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Driscoll of Cork
Assumption Parish records, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Submitted by Dave Driscoll

When Mary Burchell was buried 26 December 1825, witnesses were Joseph Kenny, Michael McCarthy and Daniel O'Connor.
When Daniel Driscoll married Mary Sexton in 1829, witnesses were Cornelius Sexton, Cornelius McCarthy and Tim Ledux.

For Daniel and Mary (Sexton) Driscoll family:

Ellen, baptism 25 March 1830, sponsors Mary Sexton and Denis O'Bryne (probably Dennis O'Brien)
Daniel, baptism 23 April 1832, sponsors John Driscoll and Mary Connell (likely O'Connell)
Patrick, baptism 28 July 1833, godparents Simon Ledux and Catherine Driscoll
Cornelius, baptism 23 April 1835, sponsors John Sexton and Sarah Ann Beamish
Michael and Elizabeth were not found in church records.

For the Thomas and Sally (Bates) Driscoll family:

Thomas was 4 years old when baptized 5 September 1832; his godparents were Michael McCarthy and Elizabeth O'Flynn.
Joseph was baptized 24 December 1833 with no sponsors.
Thomas was buried 17 October 1834 at about 45 years of age; witnesses were Cornelius Sexton and Jacque Beauliu.

For the Cornelius and Margaret (Driscoll) Driscoll family:

No marriage record was found.

Daniel, baptism 24 September 1837, godparents Dennis O'Brien and Nansee (Nancy - nickname for Ann) Conner (this is likely Ann O'Connor)
Mary, baptism 9 October 1842, sponsors John Driscoll and Mary Driscoll
Margaret, baptism 29 April 1849, sponsors Jeremiah McCarthy and Julie McCarthy

Please take note of the 6 and 7 year gap; missing entries?

For Jeremiah and Catherine (Sullivan) Driscoll family:

Mary (who marries Patrick O'Connell), baptism 17 August 1839, godparents John Driscoll and Ann O'Neil  (Although many O'Neils in the area, this may well have been Ann O'Connor. Priests frequently mixed up names.)
Jane, baptism 26 March 1854, godparents Jeremiah O'Neil and Catherine O'Neil
No record for Cornelius, Dennis, John or Jeremiah.
Jeremiah (the father) was buried 28 June 1856 with witnesses Daniel Sullivan and Cornelius Sexton.

For Patrick and Mary (Driscoll) O'Connell family:

Marriage 7 February 1854 with witnesses Jeremiah Driscoll, Cornelius Sexton, Michael Sullivan and John O'Neil

Daniel, baptism 30 December 1854 (as Daniel Donnell), godparents Timothy O'Connell and Mary Sexton
Note: Daniel was buried 17 July 1855 with witnesses Mary Driscoll and Cornelius Sexton.
Michael, baptism 26 September 1859, godparents John Sullivan and Mary Sexton
Jeremiah, baptism 5 January 1861, godparents Thomas Cole and Mrs John Sexton (this was Mary O'Neil)
Patrick, baptism 28 February 1864, godparents Michael Purtile (?) and Sarah O'Sullivan
Mary Ellen, baptism 26 August 1866, godparents William Cole and Ellen Driscoll
Catherine, baptism 8 November 1868, godparents Cornelius Driscoll and Margaret Driscoll
Sarah Frances, baptism 12 March 1871, godparents John Halford and Mary Sullivan
Johanna, baptism 14 July 1872, godparents Michael Donovan and Kate Chamberlain
Margaret, baptism 21 June 1876, godparents Daniel Sexton and Teresa Halford

In the Assumption Parish Death Book: Driskol-Driscol-Driscoll-Driskel

Daniel who married M. Burchal and M. Sexton died 03-08-1854
Denis age 18 yrs died 25-10-1826
Jeanne (John O’Neil) age 88 years d. 09-12-1855
Jeremie (Cathie Sullivan 50 years d. 26-06-1856
John (M. McCarthy) 65 years d. 04-07-1871
John 6 years d. 01-07-1844
Marguerite (John) 5 years d. 20-05-1844
Samuel (Daniel) 7 years d. 01-05-1830
Thomas 45 years d. 15-10-1834

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