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Driscoll Castle Cape Clear. Photo courtesy Dennis Driscoll.
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It is theoretically possible to discover the paternal yDNA signature of the hereditary O'Driscoll line by strategic use of the the autosomal Family Finder test. There are two essential elements needed: (1) a known descendant of the "O'Driscoll" and (2) a male "O'Driscoll" with a strong circumstantial evidence of being a 4th cousin or closer to that known descendant. To that end this page catalogs known descendants from daughters of the O'Driscoll line. [Ref: "The O'Driscoll"]

Anna Rachel O'Driscoll (1797-1849)

Eliza O'Driscoll (1805-1877)

Frances (Fanny) O'DRISCOLL (1867-1958)

Isabell (Belle) O'DRISCOLL (1870-)

Edith O'DRISCOLL (1872-

Ellen O'DRISCOLL ( - 1835)


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