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Tithe Applotment Book
Springhill, Parish of Templemore

Here is a good example of deciphering handwriting. Look at entries 108 and 113. The first letter in the surname "_ahy" is not an L since it differs from the L in entry 111 for LOUGHAN; nor is it an F as in entry 109 for FERGUSON. After some presenting this example to two mailing lists, IRL-MAYO-L and ADVANCED-RESEARCH-L, the consensus is the name is VAHY. A check in MacLysaght confirms that it is a valid name for county Mayo:
"In Mayo this is Mac a' Bheatha.... which, sometimes made MacVeigh there, is distinct from the main sept of that name in Ulster. MacEvey, with stress on the last syllable, is a variant of MacVahey, but this spelling has inevitably resulted in its being changed to the better known MacEvoy in some cases. The use of Vahy as a synonym of Fahy in Connacht further confuses the origin of the name."

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