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Fergusons of Cavan

LDS Film 469008

File No 20, Memorial No 244
Lantur & org to Baker, Regd ...Ded 1833 at 5 mins to 2 ..

A memorial of an Indented Deed of Afsignment of Mortgage hearing date the third day of July One Thousand Eight Hundred and thirty three and made between

John Peter Charles Lantur of Montanbean in the Kingdom of France and Charlotte Elizabeth Lantur orse Sheppy his wife Samuel Byrne of Lower Rutlam Street in the City of Dublin Gentl and Eliztu Catherine Byrne orse oBrien his wife and Thomas Lunn of New Street in the City of Dublin aforesaid Gentl and Harriett Lunn orse oBrien his wife

which said

Charlotee Elizth Sheppy Elizabeth Catherine Byrne and Harriett Lunn are the coheiresses at law of Elizabeth Hastings late of Wrenham in South Wales widow deceased of the first part John Ferguson of Gloucester Street in the City of Dublin sole heir named in the last will and Testament of the said Elizabeth Hastings of the second part and John Augustus Knipe of Wimbletdon in the County of Surry Esq of the third part and Francis Baker of Belturbet in the County of Cavan widow of the fourth part

whereby after Reciting as therein was particularly renter in couson of One Thousand pounds by the said John Ferguson partly said F Baker

They the said Jno Peter Charles Lantur and Charlotee Elizabeth Saliturn his wife Lawrence Byrne and Elizth Catherine Byrne Thomas Lunn and Harriett Lunn

At the special desire and request by and with the Consent and approbation of the said John Ferguson and John Augustus Knipe

Testified as therein for the Cousons therein mentioned Grantes Bargains solon aliened released and Confirmed with the said Francis Baker in her actual popn then being by virtue of a lease for a year therein rented and to her heirs and Apigens all that of those land of the upper and Lower Derrygana orse Derryganah situate Lying & being in the Barony of Lower Loughtree in the County of Cavan aforesaid contg by a late survey

Seventy nine acres and two perches of Arable and pasture ground and twenty acres and twenty four perches of Bog of late Irish plantn measure or by whatsoever name or names description or descriptions denomination or denominations the said Lowns laws and _tremes at anytime Hiretofore had been Called Husion or distinguished together with all and singular the houses outhouses Cottages Gardens yards orchard meadows pastures waters water courses trees woods underwoods couinions couinon of Pasture profit Commodities advantages mines minerals and Roayalaties Hereditameats and appurts whatsovever to the said Townsland Tenements and premises and every or any part thereof belonging or in any urseappertaining Tahoto with the Appurts unto the said Francis Baker her heirs and Afsigus to the only proper use and behoof of the said Francis Baker her heirs and Afsigus forever dulycet however to the Covenant provisoe or agreement for the Redemption of said laws and _tremes in the original Indenture of Mortgage of the third day of August One Thousand Eight Hundred and twenty Nine Entrepred and Contained which said

Declared this memorial as to the Execution thereof by said John Ferguson are resply e.rtuefses by George Marshal Knipe of Erne Hill in the County of cavan Esq and John Hall of Hardwricke Street in the County of Dublin Solr and the Exon of said Deed by John Sealy Lawrence Esq in place of the said John Peter Charles Satur Laurence Byrne and Thomas Lunn pursuant to an order therein mentioned intertuepen by John Hall of Hardwicke Street in the County of Dublin solr John Ferguson seal signed and sealed in presence of Geo M Knipe John Hall.
The above named John Hall maketh oath and saith that he is alubsirebing ..tuepti the Deed where of the above writing is a memorial and also to said Memorial Saith he saw said Deed and Meml duly signed and Executed by the above named John Ferguson and Saith that the names John Hall subscriber asaterriep to said Deed and memoorial resply is this Deposents proper name thand writing and saith that the delivered said Deed and names al ratey to Francis aruatroy Esq apt Regt at the Req office Kings Inn Sublin at or about the hour of five mins before two oClock in the afternoon an Tuesday of the 17th day of Dec 1833 John Hall Swore before me the 17th day of Dec 1833 Fres Armstrong AR

A true Copy ...

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