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Haplogroup and Haplotype

A haplotype is the specific genetic signature of a person's DNA. A haplogroup is the set of haplotypes sharing a common characteristic. All persons within a specific haplogroup share a common ancestor. The relationship between different haplogroups is slowly being worked out, forming a family tree of mankind as a whole. To date there are 23 primary haplogroups A through R and numerous subgroups. The diagram below is a simplification for clarity, an accepted standard for the complete tree is maintained by the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) and found on their page:Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree.

Phylogenetic Tree

The Driscoll Results by Haplogroup and Clade

A clade is a subgroup within a haplogroup consisting of a progenitor and all his descendants. To simplify by way of analogy, a haplogroup could be a ggggg-grandfather and all his male descendants are the haplotypes. A clade could be defined as any one of his grandsons and all those males descended from that grandson.

Haplogroup Projects and Mailing Lists


  1. ISOGG Wiki
  2. Haplotype, Genetic Distance, TMRCA tables and PHYLIP compatible input tables on this site were generated using McGee's Y-DNA Comparison Utility
  3. Phylogenetic trees on this site were created using Splits Tree4

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