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How to get listed on this page

Any Y-DNA test project participant who wants to be listed on this page must submit a family history (what you know of it) to the project co-administrator. There should be a minimal amount of information to connect the tester to the project surname (or Y-DNA matching) ancestor. Understandably, adoptees may not know much about a Driscoll ancestor. Just provide what information you can.

Project members who are more ambitious and write extensive family histories are welcome to contribute a biography.

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Earliest Known Ancestor
Haplogroup: I1 > M253  
17173   Thomas father of Patrick C Driscoll b. abt.1830, Cork
23446   Thomas father of Patrick C Driscoll b. abt.1830, Cork
322305   Michael Driscoll b.~1850, Ireland son of Daniel
Haplogroup: I2a > P37.2 (12 Markers)
231635   John O'Driscoll, mid 1800's, Tors Cove, Newfoundland, CA
363438   Edmond Driscoll b. July 1820 in Ireland, d. 4 Feb 1859 in Lenox, MA
Haplogroup: I2a > P37.2 > PF4135 Isles A
87791 Map Patrick Driscoll b. 1831, Skeaf, Clogough Parish, Cork
138782 Map John Driscoll b.~1827, Skeaf, Clogough Parish, Cork
128677 Cornelius Driscoll b.13 May 1825 County Cork, Ireland; d. 26 August 1911 Jefferson, Kentucky
18378 Map John Driscoll b. 1828, Bandon, Cork
105554 Map Jeremiah Driscoll from Loch Hyne b.~1835 son of Timothy Driscoll
Peter Jeremiah Driscoll b.~1872, Ireland or PA
N55139   Lionel Driscoll early 1900s, NJ
17335   Daniel Driskill b.~1740, Campbell County VA
248066   William Driscoll, Ireland, father of Jeremiah b. 1821
129723 Map Denis Driscoll of Castlehaven circa 1860s-80s
79044   John Driskell and Ann Elmes. Married 1835, St Olave, Southwark, Surrey
N4601   Florence Driscoll b. 1860, MA
SMGF100   Dennis Driscoll b. Oct 1839, Cork
124026   James Driscoll (b. Mar 1814/Mar 1816), Cork
153482   James Driscoll b.1795-1800, Ireland
62175   William Driscoll b. 1806, Cork, Ireland
97206   Patrick D. Driscoll b. 1796, Cork; d. Nov 01 1885 Merrickville, Ontario
134529   John Driscoll d. 1832, PEI
321690 Map Timothy Driscoll b.~ 1837, Goleen, Cork
335798   Cornelous b.1839, Ireland; d. Sullivan County, PA
N42839 Map Cornelius Driscoll born in the 1840s; resident 1851 Upper Phale near Ballineen in Ballymoney, Cork
19560   Elias Driskill b.~1790, in KY?
106531   Thomas J. Driscoll b. 7 Apr 1876, Quebec
94551   Michael Clarence Driscoll b.1857, Cliff, MI to Florence Driscoll and Johanna Coughlin
255886 Michael Driscoll b.~1790, Cork; m. Margaret (Peg)
58461 Michael Driscoll b. Dec 1826, Cork son of Dennis Driscoll and Betty Lamon/Loman
191450 James Perry Driscoll, born about 1814/18 in KY
159729 Cornelius O'Driscoll b.~ 1857; d. 1914 in Ashtabula, OH
318891 Cornelius O'Driscoll b.~ 1857; d. 1914 in Ashtabula, OH
357980 Map Tadgh (Tim) O'Driscoll of Fasagh, Aghadown married in 1859
241152   James Driscoll, b. ~ 1804, Ireland; d. 1894
100934   John William Driscoll, b. 5 August 1841, County Cork, Ireland, d. 6 August 1912, Winnipeg, Manitoba
130455   Florence Francis Driscoll b. 1829, County Cork
148166   John Driscoll b.~1827 County Cork
285960   John Driscoll b.~ 1812 Ireland or 1797 depending on sources; d. 1886, Merrickville, Ontario.
285882 Map Patrick O'Driscoll b.~1856, Glin, Limerick
