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The series of images linked below are from document Ms Z2 1. 7 held at Marsh's Library in Dublin. The catalog description is as follows:

Title: (manuscript) Case between Rev. Jeremy Dunbar and John Ferguson
Author: Imprint: 1710
Description: 4p.
Subject: Notes: Manuscript copy Bill of Costs in the Case between the Revd. Jerem[y] Dunbar, and John Ferguson.
A note by N.J.D. White in the 1913 printed catalogue notes that this material may appear to have belonged to Abp. King (William King, Archbishop of Dublin, 1650-1729).

Abigail Ann Young has examined these documents and offers the following:

What you seem to have here is the procedural portion of what's known as an instance case, that is, the ecclesiastical courts' equivalent of a civil lawsuit in the common-law courts. It appears to be a defamation case, that is, one about a charge of character defamation or libel. Presumably Dunbar is accusing Ferguson of defaming him. Unfortunately, the procedural record doesn't tell us anything substantive about the content of the case or its context in the lives of those involved. If the deposition books for this period survive for this diocese (Raphoe) it might be worth looking to see whether any depositions taken from participants or witnesses have survived: if there's any information of genealogical interest in the suit, it would be in the depositions or the interrogatories on which the witnesses were questioned. In the 17th century it would also be worth your while to see whether the case was pursued in parallel in the Star Chamber (as might have happened if there was really bad blood between the two men or their families) but that was no longer an option in the 18th and I am not sure what common-law or equity jurisdiction would have been a possibility at this time.

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