencing the firft of May One Thousd feven hund & thirty One to bryan McAneny & to Live with sd Jas as one family & the sd Deed or Articles is witnefsed by Chrs Crow of Dunferin in the County of Monaghan Farmer Jno Elliott of Culnecart in sd County Farmer & Jas Smith of Ballynure in sd Co. Gent & this Meml is alfo Witnefsed by the sd James Smith & Henry Welfh of Killyfargy in the sd Co Gent - Robt Wardell (seal) signed & sealed in the prefence of - Jas Smyth - Henry Welfh - The above named James Smyth aged Tweny years & upwards Came this day before me & made oath on the holy Evangelifts That he is a Subscrg Witnefs to the Deed or Article of which the above writing is a Meml & to the above Meml & saith he saw the sd Deed or Article duly Executed by the parties thereto & the above Meml Signed & Sealed by the above named Robt Wardell & that the Name Jas Smith signed as a witnefs to each of them resepectively is this Depts proper hand writing - Jas Smyth - Sworn before me at monaghan this 2d day of Octr 1744 at Monaghan in the Co of Monaghan by Virtue of a Comon to em directed for taking affids iny County & Jhnowthe Dept - Will Johnfton - Jno Corry - Bapt Johnfton - in the presence ofus Jufss of y peace foryl County Monaghan.

  1. Mullaghmee is part of the Madden Estate according to information provided to Gordon Ferguson by Monaghan Historian Pilip O'Morda.

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