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Earliest known ancestor John Driskell and Ann Elmes. Married 1835, St Olave, Southwark, Surrey.

John Driskell and Ann Elmes
Married 1835, St Olave, Southwark, Surrey
they had 10 children: John married Harriett Spurling, Mary Ann, James Elmes married Eliza Rice, Jane, Emma Jane, Ann, Elizabeth, Eliza, Henry, Amelia Eliza married Henry J Spruling.

John (B- 1836) and Harriett Spurling
Children are: John B- 1862, Mary Ann B- 1867, James E B- 1864, William B- 1871 In 1881 living in Battersea, Surrey.

James Elmes Driskell (B- 1839) and Eliza Rice: Married 1876 in Stepney
Childrean are: William Rice Driskell B- 1881, and James Elms Driskell B- 1882 in St George in the East.

John B- 1862 married Henreitta Simpson: Married 1882 in Lambeth
Children are: Edith Lillian, Henreitta Mary(Hattie), Cecil Argyl B- 1886, John Clement B- 1883 -all born in Wandsworth

James Elms Driskell (B- 1882) married Ada Carter (her parents: Charles and Rosina)
Children are: Evelyn, May, James Elms B- 1908, Lillian, Edward, Eldon -Immigrated to Ottawa, Canada in 1909

Cecil Argyl Driskell married Beatrice Kennersly: Married 1906
Children are: John B- 1908, Frank A B- 1907, Margery, Cecil Argyl B- 1907, Cathy, Phyllis.

James Elms (B- 1908 in England ) moved to Canada with Parents in 1909 Married Alice E Leonard -Children: James L, Rita, Ronald, Ernie, Jean

Frank A (B- 1907) married Dorothy
Children are: Diane, Wendy, and John

To find John Driskell and Ann Elmes parents and go further back.
To find out when the Driskell's came to England
To find out when and why the Driskell's changed their name from Driscoll to Driskell

Tests Taken: Y-DNA 37

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