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Driscoll of Cork
Some Early American Dris**ll
Contributed by Gale Bramlett

Pioneer Irish in New England
Chapter VI
page 96

Teague Drisco had three sons, Lawrence, John and Cornelius. Lawrence removed to Boston, and as Lawrence Driscow he was on the Boston tax list of the year 1691. Tax Lists, in Boston Town Books, Vol. 1.40 John Drisco served in an Exeter military company in the year 1700, and Cornelius was one of a number of petitioners of the town of Dover, NH, in 1715, praying for the settlement of a minister. Cornelius was recorded both as Drisco and Driscol, and in 1725 he lived at Francestown, N.H., in a district known as Driscoll Hill. James and Jeremiah Driscol, sons of Cornelius, seem to have adhered to the original form of the name; at least they once so signed, in a petition to the Legislature in 1749 with other residents of Rochester, N.H. Daniel Driskell, son of Cornelius, had seven children born at Isles of Shoals between 1737 and 1752; a James Driscoll, said to have been a great-grandson of Teague, lived at Portsmouth in 1775; in Point of Groves cemetery at Portsmouth there is a stone thus recording the death of another of his descendants: Captain John Drisco, died March 8, 1812, aged 82; and a Mrs. Drisco, aged 86, died at Portsmouth on April 26, 1805.

page 99
Teagues son, Timothy, born at Milton October 18, 1666, was a man of local prominence and the father of ten children

The New York Gazette or Weekly Post Boy, No. 1348, Oct 31, 1768.

Burlington (New Jersey) Oct 12, 1768
Four Pounds Reward

Runaway from Etna Furnace, Burlington Co., on Saturday, Oct 15, 1768, two servant men, the one named Daniel Dayley, aged abt 22, five feet high, a swuatt thick fellow, round fac'd thick lip'd, black hair and very fawning in his speech, had with him a red jacket, strip'd trousers, a good hat, and several other clothes, which he stole.

The other named Jeremiah Driscol, about the same height and age, grey eyes, with and uncommon look out of them, a wide mouth, black hair; had on a spotted Swanskin jacket, Ozenbrigs Trousers, but as they stole severalclothes, their dress cannot be described; whoever takes them up and secures them in any Goal (Jail), so that they may be had again shall receive forty shillings, for each, paid by Charles Read.

Source: Archives of the State of New Jersey First Series, Vol XXVI by Wm.Nelson, 1904

My Note: A 2nd ad says, Jeremiah Driscol has weak eyes and slow speech.

American Daily & General Advertiser Philadelphia 1791-1799
Date of paper: Oct 20, 1797

died 16th inst (last) Joseph Driscoll

Source: Collections of the Genealogical 'Society of Pennyslvania, pub 1899-1904

1734, Jan 23
William Dryskyl, Irish Servant, Tailor, age about 17 - runaway from Ralph Lees, of Philadelphia.

Source: Abstracts from Ben Franklin's Pennsylvania Gazette 1728-1748 by Kenneth Scott, 1975

Florence Driscoll (male), of St. Mary's Co., MD, immigrated by 1674
Patents 18:136 Film SR7359

Source: A Supplement to Early Settlers of MD (With Corrections/Additions to Gust Skordas book) by Carson Gibb, 1997

Transport record dated March 8, 1679 says, Phillip Poplestone, Master of the ship Encrease arrived Maryland (Talbot Co.) from Yougall, County Cork, IRE.

In his catalogue of servants Phillip lists, among others, Cornel Driskole

My Note: No other Driskole/Driscoll on the list.

Cornelius Driscoll Transported 1678 from Ireland
Liber 20, folio 184
Compiled from Land Patents, 1633-1680 in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD

Source: Early Settlers of MD by Gust Skordas, pub. 1968

From the book, Inhabitants of Cecil Co, Maryland 1649-1774.
p. 48 Taxables in 1761 in Middle Neck Hundred

John Driscol

p. 70 List of Persons Who Helped Build Bohemia Plantation taken from The Bohemia Day Book
J. Driscoll, 1758, tailor
Steven Driscoll, 1743, miller

p. 72 Taxables in Middle Neck Hundred in 1759
John Driscool

p. 122 Taxable Persons in Cecil County in 1752
John Driscol

Records of MD Troops in the Continental Service.
Enlisted by Capt. F. Yates. Reviewed and passed by Thomas Jones, 2nd Major of the Baltimore Town Battalion, July 18th 1776.

