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Daniel Bawn O'Driscoll. b. 1848 Dunbeacon

Our branch of the family originates goes back as far as we know to the 1830's and we have been established in Dunbeacon since then at least and have been know as the 'Bawns' throughout most of this period although the name is no longer used . They worked in the nearby barytes mines and transformed into farming afterwards. My direct line of ancestry as far as we know is as follows:

Daniel O Driscoll Born 7 May 1848, Dunbeacon Durrus ( married Julian McCarthy from Horse Island) - Miner and small farmer (Appearing earlier on Griffiths valuations).

James O Driscoll( my grandfather) Born April 1876 and died February 1954 in Dunbeacon Durrus. Farm was inherited by eldest son Daniel O'Driscoll born in 1879 so my grandfather worked in Welsh Mines and saved enough to buy his own farm in the early 20th century also in Dunbeacon.

There were a number of other siblings reputed to have died in England possible without any known family but there could be family out there. Married Minnie O'Shea from Bantry ( my grandmother). Youngest son Joseph O Driscoll ( my father) born 4 February 1924 still living, as 4 of my father's siblings had families there are now lots of us.

Converted back to Irish Language version( now Seosamh Drisceoil) (see photos and other info on the website I set up for him, Married Peig Kearney of Inchigeela in 1959.

The use of 'Bawn' is useful in genealogical research since it may indicate a relationship to us. So far we have come across only one other family in Australia which also shared this name but they believed themselves to have originated in the Beara Area.

Sadly I have no information that may tie us into the Captain Cam pedigree, family lore has it that we came to Dunbeacon under come sort of a cloud, i.e. some controversy or problem caused my direct ancestor, whoever that was to leave somewhere else and to come and settle in Dunbeacon around the beginning of the 19th Century.

Tests Taken: Y-DNA 111

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