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Manor of Shanock
What modern townland corresponds to Anagheel in the manor of Shanock?

According to the Householder's Index the FERGUSON entries found for the parish of Clones should be in County Monaghan, Barony of Dartree. Instead, one finds an entry in the townland of Anagheel in the manor of Shanock. This townland does not appear in the IreAtlas Townland Database for either Monaghan or Fermanagh. The closest match is Annaghkeel in the barony of Clankelly, county Fermanagh.

To unravel this mystery we need a definition of the lands which comprise the manor of Shanock; an alternative spelling to which is found in Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837):

"Courts are also held in the parish (Clones) for the manors of Rosica and Shannick."

The tables below shows an attempt to identify the townlands on the Tithe with their counterparts as laid out in Griffith's Valuation. As can be seen, none are found unequivocally yet the best fit are found in the barony of Clankelly. When one compares Griffith's Valuation for these Townlands with the Tithe Applotments many of the same surnames are found. Hence it is concluded that Householder's index is in error and the FERGUSON Tithe entries said to be in found in the barony of Dartree, county Monaghan are actually found in the townland of Annaghkeel, parish of Clones, barony of Clankelly, county Fermanagh.

Tithe Townland IreAtlas Townland IreAtlas Barony IreAtlas County
Mullins Mullans Clankelly Fermanagh
Tatnageera Tattynageeragh Clankelly Fermanagh
Tatantonagan Tattintonegan Clankelly Fermanagh
Anahilly Annaghilly Clankelly Fermanagh
Anagheel Annaghkeel Clankelly Fermanagh
Continne Cortrasna Clankelly Fermanagh

Tithe for Anagheel

Griffith's Valuation, parish of Clones, county Fermanagh, 1862
Townland Occupiers Immediate Lessor
Tattynageeragh John Elliott  
Tattintonegan Bleakly, Richard  
  Clarke, Samuel  
  Lynch, Peter  
Annaghilly North Breadin, James  
  Elliott, Michael  
  Emmerson, John  
  Gallagher, James  
  Irwin, Isabella  
Annaghilly South Allan, Robert  
  Doonan, Nathaniel  
  Edgerson, Jane  
  Emmerson, John  
  Irwin, Isabella  
  Magwood, John  
  McIlroy, James  
  Moorhead, Andrew  

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