*Timothy Driskill
Jeremiah Driskell

Names with a star prefixed are whose who were passed by M. Gist, July 5th 1776.

Source: Archives of MD, Vol 18, Muster Rolls and other records of Service of MD Troops in the American Revolution by the Baltimore, MD Historical Society, pub 1900.

1790 Census for Baltimore Town, Baltimore Co., MD

Jeremiah Driskell

RS pensions files:

Driskell, Jeremiah, BLW #11142-100-1, Feb 1790, srv. as a PVT in the MD line
(no county, no detail)
Driscoll, Jeremiah, S34766, MA line, applied 3 Apr 1818 Essex Co., MA a res. of Gloucester, MA

Source: Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files, Vol 1: A-E by Virgil White, pub. 1990

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Indentures, 1771-1773 (
13 May 1772 Jeremiah Driscoll indentured to Abraham Shelly and his assigns.
Residence: Philadelphia (Note 1, and pound 5 in money) Term: 4 yrs.
Amount: pound 17.

Early Church Records of New Castle Co., DE, Vol 11

Old Swedes Church:
Rebecka b 10/1/1759 bap 3/2, parents Cornelius & Maria Evanson Duskill

Found the following at:

2nd VA: History
Dreskell, Timothy (1777)
Tried in a Court Martial. Mutiny and desertion: 100 lashes-remitted. (Source: Orderly Book, Weedon's Brigade. January 27, 1777)

Driskell (Dreskell?), Timothy
Tried in a Court Martial. Attempting to desert to the enemy: 100 lashes.

Dryskil Francis (1777)
Dixon and Hunter's Virginia Gazette, the following deserter description is to be found:
"Deserted from the 2d Virginia Regiment in New Jersey...Francis Dryskil, an Irishman, 35 years of age, 5 Feet 10 Inches high, short light Hair, well made, chews Tobacco, and very fond of Liquor; took off with him his regimental blue coat, with white Binding...

Oct 1704, pg. 618
Francis Merriweather granted 2200 acres, Essex Co., VA for transport of 44 persons. Among those listed is: Timothy Driscoll

My Note: 1704 VA Rent Roll (online at USGenWeb Archives) lists a Timothy Dressell

April 1, 1717, p. 311
Richard Sanders granted 121 acres, upper part of Nansemond Co, for import of 3 persons:
Dennis Drishill, Edward Daubert and Richard Hampton.

Source: Cavaliers and Pioneers, Abstracts of VA Land Patents and Grants, Vol. 3: 1695-1732 abstracted by Nell Marion Nugent, VA State Library 1979.

Note: The "k" can look a lot like an "h" if you're not familar with the surname.

Essex Co., VA
Timothy Driscoll Will 1716
Timothy " Inventory 1721

Westmoreland Co., VA (next door to Essex Co., VA)
Darby Driskall Will 1720

Source: Reprint from 1930 Colonial Dames of America
VA Wills and Administrations by Torrence, 1995

The Complete Book of Immigrants, 1607-1776 (CD #350): 8 October 1669.

The following apprenticed in Bristol: Onor MACARTY to Nathaniell JEFFERYS, 4 years Virginia; Florence DRISCOLL to same, 4 years Virginia.

NAME Driskill [Driskele], Florence.
DATE 1727
SOURCE Deeds, Wills, Orders, 1704-1730 (Reel 5)
p. 116b. Inv. rec. 15 Nov. 1727.
NOTE Part of index to Elizabeth City County Wills and Administrations

PLACE Elizabeth City County (Va.)
ADDED ENTRY Driskele, Florence.
COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.

