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Driscoll of Cork
Civil Registration of Deaths

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Marine register of Births and Deaths - LDS Film 101765

Ship Date Name Age Occupation Last Abode Cause
Marcasite Sep 12 1876 Alexander DRISCOLL 39 Able Seaman Cork Supposed Drown
Sirius Nov 22 1875 Timothy DRISCOLL 17 7/12 Boy/Class Baltimore Phthisis
Illegible Sep 1878 Daniel DRISCOLL 40 Laborer USA Drowned
Brother Jonathan Dec 31 1879 Cornelius DRISCOLL 34 Able Seaman Queenstown Drowned
Azelica Oct 1 1880 Cornelius DRISCOLL 39 Able Seaman Cork Drowned
Cornubia Oct 20 1881 Thomas DRISCOLL 38 Illegible Constabulary Drowned
Ben More Dec 17 1883 John DRISCOLL 33 Boatswain Union Hall Chronic Liver
George Sutton Aug 28 1883 John DRISCOLL 43 Able Seaman Kinsale Supposed Drown

Submissions to IRL-CORK-L by Candi McCarthy Zizek and
transcriptions by others

DateNameCondition & OccupationAgeCause of DeathLocationOffice in DISTRICTInformant
1864 Q1Margaret DRISCOLLwidow69pneumoniaDerrycarhoon, SkibbereenSkull SKULLMary Sullivan
1864-03-10Dan DRISCOLLwidower/teacher66 Skull, SkullSkull SKULLAnn Mullen, daughter
1864-02-05Jeremiah DRISCOLL 60bronchitisWorkhouseSkibbereen SKIBBEREEN 
1864-06-02Cornelius DRISCOLLwidower56 DriminidyDromdaleague SKIBBEREENJeremiah Driscoll, son
1864-09-13Margaret DRISCOLLwidow84 Dromore, DrimoleagueDrimoleague SKIBBEREENWilliam Driscoll, son
1864-12-29John DRISCOLLmarried35Lungs 6 mos pneumonia certifiedRoss Carbery, RossCLONAKILTYMargaret Driscoll wife present at death, Dunowen Parish Ardfield
1864-12-29Julia DRISCOLLwidow of driver80chronic bronchitis 3 days of late; no medical attentionWoodfield, KilkerranmoreCLONAKILTYCatherine McCarthy present at death Timoleague
1865-01-19Jeremiah DRISCOLLmarried/Process Server57paralysis 2 yrs certifiedWorkhouse, BantryBANTRYJohn J Kingston Master, Bantry Workhouse
1865-02-26Ellen DRISCOLLwidow of land steward90old age 2 wks no medical attendantRoss Carbery, RossCLONAKILTYJohn Mahony grandson present at death Ross Square
1865-03-14Mary DRISCOLLlabourer's child0unknownBallyneen, BallymoneyDUNMANWAYJohn Driscoll labourer, present at death, Gurteennasowna
1865-06-26Florence DRISCOLLmarried/caretaker of cattle79 Kilmacabea, KilmacabeaUnion Hall SKIBBEREENDenis? Driscoll
1866-03-06Daniel DRISCOLLmarried87 Lissalawrig, AbbeySkibbereen SKIBBEREENCatherine Driscoll
1867-01-08Daniel DRISCOLLmarried76 Kilinagh, CastlehavenUnion Hall SKIBBEREENJohn Keohane
1867-03-20Mary DRISCOLLlabourer's widow80no med attnReanascreena, RossCLONAKILTYJoan Sullivan present at death, Gunancore
1867-03-23Daniel DRISCOLLwidower81 Creagh, SkibbereenSkibbereen SKIBBEREENCatherine Sullivan
1867 Q2Ellen DRISCOLLspinster/tailor's daughter19phthisis--certifiedCastletownsend, CastlehavenSKIBBEREENMargaret Driscoll present at death Castletownsend
1867-04-15Nancy DRISCOLLsingle/farmer's child2consumption uncertifiedInchafune, BallymoneyDUNMANWAYCatherine Regan present at death, Inchafune
1867-04-25John DRISCOLLbachelor/carpenter25consumption 3 months certifiedSkibbereen Abbey, CreaghSKIBBEREENTimothy Driscoll occupier, Skibbereen
1867-05-01Margaret DRISCOLLlabourer's wife42labour 9 hours; rupture of uterus 4 hours; no med attnSouth-ring, Templemartin (Templeomalus?)CLONAKILTYJulia Driscoll present at death, South-ring
