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Roman Catholic Parish of Kinsale
Driscoll Baptism Sponsors
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Jan. 20, 1805 - July 20, 1806
Jan. 1, 1815 - Sept. 4, 1821
Sept. 3, 1817 - Dec. 28, 1829
Aug. 29, 1828 - May 2, 1859

Date Child Father Surname Mother Maiden Name Sponsors
1805/12/22 Jno Robin FOWLOSS Margt CEASY Tim CASEY; Norry DRISCOL
1805/02/02 Joan Danl. DEMPSEY Cate SHEEHAN Tim DEMPSEY; Joan DRISCOLL
1818/02/27 Maria Edwd COLONANE Mary WOOLSY Michl Colonan; Mary Driscoll
1818/02/27 John ____ CRONIN Joanna FLEMING Danl ____; Norry Driscoll
1818/03/27 Daniel Daniel _____ Mary FLEMING Jerry Driscoll; Mary Donovan
1819/02/10 Timothy Denis BRYON Margt SULLIVAN Peter Driscoll; Honora Murphy
1819/02/28 Francis Bat CARTHY Margt CARTHY Jerh Carthy; Johanna Driscoll
1819/05/01 Anne ____ BAKER Ellen ______ Jer Driscoll; May Hahety
1819/07/13 Will & ___ (twins?) Will GRIFFIN Ann COLLINS Denis Hagan; Ellen Driscoll; Ellen McDonnell
1819/09/19 Margaret Jerh CASEY Ellen CONNELLY Denis Leary; Eliza Driscoll
1819/09/19 Danl William MURRAY Julian KEAN John Driscoll; Judith Leary
1819/12/25 Honora Jas MAYNES Mary DRINAN George Driscoll; Ellen Burke
1820/01/21 John Thos GOSNELL Ellen CARTHY Cors Driscoll; Mary Sutton
1820/05/07 Ellen Michael COGHLAN Ellen CARTHY Charles Rice; Judy Driscoll
1820/05/13 Mary John DONOVAN Margt PALMER Jas CARTHY; Ellen Driscoll
1820/06/02 Mary Caine MAHONY Honora HEMLOCK Michl Driscoll; Honora Power
1820/07/05 Ellen Jas FLEMMING Ellen BRADIGAN George Driscoll; Ellen Eyan
1820/09/02 Wilm Thos FLEMMING Honora CROWLY Jer Sullivan; Honora Driscoll
1820/12/08 Danl John SPILLANE Cate SPILLANE Danl Driscoll; Honora Schecky
1821/01/20 Cate John BRYAN Johanna SWEENY Denis Hays; Jane Driscoll
1821/02/07 Jeremiah Danl BOHAN Mary FOLEY Danl Martin; Johana Driscoll
1821/03/01 Michl Pat BULGER Margt MCDANIEL Danl Crowly; Anne Driscoll
1821/03/06 Danl John MARTIN Cate LEARY Denis Driscoll; Mary Murphy late Deasy
1821/03/08 Margt Jno HAYS Cath _____ Jeremiah Driscol; Anne Allen
1821/03/20 Edw David BRICKLY Cathar MAHONY Tim Haherty; Ellen Driscol
1821/06/01 Mary Matth HAYS Norry WALSH Ed Kirby; Mary Driscol
1821/06/17 Johanna Jas WALSH Cate COLLINS Pat Driscoll; Margt Riordan
1821/08/04 John James CRONE Mary CULNAN Jerh Driscoll; Johanna McCarthy
1821/08/13 William Timy GERAN Ellen CARTHY Pat Driscoll; Johane Horgan
1821/12/08 Jerh Jerh COWLING Eliza KELLY Jerh Driscoll; Mary Madden
1822/01/27 John John CARTHY Ellen QUINLAN Gerard Driscoll; James Mahony
1822/02/22 Thos John HOW Ellen CADIGAN Arnifer How; Elisa Driscoll
1822/03/03 Susa George DENT Cath GEARY ___ Geary; Johanna Driscoll
1822/04/07 Pat Pat HURLY Jane DONOVAN Thos Driscoll; Ellen Leary
1822/06/27 Cath Benjamin WARD Mary BRYAN Judith Driscoll; ____ Prat
1822/09/28 Conl William __NOLY Ann IRELAND Jerh Driscoll; Mary Fowley
1822/12/24 Danl James KEEFA Jane KERN John Scolland; Margt Driscoll