NAME Driscol [Driscoll], Thomas.
DATE 1796
SOURCE Will Book 1, 1784-1800 (Reel 19)
p. 114-114a. Will pro. 26 Sept. 1796.
NOTE Part of index to Norfolk Wills and Administrations (1784 - 1800)

PLACE Norfolk (Va.)
FORM Wills. aat.
ADDED ENTRY Driscoll, Thomas.
COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.
My Note: VA newspaper notice says his wife is Catherine.

NAME Driscoll [Driscole] [Driscol], Timothy.
DATE 1715.
SOURCE Deeds & Wills No. 14, 1711-1716 (Reel 6)
p. 523-525. Will pro. 15 May 1716 & 15 Jan. 1715.
p. 525-526. Exors. bond rec. 15 May 1716.
p. 606-608. Inv. & appr. rec. 20 June 1716.

SOURCE Wills, etc., No. 3, 1717-1721 (Reel 40)
p. 45-47. Inv. & appr. rec. 17 Sept. 1718.
p. 289. Inv. & appr. rec. 20 Feb. 1721.
p. 300. Accounts rec. 125 May 1722.
NOTE Part of index to Essex County Wills and Administrations (1692-1800)
PLACE Essex County (Va.)
FORM Wills. aat.
ADDED ENTRY Driscole, Timothy/ Driscol, Timothy.
COLLECTION Virginia wills and administrations.

LVA (Library of VA) Digital, Colonial Collection

Giles DRISKILL -- master of ship: William -- 1744/5
?? Driscoll -- master of ship: Mary -- 1748

Gloucester Co., VA 1789 Personal Tax B

William Driscal tithable 1
Michael Driscal tithable 1

Matthews Co, VA 1803 Personal tax
William Drisgal (this is the spellling on actual record but think it might
be Driskell)

Transported felons from London to MD or VA:
Sentenced to Transport from London, 1744
Convict ships sailing in the year 1744: Feb: Neptune to MD, May: Justitia to America, Oct: Savannah to America

Source: Complete Book of Emmigrants in Bondage by Peter Coldham, 1988

May 9, 1777 Elizabeth DRISCALL to George Morrison Vol. Xxiv pg.87
March 6, 1759 John DRISKELL to Christian Tom Vol. ii. pg. 210

Source: New York Marriages, New York Secretary's Office, pub 1860

My Note: No county listed

Swedes' Church Philadelphia:
March 1 1779 Daniel DRISCALL to Eleanor Brooks

Christ Church Philadelphia:
March 28, 1775 Ann Driscott to John Craig

Source: PA Marriages Prior to 1810, Vol.1, pg. 367, Clarence M. Bush, State Printer of PA, pub. 1895

My Note: In a more recent source - PA Marriages Prior to 1790, pub 1976 - it says, Ann DRISCOLL to John Craig, March 28, 1775.

Philadelphia Co., Will Abstracts: Philadelphia Co., PA Will Bk J
Will of Alexander DRISCOLL
Executor: Friend Richard Palmer (Doctor of physick)
Recorded Dec 20, 1751, pg. 452

Philadelphia Co., PA Will Bk O
Will of Daniel Murphy
wife Catherine, alias Callinan
brother John Murphy (farmer, Ireland)
Executor: John White
Proven March 15, 1768. Recorded pg. 211
Witness: Florence DRISKEL, Sarah White

Darby DRISCOLL VA 1671
Wm. Moseley & Nick Catlett recv'd 1730 acres Rappahanock Co., VA for transport of (among others) Darby Driscoe Sept 1670/1671.

