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Ancestry of Kit No. 201837

Earliest known ancestor Denis Driskell b.c. 1660 Kinsale, Ireland.

I am descended from Denis Driskell, 1660-1721, who came to Maryland colony in 1680 from Kinsale, Ireland. The line goes like this:

  • Denis Driskell 1660-1721 m. Hannah
  • Moses Driskell 1689-1755 m. Katherine
  • Elgate Elgate Driskell 1736-1794 m. Naomiah
  • John Driskill 1769-1857 m. Catherine Morris
  • Allen Trimble Driscoll 1814-1911 m. Julia Ann Smullen
  • Jeremiah (Jim) Driscoll 1860 m. Arminta Howell
  • Earl Leroy Driscoll 1890-1915 m. Blanche Sopher
  • Earl Charles (Bud) Driscoll 1915-1983 m. Ardath Anderson

Denis and Moses remained in Maryland. Elgate moved to Guilford County, North Carolina, but returned to Maryland before his death. John moved to Highland County, Ohio. Allen moved to near Muncie, Indiana, and changed the spelling of our name to its current form Driscoll. Jeremiah was an oil field roustabout and moved from Indiana to Oklahoma for work. His grave is near Fort Smith, Arkansas. Earl Leroy, my grandfather, moved from Disko, Indiana to Gary, Indiana, for work in the steel mills. During a trip back to Disko to visit his family, he accidentally shot himself while squirrel hunting. Gangrene set in and he died an agonizing death about a week later. He was 24 years old and probably never knew my grandmother was pregnant with his only son, my father Earl. My grandmother moved back with her parents and later married Emanual Sunday who lovingly raised my father. The family eventually moved to northwestern Michigan and consequently lost contact with the Driscoll family. My father moved to Muskegon, Michigan, during WW2 to work in a tank factory there.

Tests Taken: Y-DNA 37

Observation: Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype. Historically significant line.

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