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Driscoll of Cork
Spinning Wheel List, 1796 - LDS Film 1419442
aka Irish Flax Growers, 1796 - Broderbund CD #271
Surname Given Name Parish
DRISCOL Cornelius Ardfield
DRISCOLE Catherine Ross
DRISCOLE Cornelius Ross
DRISCOLE Daniel Ardfield
DRISCOLE Daniel Kilkerranmore
DRISCOLE Daniel Kilmeen
DRISCOLE Darby Kilmeen
DRISCOLE Darby Kilnagross
DRISCOLE Denis Island
DRISCOLE Dennis Ballymoney
DRISCOLE Dennis Desertserges
DRISCOLE Dennis Ross
DRISCOLE Ellen Kilmeen
DRISCOLE Ellen Kilnagross
DRISCOLE Flor. Creagh
DRISCOLE Florence Drinagh
DRISCOLE James Ardfield
DRISCOLE James Drinagh
DRISCOLE James Fanlobbus
DRISCOLE James Rathbarry
DRISCOLE Jeremiah Ballymoney
DRISCOLE Jeremiah Kilgarriff
DRISCOLE John Ardfield
DRISCOLE John Drinagh
DRISCOLE John Kilgarriff
DRISCOLE Margaret Ross
DRISCOLE Maurice Kilmacabea
DRISCOLE Michael Island
DRISCOLE Moses Ardfield
DRISCOLE Patrick Ardfield
DRISCOLE Patrick Kilkerranmore
DRISCOLE Timothy Kinneigh
DRISCOLE William Drinagh
DRISCOLLE Bridget Kilkerranmore
DRISCOLLE Michael Kilkerranmore

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