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William Henry O'Driscoll
This page catalogs research directed at finding descendants of William Henry O'Driscoll, b. 1803, Stoke, Plymouth. According to D.Ó. Murchadha, Family Names of County Cork, p. 185 - William Henry O'Driscoll was unmarried at the time of the famine. His father William was said to be 84 at the time of the famine and the son of Denis O Driscoll of Greagh (Creagh?) Court.

William Henry O'Driscoll

Index to Civil Births 1853-1865

Those crosssed out are ruled by census entries or by obtaining the birth certificate. Those underlined appear to have died as infants.
Year Quarter O'Driscoll District County Volume Page
1855 Jan-Feb-Mar James Wirral Cheshire 8a 395
1856 Apr-May-Jun Thomas St. James Westminster London 1a 329
1856 Oct-Nov-Dec Alice Sophia St. George in the East London 1c 385
1857 Jul-Aug-Sep Daniel St. George Southwark London 1d 104
1859 Oct-Nov-Dec Mary Pancras London 1b 170
1861 Apr-May-Jun William Henry Barton upon Irwel Lancashire 8c 496
1862 Jan-Feb-Mar Mary Josephine Mile End London 1c 568
1862 Apr-May-Jun Amelia Margaret Barton London 8c 526
1862 Apr-May-Jun Elizabeth Tynemouth Northumberland 10b 133
1862 Jul-Aug-Sep Ann Whitechapel London 1c 337
1863 Jan-Feb-Mar Timothy Joseph Kendal Westmorland or
10b 595
1863 Jul-Aug-Sep John Rochford Mile End London 1c 541
1864 Jan-Feb-Mar Thomas William Liverpool Lanashire 8b 146
1864 Apr-May-Jun Mary Barton upon Irwel London 8c 490
1864 Jul-Aug-Sep Richard Aloysius Mile End London 1c 581
1865 Apr-May-Jun John Kendal Westmorland or
10b 651

Index to Civil Deaths 1853-1865

Year Quarter O'Driscoll District County Volume Page
1854 Jul-Aug-Sep Joanna Whitechapel London 1c 367
1854 Oct-Nov-Dec Mary St Martin London 1a 232
1854 Oct-Nov-Dec Michael Southampton Hampshire 2c 13
1855 Apr-May-Jun Margaret Salford Lancashire 8d 55
1856 Jul-Aug-Sep Jeremiah Warminster Wiltshire 5a 78
1858 Jan-Feb-Mar Thomas Greenwich London 1d 417
1859 Oct-Nov-Dec Cornelius St George Hanover Square London 1a 173
1861 Jan-Feb-Mar Catherine W Derby Lancashire 8b 255
1861 Jul-Aug-Sep Mary St Martin London 1a 232
1862 Jul-Aug-Sep Elizabeth Tynemouth Northumberland 10b 85
1863 Apr-May-Jun Ann St Martin London 1a 278
1864 Oct-Nov-Dec Amelia Margaret Barton London 8c 310
1865 Apr-May-Jun John Newport M Monmouthshire 11a 108
1865 Apr-May-Jun William Henry Kensington London 1a 20

1841 Census

1851 Census

1861 Census

1871 Census

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