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Haplogroup R1b > L21 > M222
Haplogroup R1b is discussed in a Wikipedia article. Persons in this Haplogroup are advised to join the R-M222 Haplogroup Project.

The modal haplotype is from the R-M222 Haplogroup Project. It has been extended by the addition of 8 SMGF markers using modal values determined by Nordvedt. This a clade of R1b that can be specfically SNP tested.

A study by Moore et al at Trinity College in Dublin concludes that a subset of this group "shows a significant association with surnames purported to have descended from the most important and enduring dynasty of early medieval Ireland, the Uí Néill." Persons in this subset are said to have the O'Neil Modal Haplotype and it is often confused with the parent set the M-222. A discussion of the difference has been presented by John Lochlan.

In a recent paper by Campbell the haplogroup is refered to as OGAP8 (Oxford Genetic Atlas Project - Type 8). His analysis identifies a strong migration of OGAP8 from Ulster to the Argyll area which Campbell identifies as that of the Dal Riada.

Genetic Distance

Genetic distance is a measure of the differences between two haplotypes. In its simplest form one simply counts the number of markers that differ. The model used is known as the Hybrid Mutation Model and conforms to that used by Family Tree DNA.
Genetic Distance
R-M222 94 4
SMGF102 4 43
Related Probably Related Possibly Related
FTDNA's Interpreting Genetic Distance for 37 Markers
FTDNA's Interpreting Genetic Distance for 67 Markers
FTDNA's Interpreting Genetic Distance for 111 Markers
- Hybrid mutation model is used
- Values on the diagonal indicate number of markers tested

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