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Hearth Money Rolls, Antrim 1660-1669

Submitted by Stanley Nesbitt, extracted from “Heads & Hearths: The Hearth Money Rolls and Poll Tax Returns for County Antrim 1660-1669” Edited by S.T. Carleton published by Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Parish Townland Surname Forename Notes
Connor Connor FORGISON James 1669 Appears in 1669 only
Donegore Ballyclaverty FORGISON John  
      Thomas 2 ( Fergison in 1666 ) Taxed for 2 Hearths
Kilbride Ballybracken FORGISON William  
  Ballyhamage   Allex.  
  Holestone   Henry  
      John ( Ferguson in 1666 )  
Skerry Kinbally FORGISON Henry (Fergison in 1666 )  
Ballylinny Ballyhowne FERGISON Capt. 2 ( 1666 Edward ) Taxed for 2 Hearths
Shankill Cavehill Area FERGISON John  
Armoy Alcrossagh FARGISON John  
Tickmacrevan Glenarm FARGASON James  
Finvoy Drumlea FORGISONE David  
Ballinderry The New Park FERGISON John  
Muckamore Grange   FARGISON Andrew  
      Thomas ( 1666 ) Appears in 1666 only
Portglenone Killygarn FORGISON James  
      James & his partner  
  Lisrodden   John  
Drum maul & Cranfield Andraid FORGISON David  
  Randalstown   John  
  Shane’s Castle Park   Dan 2 Taxed for 2 Hearths
Duneane Creeve FORGISON Andrew 1666 Appears in 1666 only
Parishes of Donegore, Kilbride, Nilteen Grange & Doagh Grange
Names not identified in 1669  
Parishes of Skerry, Racavan & Glenwhirry
Names not found in 1669
Parish of Ballymoney
Names not found in 1669
FERGISON  David   

This is data found in 1669 not reported in above table. From Bill Macafee's Website
Parish Townland Surname Forename
Ballymoney Ballymoney Town FERGUSHILL Wm
Drummaul Aghaloughan FORGISON Wm
Rasharkin Moneyleck FORGISON Hugh
Ahoghill Glenhugh FORGISON James
Antrim Dunsilly GORGISON Widow

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