97303   John Benjamin Driscoll b. Sep 3, 1866 in Oswego, NY, son of Timothy Driscoll (b. c. 1820-1822) and Ellen Harrington Driscoll, both born in Co. Cork
46652   Daniel Driscoll b.~1781, Ireland
61687   James Driscoll b.~1812, Ireland
N80027   Daniel Minihan b. 1815, Ireland. Son Michael Minihan married Catherine Barry, 1865 in Boston, MA.
Haplogroup: I2a > P37.2 > PF4135 Isles A - Non Driscoll
254545 The surname of this family is Barry for as far back as we know, so we think at some point a Driscoll assumed the Barry name.
90232 Roger Daniel, 1547, Trowbridge England
260363 Patrick McDonough, b. 1825 Ireland
103208 John McDaniel, Abt 1740 Hanover County VA.
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > CTS4466 South Irish  
93794   Michael Driscoll b. 1780, Cork
30391 Map Florence Driscoll (listed in Griffith's Valuations as occupying property at Lahanaght, Drinagh, Cork).
294201 Map John H. Driscoll born in 1824/25, probably Kilbonane, Co. Cork
98991 Map Timothy Bohane b.~1844; d.~1915; of Skibbereen, Co. Cork
46007 Map William O'Driscoll b. abt 1861 in Dublin City son of Jeremiah O'Driscoll and Bridget O Neill
52242 Map Daniel Bohane married Mary Bohane in Skibbereen on 26th February 1859.
Note: The name BOHANE is an agnomen for DRISCOLL
B4992   James Driscoll b. ~ 1827 Ireland
73736 Map Thomas Driscoll married Bridget Walsh at St Finbar's Cork City on 2nd February 1862
75604   John Kronikane O'Driscoll b. 1790, Cork
112483   Patrick Henry Driscoll b. 1862, Lemont IL
320265 Map John D. Driscoll, b.c. 1838, Eyeries, Kilcatherine, d.c. 1900, Augusta, MT
159164   Cornelius Driscoll and Margaret Donahoe (O'Donoghue) married in Boston in 1867 at St. Stephen's Church
178303   Cornelius Driscoll and Margaret Donahoe (O'Donoghue) married in Boston in 1867 at St. Stephen's Church
32545   Thomas Driscoll b.~1811, Ireland
86233 Map Denis O’Driscoll of Comolane, Cape Clear, Cork; d. 1904
17447 Map Eireamhain O’Driscoll, Cape Clear, Cork
78859 Map Daniel Patrick Driscoll was born between 1858 and 1862 in Limerick.
190013 Map John Driscoll a shoemaker in Skibbereen, Cork circa 1840
31467   Richard Driscoll c. 1825
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF49 > M222
SMGF103   John B. Driscole, b.1831, VT
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF13
21275   Cornelius Driscoll b.~1800, Cork
318218 Map Daniel Bawn O'Driscoll. b. 1848 Dunbeacon, Cork
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > Z253 Irish Type IV  
155928   Michael Driscoll of Cork m. Mary Connelly somewhere around 1850-1860
Haplogroup: R1b > M269
247770   Jack A. Driscoll b.~1913, Ireland
N44995 Map James Driscoll, Timoleague, Cork, emigrated around 1837 to Canada.
148751 Map William O'Driscoll b.~ 1919, Cork City
312365 Map Michael Joseph Driscoll b about 1837 Salt Hill County Galway
36171   Timothy Driskell b.13 Feb 1749 Granville Co., NC
100639   Thomas Jefferson Driscal b. 08 Mar 1850/51 NY
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 Branch 1 DYS459=10,10
58245 Map Jessie Benjamin Driskill, b.~1800 in North Carolina
201837 Map John Driskill b. 1769 Maryland, MD s/o Elgate b. 1736
123614 Map George Driskell, b. 1760, Worchester Co., MD s/o Elgate b. 1736
106555 Map Elijah Driskell b. July 4, 1772, Worcester County, MD s/o Elgate b. 1736

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