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Ancestry of Kit No. B9654

Earliest known ancestor Daniel Driscoll b. 1804 Cork, Ireland

  1. Third GGrandparents:
    Daniel Driscoll b:1804, Cork, Ireland d: 1853,aboard ship on the way to California from Galena, IL.
    Mary Ryan b:19 June 1810, Ireland d:26 Oct 1901 St. Louis, MO
    Unknown marriage date. believed to have married in Ireland before son Timothy was born in Lockport, NY March 1832.

  2. Second GGrandparents:
    Timothy Driscoll b: Mar 1832, Lockport, NY d: 17 June 1903, Spokane, WA
    Elizabeth Wallace b: 1 May 1839, Ireland d: 25 May 1914, Spokane, WA
    married 21 Feb 1858, Galena, Jo Daviess, IL

  3. GreatGrandparents:
    James Wellington McArthur b: 15 Jan 1864, Belfast, Huron,Ontario Canada d: Feb 1958, Seattle, King, WA
    Anna Parker Driscoll b: 12 July 1874, Springfield, IL d: 14 Jan 1952, Seattle, WA
    married 17 May 1893 Spokane, WA

  4. Grandparents:
    Wendell McArthur b:15 July 1900, Spokane, WA d: 2 Oct 1971, Seattle, WA
    Leonora Rod b: 16 Jan 1908, Vaughn, WA d: 9 Jun 2005, Seattle, WA

Tests Taken: Autosomal DNA transfer to Family Finder

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