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Driscoll of Cork
The family of John Benjamin Driscoll (1866-1922)

Timothy Driscoll, a maritime engineer from County Cork (have been told verbally that he was from Dunmanway, but do not have documentary confirmation of this, as yet), emigrated to Canada in 1849 with his wife, Sarah Shepherd, and their 2 children (William Cornelius and Mary Ann). They came down the St. Lawrence and were settled in Oswego, NY by the time of the 1850 census. Sarah died in 1861, and in 1862 Timothy married an Irish-born woman named Ellen (surname unknown). Together they had 1 girl, Elizabeth, and 2 boys, John Benjamin and Frederick.
Benjamin Driscoll (he never used "John" in daily life) married Amelia Rosella O'Neill (of Newboro, Ontario) and they had 7 children (6 boys, 1 girl).
John Benjamin (1866-1922) and Amelia Driscoll (1873-1970) with their first born, Frederick Thomas (1898-1935), 1898
Amelia Driscoll with second child, Howard (1900-1922), 1900.
Robert Paul Driscoll ("Bobby" 1903-1988), third born, in 1904. Would later become Monsignor Robert P. Driscoll.
Leo Xavier (my grandfather, 1910-2004) and Mary Eleanor Driscoll (1914-1989), c. 1915
Robert Paul as an altar boy in the May Procession at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Oswego, NY, c. 1918
Joseph Driscoll (1906-1929), c. 1925
Frederick Thomas Driscoll, c. 1925
Leo Xavier Driscoll, c. 1930
Clipping published in newspaper upon the death of Bishop David Frederick Cunningham of Syracuse, NY in 1979. The photo was taken in 1926 and the man with the glasses is a 23-year-old Robert Paul Driscoll, 2 years before taking his vows.
Photos submitted by Tara Knopick

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