Source: Cavaliers & Pioneers by Nell Marion Nugent

Westmoreland Co. Order Book 1675/6-1688/9, pg. 257
Dec 20, 1682 Mary Driscoll (wife of Darby) and Elizabeth Harris, dau and co-heiresses of Marmaduke Hodson, dec'd

Source: VA Will Records Compiled by Baltimore Genealogical Publishing, 1982

Stafford County, VA Marriages:
DRISCAL, Derby married Noble, Jean on 04 Oct 1756 in Stafford County, Virginia

Augusta Co., VA Marriages:
John DRISKELL to Jane Burnett, Aug/Sept 1749

Source: Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in VA extracted from original court records

VA Militia Roll of Officiers & Soldiers who engaged in Service of the Colony before the battle of the Meadows (the 3rd day of July 1754 - as taken from the pay and Muster Rolls)

Soldiers Name: Stephen DRISCALE
Time of Enlisting: 4/17/1754

Also, in this book:
Muster Role of Edgecombe Co., NC Militia, NC (no date, but author says ca 1750's)
Soldier: William Drisell (Driskell?)

Source: Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774 by Murtie June Clark, 1986

Princess Anne Co., VA Court Minutes 7, 1753-1762, pg. 339
John Driskill
Master: William Wichart
Beginning Date: 12/19/1758
Occupation: shoemaker
Ending Date: unspecified

Princess Anne Co., VA Court Minutes 7, 1753-1762, pg. 447
George Driskill
Master: Jonathan Porter
Beginning Date: 10/20/1761
Occupation: Carpenter
Ending Date: unspecified

Princess Anne Co., VA Court Minutes 7, 1753-1762, pg. 523
John Driskill
Master: Christopher Calvert
Beginning Date: 10/19/1762
Occupation: mariner
Ending Date: unspecified

Source: Apprentices of Virginia 1623-1800 by Harold B. Gill Jr

DRISCOL, Thomas, dec'd, e.a.w. his admx., Catherine Driscol, Norfolk. (Oct 1796, The Norfolk Harold)
DRISCOLL, Dr. Matthew, native of Baltimore, in Co. Cork, Ireland, is asked to apply to Messrs. Montgomery & Allen, merchants, Richmond, to hear something to his advantage [possibly concerning the estate of the late Cornelius Driscoll].
(Dec 18, 1784, The Virginia Gazette, or, the American Advertiser)

My Note: This is exactly the way it appears in the book. Did the author make the comment on Cornelius Driscoll, or, does this comment [in brackets] appear in the newspaper?...I couldn't tell!

DRISKELL, Michael, svt., 24, imported this year from Dublin in the Burwell; ran away from John TOWERS on board the Carlisle lying at City Point on James River. (Sept. 3, 1756, The Virginia Gazette)

Source: Genealogical Abstracts from 18th-Century Virginia Newspapers by Robert Headley Jr, pub 1987.

Page 14 John White son of Thomas and Leydia Winslow dau of Joseph, both of Perquimans...15, 5m called May, their public meeting place at Piney Woods.... 2 columns of witnesses (mostly NEWBY and WHITE surnames), includes Dennis DRISCOLL

Source: Pasquotank, Perquimans & Piney Woods Monthly Meetings, NC 1677-1800 by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, pg 125

Note: Author notes that persons listed were not always Quaker. Some were just neighbors.

Capt Cornelius, brother of D. DRISCOL, former editor of Augusta Chronicle, murdered 4/6/1817 by First Officer Wyatt on board schooner Fox, Baltimore, bound for Vera Cruz. Appeared Augusta Chronicle 6/18/1817. (U. of GA Library, Athens)

Dennis DRISCOL, editor of the Augusta Chronicle, died 3/10/1811, native of Ireland, wife. Appeared in Mirror of the Times, Augusta, GA on 3/11/1811 and Augusta Chronicle on 3/15/1811 (U. of GA Library, Athens)

Mrs. Helen DRISCOL, widow of D. Driscol, former editor of the Augusta Chronicle, died 10/22/1814. Appeared in the Augusta Chronicle on 10/28/1814. (U. of GA Library, Athens)

Florence DRISCOL, 60 years, died 1/2/1806, native of Ireland, left at an early age for U.S. before the Revolution, served in Revolutionary War. Appeared in Georgia and South Carolina Gazette, Petersburg GA on 1/2/1806. (U. of GA Library, Athens)

Source: Marriages and Deaths 1763 to 1820, Abstracted From Extant Georgia Newspapers, by Mary Bondurant Warren, pub. 1968

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