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Driscoll of Cork
Some Cork Graveyards
Submitted by Michael Cronin

A number of graveyards (Killeagh and Clonpriest for example) have both 'old' and 'new' graveyards alongside each other. Most published transcripts include only the old graveyards, the new graveyards have not been read. Some graveyards such as St John the Baptist in Midleton have both old and new sections in the same graveyard. Generally the new graveyards are well maintained and headstones are easy to read. The date they switched from 'old' to 'new' varies greatly but to use the example of Killeagh, my grandmother, who died in 1923, is buried in the first row of the new graveyard. For the most part the old graveyards are not maintained at all, the grass is not cut and the inscriptions are very difficult to read. The exception to this is a small number of headstones belonging to families that are still in the area.
Clonmult - Driscoll Transcriptions
St. John
St John the baptist is the C of I church in Midleton
St. John
St. John, vault on the left is the Broderick family, on the right Chinnery.

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