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Driscoll of Cork

1659 Census of County Cork
(Available on LDS Film 924648, also from Irish Genealogical Foundation)

Barony Driscoll and Possible Variant Name Households
Ibawne Barryroe
Principal Names Household Count, in descending order
McFinne (Finn?) 12
O Finn (Finn?) 10
Principal Names Household Count, in descending order
Driscol 8
O Finine 6
East Carbery
Principal Names Household Count, in descending order
McFynyne Fynyne oge (Finn?) 25
West Carbery
Principal Names Household Count, in descending order
McFinyne (Finn?) 38
O Driscoll 22
Keadagane (Cadogan?) 16
Munnyhane (Minihane?) 11
Munighane (Minihane?) 10

1766 Religous Census

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1821 Census of Iveleary (surviving census scrap)

Townland of Carrignacurra

15. Daniel Driscoll, 80 years, bailiff
Mary Driscoll, 60 years, wife
Joanna Brown, 9 years

Townland of Droumcarra

15. Patrick Vaughan, 50 years, Farmer. 50 acres.
Honora Vaughan. 40 years, wife.
Margaret Vaughan. 13 years, Daughter.
Mary Vaughan. 11 years, Daughter.
Ellen Vaughan. 7 years, Daughter.
Johana Vaughan. 1 year, Daughter.
Jeremiah Driscoll, House Servant
Joana Carrall. House Maid.

19. Daniel Driscoll, 50 years, Labourer. Occasionally employed.
Mary Driscoll, 13 years, daughter.
Margaret Driscoll, 60 years, Sister in law.

Townland of Milleen

2. Timothy Carney. 69 years, Head. Labourer. Occasionally Employed.
John Carney. 32 years, Son.
Julian Carney. 31 years, Daughter in law.
Timothy Driscoll. 48 years, Labourer.
Mary Driscoll. 20 years, His wife.
Julian Driscoll. 4 years, His daughter.
Jeremiah Gallavan. 6 years, An Orphan.
William Murphy. 42 years, Labourer.
Julian Murpy. 35 years, His sister. Spinster.
Mary Leary. 38 years, Widow.
Patrick Leary. 19 years, Her son. Unemployed.
Ellen Leary. 18 years, Her daughter.
Honna Leary. 11 years, Her daughter.
Patrick Cronin. 24 years, Her nephew. Occasionally employed.

3. Denis Driscoll. 70 years, Labourer.
Julian Driscoll. 60 years, Wife.
Patrick Driscoll. 23 years, Son. Labourer.
Mary Driscoll. 14 years, Daughter.

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1842 Parish Census Of Midleton Co. Cork

From "The Church Of Our Lady Of The Most Holy Rosary" "Chaple Road"
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1851 Census

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1901 Census

1901 Cad*gan
1901 Coffee
1901 Coffey
1901 Cowey
1901 Cowhey
1901 Co*hig
1901 Dool*n
1901 Driscol*
1901 Drisk*
1901 Finn
1901 Hool*y
1901 Men*han
1901 Men*hane
1901 Min*han
1901 Min*hane
1901 Who*ly

1911 Census

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