1867-05-20Mary DRISCOLLlabourer's wife32phythisis X 3 mos uncertified; no med attnMaulikeeve, Kilmocomoge Patrick Driscoll present at death
1867-05-21Florence DRISCOLLmarried/pauper (male)70bronchitis & congestion of lungWorkhouse, BandonBANDONWilliam Nicolls, Chief Resident Officer, Bandon Workhouse
1867-05-23Daniel DRISCOLLwidower/Seater85old ageWatergate, BandonBANDONJeremiah Driscoll
1867-06-02Mary DRISCOLLSpinster/farmer's child2suffocation from drowningGrange Beg, AbbeymahonCLONAKILTYJames Tomasville, Coroner
1867-06-17Samuel DRISCOLLcarrier84acute bronchitis 3 days certifiedShannon Street, BandonBANDON 
1868-02-13Margaret DRISCOLLwidow of farmer70 BridgetownSkibbereen SKIBBEREENCatherine McCarthy
1868-03-24Daniel DRISCOLLmarried/servant69 Aughadown,AughadownTullagh SKIBBEREENJohanna Driscoll
1868-04-08Florence DRISCOLLmarried/farmer66 Lahana, DrinaghDrimoleague SKIBBEREENMary Drisscoll
1868-11-28Timothy DRISCOLLmarried/farmer60consumptionKilnaugh, CastlehavenUnion Hall SKIBBEREENEllen Driscoll
1869-04-07Margaret DRISCOLLmarried/wife of farmer70old ageCoolbawn, CaheraghSkibbereen SKIBBEREENFlorence Driscoll
1869-11-06Margaret DRISCOLLwidow/beggar72old ageWorkhouse, SkibbereenSkibbereen SKIBBEREENRobert Evans, master of workhouse
1870-04-03Margaret DRISCOLLmarried/wife of farmer80old ageKilleenleighSkibbereen SKIBBEREENJeremiah Driscoll
1870-04-07Jeremiah DRISCOLLmarried/farmer35dysenteryCoolbawn, CaheraghSkibbereen SKIBBEREENEliza Driscoll
1870-04-24John DRISCOLLwidow/beggar90 Workhouse, SkibbereenSkibbereen SKIBBEREENRobert Evans, chief resident officer
1870-05-20Mary DRISCOLLchild of farmer11enysipelas?CoolanullerSkibbereen SKIBBEREENFlorence Driscoll
1871-11-16Daniel DRISCOLLmarried farmer78plurisy four yearsRath, TullaghTullagh SKIBBEREENJohanna Driscoll
1873-05-18Daniel DRISCOLLwidower shoemaker80old ageWorkhouse, SkibbereenSkibbereen SKIBBEREENSamuel Jervois, Officer Workhouse
1880-04-02Daniel DRISCOLLwidower labourer86old ageDreenaspeg, DrimoleagueDrimoleague SKIBBEREENAllen Brien Drenaspeg P.A.D.
1881-11-15Mary DRISCOLLfrom Coornishal spinster domestic servant35paralysis 2 yearsWorkhouse, SkibbereenSkibbereen SKIBBEREENSamuel Jervois, Occupier Workhouse
1893-12-15James DRISCOLLbachelor farmer67probably bronchitisArdrala, AughadownTullagh SKIBBEREENCornelius Driscoll, brother
1894-11-08James DRISCOLLmarried labourer55chronic dementiaWorkhouseSkibbereen SKIBBEREENSamuel Jervois, Occupier Workhouse
1900-02-11Johanna DRISCOLLmarried68inquest from sudden deathDrimoleagueDromdaleague SKIBBEREENR. Neville, coroner
1900-05-02Johanna DRISCOLLmaster mariner's wife42phthisis over 13 years exhaustionGlenville MonkstownCarrigaline No 2 CORKD O'Driscoll husband Glenville Monkstown
1901-01-08Johanna DRISCOLLwife of Jeremiah Driscoll laborer58cerebral hemorrhageUpper Lamb St ClonakiltyClonakilty CLONAKILTYMary McCarthy Lamb Street
1903-02-21Hanora DRISCOLLspinster13suffocation from drowning accidentalLissaneDromdaleague SKIBBEREENR. Neville, coroner for Co Cork
1916-03-05Dan DRISCOLLwidower/farmer87senile decayCarrigbawnDromdaleague SKIBBEREENKate Driscoll, daughter

Susan J. Barretta, Administrator Colin Ferguson, Co-Administrator

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