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Ancestry of Kit No. 31467

Earliest known ancestor Richard Driscoll c. 1825.

Richard Driscoll, b.c. 1825, a Coast Guardsman, who was married to Mary Gallavan Driscoll. In 1850, he and Mary produced son Denis, who eventually became a ship's steward and married Mary Baxter in Edinburgh 7/31/1882 (Edinburgh banns - Church of Scotland). In 1885 they produced my grandfather, Richard Driscoll, down in Liverpool.

Although my last name is Littlehale, my biological grandfather was Richard Ferguson Driscoll (his mother was Mary Ferguson from Liverpool). His son, my Dad, was born Robert Ferguson Driscoll, but was subsequently adopted by a Littlehale.

Tests Taken: Y-DNA 25

Susan J. Barretta, Administrator Colin Ferguson, Co-Administrator

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