1823/01/06 Cath Danl COOKLY Mary TOBIN Denis Driscoll; Cathy ______
1823/04/16 ___ Will CRONIN Mary CRONIN James Fleming; Honora Driscoll
1823/06/12 _on George KINGSTON Mary CROSTON John Driscoll; Mary Doyle
1823/08/14 John David WREN Cath CARTHY Will Cafsy; Cath Driscoll
1823/10/11 Cath John NEAL Honora SCANNEL Tho Tobin; Mary Driscoll
1823/11/03 Con Mich COGHLAN Cath CO___ Jos Williams; Cath Driscoll
1823/11/03 Paul Will FUONY Margt BARRY Will Leary; Honora Driscoll
1823/12/30 Charly Cors KEILLY Ellen WONORAN Tim Carth; Abigail Drixol
1824/01/11 Eliza Thos HILL Ellen CRONUR Wm Fleming; Nor Driscoll
1824/06/10 Judett Michl SULLIVAN Judi CONNELLY Edwd White; Ann Driscoll
1824/10/10 Mary Richd SULLIVAN Margt DEASY Daniel Cavangh; Ellen Driscoll
1824/10/27 Julian Denis MCCARTHY Mary MCCARTHY Denis Driscoll; Ellen Grace
1824/11/15 Ellen Wm QUINN Mary RYAN Stephen Murphy; Cath Driscoll
1824/11/17 Edwd Florence MAHONY Mary MAHONY Jno Driscoll; Mary Mahony
1824/12/17 Mary Benjamin WARD Mary BRIAN Dan Driscol; Ellen Ward
1825/05/24 Jeremh Jeremh CASEY Ellen CONNOLLY John Driscoll; Margt Kelley
1825/05/25 John John DONOVAN Margt PALMER John Driscoll; Ellen ______
1825/06/07 Joanna Corl CASEY Norry COLMAN Jno Driscol; Mary Condon
1825/06/09 Wm Danl KEETLY Ellen DEASY Denis Deasy; Johanna Driscoll
1825/06/25 Ellen Thos BRIAN Julian SULLIVAN Denis Moiran; Mary Leary
1825/09/03 Joseph Jno ALCOCK Mary FORLEV Jn Alcock; Judith Driscoll
1825/09/24 Cath Flor MAHONY Cath HURLEY Math Murphy; Ellen Driscol
1825/12/06 Thos Thos TOBEN Ellen DENIS James Whetty; Cathn Driscoll
1825/12/23 Dan Timothy MURPHY Johanna MARTIN Denis Keating; Ellen Driscoll
1825/12/24 Patk David NUNSUN Cath MCDONNELL John Driscoll; Mary Kearny
1826/01/22 Jno Darly QUIN Cath KEAN Michl Hayes; Mary Driscol
1826/01/30 Daniel John LEARY Ellen LEWIS John Driscoll; Cath Hurly
1826/02/03 Margt Wm CARTWRIGHT Margt HARRIS Michl Harris; ally Driscoll
1826/03/25 Ellen Jno GRUNY Cath CASEY Jno Driscoll; Ellen Driscoll
1826/06/06 Jno Jno CASEY Judith COONEY Jno Ahern; Ellen Driscoll
1826/06/11 Mary Peter GRIFFIN Mary KELOLAND Jno Driscol; Mary MCarthy
1826/06/13 Daniel Tim DESMOND Julia REILLY Ian Daudsan; Mary Driscoll
1827/01/22 Jerh Maria DEMPSEY Cath FLYNN Phillip Coleman; Mary Driscol
1827/02/08 Tim Denis CARTHY Mary GASNELL Jno Driscoll; Mary Creamer
1827/02/22 Jno Maurice FAHY Anne DONOVAN Thos Supple; Eliza Driscol
1827/05/15 John John LEE Julia CONNOR Denis Supple; Henrietta Driscoll
1827/05/21 Timothy Jno COGHLAN Mary COGHLAN Charles Driscoll; Mary Driscoll
1827/05/24 Danl Michl REILY Ellen GEARY John Crowly; Cath Driscoll
1827/08/06 Jane Jerh SULLIVAN Anne ALCOCK Cors Driscoll; Mary Howes
1827/09/08 Mich Jerh DEASY Cath COLLINS Jno Driscoll; Julia Callanan
1827/09/30 Denis Jno CARTHY Ellen QUINLAN Denis Carthy; Ann Driscoll
1828/01/31 Margt Denis CASTELLO Mary MURPHY Rob Driscoll; Ellen Carly
1828/07/18 Johanna Wm DESMOND Julia SULLIVAN Batt Donovan; Ann Driscoll

