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Ancestry of Kit No. 100639

Earliest known ancestor Thomas Jefferson Driscal, father possibly Daniel Driskill

See also the extensive and thorough family history at Malloure Family Genealogy.

  1. Daniel Driskill is believed to be the father of Thomas Jefferson Driscal.
  2. Thomas Jefferson Driscal b.c. 08-Mar-1850 or 1851, New York m. Jane Rock 08-Oct-1873 Wexford Co, Michigan were the parents of Fred E. Driscal.
  3. Fred E. Driscal b. 09-Aug-1874 Fire Lake, Grand Travers County, Michigan d. 17-Jan-1948 Kent County Michigan m. Clarissa Sylvia Foote 09-Aug-1898 were the parents of Harold Foote Driscal.
  4. Harold F. Driscal b. 23-Jul1901 Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan d. 08-Jan-1977 m. Ether Maine Forsner 1926 was the direct paternal ancestor of 100639.
1850 Summerhill, Cayuga, New York
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Daniel Driskill M 56 New York
Abigail Driskill F 57 New York
Daniel Driskill M 20 New York
Abigail A Potter F 15 New York
Obadiah Driskill M 13 New York
Sarah M Potter F 13 New York
1860, Waushara, Wisconsin
Daniel Driscal 64 NY
Abigil Driscal 67 NY
Thomas Driscal 9 NY
1870 Lenawee, MI
Household Gender Age Birthplace
  Gardner Mason M 39 New York
  Sarah Mason [nee Potter] F 33 New York
  Charles Mason M 12 Michigan
  William Mason M 6 Michigan
  Norah Mason F 4 Michigan
  Frank Mason M 1 Michigan
  Abagail Driskill F 79 New York
1870 La Prairie, Rock, WI
Household Gender Age Birthplace
  Paul Magher M 43 Ireland
  Mary Magher F 43 Ireland
  Peter Magher M 43 Ireland
  Jane Graham F 70 Ireland
  Mary Glennon F 5 Illinois
  Tomas Driscall M 17 New York
  Wm Magher M 13 Canada
  James Read M 19 Scotland
  Fredk Hanson M 22 Prussia
Stark, Vernon, WI
Thomas Libbery [Libbey] M 27 New York
Loura M Libbery [nee Doty] F 27 New York
James N Libbery M 8 Wisconsin
William C Libbery M 4 Wisconsin
Abigal Libbery F 0 Wisconsin
Daniel Driskell M 75 Connecticut
1880 Manton, Wexford, Michigan,
Household Gender Age Birthplace Father Mother
Self Thomas J. Driscal M 29 New York CT NY
Wife Jennie Driscal F 33 Canada Ireland Ireland
Son Freddie E. Driscal M 5 Michigan New York Canada
Son Leo E. Driscal M 3 Michigan New York Canada
Daughter Leona E. Driscal F 3 Michigan New York Canada
Son Bernard Driscal M 0 Michigan New York Canada
Father Daniel Driscal M 83 Massachusetts    
1894 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan
Husband Pat J Driscoll M 43
Wife Jennie Driscoll F 48
Son Fred Driscoll M 19
Daughter Leona Driscoll F 17
Son Leo Driscoll M 17
Son Bernard Driscoll M 14
Daughter Lulu Driscoll F 11
1910 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Bernard Driscal M 30 Michigan
Wife Mattie Driscal F 25 Michigan
Son Verne Driscal M 7 Michigan
Daughter Gladys Driscal F 4 Michigan
Son Emory Driscal M 3 Michigan
Son Myrl Driscal M 0 Michigan
Father Thomas J Driscal M 67 New York

Tests Taken: yDNA25, Family Finder

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