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Arms Driscoll DNA Project
Clan O'Driscoll
Registered with The Clans of Ireland Ltd.

There are several companies that do genealogy DNA testing. The Driscoll DNA Project is administered through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). If you are interested in joining the Y-DNA DNA project, purchase your test at FTDNA.

It is recommended that project members fully extend their haplotype definition to 111 markers with Y STR testing. This will narrow down your most relevant matches within a recent genealogical timeframe. 'New Generation Sequencing' SNP testing such as Geno 2.0 or FTDNA's Big Y will greatly advance the project, however its use is limited if the full testing of Y STR markers has not been performed.

The project does not study mitochondrial DNA.

The project no longer admits autosomal test (Family Finder) participants on the basis of that test alone. The autosomal DNA pages remain up as legacy data. Autosomal DNA testers may want to utilize the services of a website like GEDMATCH for its DNA analytic tools.

How to Participate

joinClick here for a DNA test or DNA transfer product order form.

If you've already ordered a test or have Y-DNA or autosomal DNA results on file at FTDNA or are in the process of being transferred, click here for join instructions.

yDNA Participants, Results and Analysis

aDNA (Family Finder) Participants

The autosomal DNA project is now suspended and no longer accepting participants on the basis of autosomal DNA alone. The data pages will remain up as a legacy.

yDNA Proxies

If you are a descendant of a Driscoll line that has "daughtered out" and you have an aDNA match to a male Driscoll whose yDNA matches the yDNA of a "known" Driscoll, you may be able to set up a yDNA proxy for your line. See Daughters.

Participation Requirements

Every project member who wants his (or her) data to appear on a test kit member page must email a family history (what you know of it) to the project co-administrator. There should at least be a minimal amount of information to connect the tester to a project surname (or Y-DNA matching) ancestor. Understandably, adoptees may not know much about a Driscoll ancestor. Just provide what you can.

Project members who are more ambitious and write extensive family histories are welcome to contribute a biography.




Q: Should I be concerned about privacy?
A: No, in this project you are identified by a kit number and your earliest known ancestor. Even so, the type of DNA testing will not uniquely identify you as an individual. Futhermore. You may wish to review the vendor's policy statement.

Q: Are there risks associated with DNA testing for genealogy?
A: The risks are similiar to what you might learn via conventional genealogy, e.g. you might uncover an adoption or other non paternal event which could cause emotional distress.

Q: I have already tested at another lab. Can I join the Clan O'Driscoll project?
A: Family Tree DNA offers a special package for persons who have tested at Ancestry, GeneTree, and Sorenson's SMGF, see Y-DNA Transfer From Another Company.

Q: My 4th great-grandfather is Denis Driscol born 1745 in Ireland. As I am female, could one of my sons do the DNA test?
A: No, the surname testing is based on the "Y" chromosome which is a paternal test and thus all samples must be derived from a male surnamed DRISCOLL or a variant thereof.

Q: My husband's mother's mother's mother is a DRISCOLL. Would he be able to participate in the DNA research?
A: It depends on your research objective. There are two different kinds of tests in addition to yDNA. They are mtDNA for tracking a maternal path from mother to mother similiar to yDNA tracking a paternal path from father to father. There is also a test called Family Finder which can track as deep as the 16 surnames associated with your great-great-garndparents.

Q: What paternal test should I order?
A: The 37 marker test is the most cost effective. An upgrade to the 67 markers is useful to improve the confidence levels in any conclusions drawn.

Q: How is the DNA collected?
A: Its done at home by simply swabing the inside of the cheek. Family Tree DNA will mail you a collection kit and it comes with instructions on how to swab the inside of the cheek and mail it back.

Q: How long does it take to get results?
A: Six to eight weeks.

Q: What is a Haplogroup?
A: Research to date has not identifed the most ancient of our ancestors as having originated from several different groups. A haplotype is the specific genetic signature of a person's DNA. A haplogroup is the set of haplotypes sharing a common characteristic. All persons within a specific haplogroup share a common ancestor

Q: If we all come from Adam and Eve then don't men in turn all have the same Y-chromosome?
A: Mutations occur resulting in different lines. In fact one complication in interpreting results is that mutations can occur causing once different lines to evolve with the same Y-chromosome and effect termed 'convergence'.

Q: I am not a close match to any other Driscoll. How can I be sure that an act of infidelity or adoption has no occured in the line between me and my most ancient paternal ancestor?
A: Convince your most distant relation sharing that ancestor to submit a DNA sample. You have to find someone who shares only that ancestor with you. If you both match then you will be sure.


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