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Driscoll DNA Project
Daughters of "The O'Driscoll"

It is theoretically possible to discover the paternal yDNA signature of the hereditary O'Driscoll line by strategic use of the the autosomal Family Finder test. There are two essential elements needed: (1) a known descendant of the "O'Driscoll" and (2) a male "O'Driscoll" with a strong circumstantial evidence of being a 4th cousin or closer to that known descendant. To that end this page catalogs known descendants from daughters of the O'Driscoll line. [Ref: "The O'Driscoll"]

Anna Rachel O'Driscoll (1797-1849)

Eliza O'Driscoll (1805-1877)

Frances (Fanny) O'DRISCOLL (1867-1958)

Isabell (Belle) O'DRISCOLL (1870-)

Edith O'DRISCOLL (1872-

Ellen O'DRISCOLL ( - 1835)


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