Date Name Father Surname Mother Maiden Name Sponsors Residence
1829/01/04 Cath Wm HITCHCOCK Eliza HOLLAN John Driscoll, Cath Holland Compafs Hill
1829/01/19 Margt John M'KEY Cath CURLY John Driscoll & John Daly

1829/02/03 Mary Dan CORKERAN Cate HENRY Pat Carthy & Mary Driscoll Scilly
1829/02/16 Denis Dens COLLELLON Mary MURPHY Joseph Henry & Susan Driscoll ? ?
1829/03/15 Pat John HEINTZ Ellen FLYNN Mich Driscoll & Mary Leary W End
1829/03/23 Norry Owen? BRICE Kelly? ? Jerh Calagher & Margt Driscoll Cove
1829/04/07 Jerh Jerh SULLIVAN Nancy ALCOCK Peter Crone & Mary Driscoll W End
1829/04/27 Jerh Denis DONOVAN Mary CRONAN John Driscoll & Cath Cronan

1829/07/10 Julia John BRYAN Hanna DEASY thos Walch & Cate Driscoll

1829/07/29 Mary Tim DUNN Margt HAYES John Driscoll & Ellen Pore? W End
1829/07/30 Jas Cor ALEN Ellen FAHEY Florence Driscoll & Mary Carthy W End
1829/11/07 Tim John HORGAN Ann DEMPSEY John Driscoll & Cath Mcarthy B Ryan
1829/12/08 Cath Wm ALCOCK Jane PRATT Dan Driscoll, Denis ?, Mary Ann Ward W End
1830/01/05 Mary Andrew OBRIEN Mary MAHONY John Long & Cath Driscoll Chapel Lane
1830/03/17 Pat Tim MURPHY Anna MARTIN? John Driscoll, Julia Mcarthy S? Port
1830/03/29 Befs Thos PRATT Nancy NEWMAN John Cadigan, Ann Driscoll W End
1830/04/11 Timothy Dan KELLY Mary MURPHY John Delay & Mary Driscoll Bark St.
1830/04/13 May Wm STEPHENS Cath DONOVAN Tim Donovan & Mary? Driscoll B Muckus?
1830/05/18 Joanna Jack MURPHY Mary MURPHY ? Driscoll & Ellen Hurly W End
1830/06/10 Hannah Thos ROBERTS Margt MEHYAN John Burke & Hanna Driscoll Sea Lane
1830/06/28 Joanna James WHITE Judi CAVANAGH John carty, Nory Driscoll Chapl Lane
1830/07/27 Wm Danl KEATING Dau LUCENY John Driscoll & Ann Kuly Rampart
1830/08/08 Thos Peter BRNN Briget BRNON Florence Driscoll & Dua Barracks
1830/10/24 George Newman HURLY Nor CONNELLY John Driscoll & Nancy Christe Rock?
1831/01/02 Cath John CARIGAN Cath BYRNA James Driscoll & Mary Coghlar W End
1831/02/12 Wm Dan SHEA` Mary DONOVAN Con Driscoll & Jane McCarthy Ch Lane
1831/03/03 Timothy Jerh SULLIVAN Mary ALCOCK Jim Hallahan & Martha Driscoll

1831/03/18 John Chas CURRAN Margt RICHIE James Harris & Cath Driscoll Church Church Lane
1831/05/30 Jane John ALCOCK ? COGHLAN John Driscoll & Ellen Murphy W End
1831/06/04 John Jno OBRIEN Julia SULLIVAN Denis Driscoll & Margt McCarthy Cove
1831/07/20 John Jury DONOVAN Julia HOLAN Denis Driscoll & Cath Horgai Cock St?
1831/07/25 Mary Michl BUCKLY Eliza LEARY Joe Leary & Befs Driscoll ?
1831/08/15 Wm Wm NULINGAR Cath HAYES Denis ? & Abby Driscoll ?
1831/12/05 Cath Pat DONOVAN Cath SULLIVAN Tim McCarth & ? Driscoll ?
1832/01/25 Mary James HARRINGTON Mary COLLINS Wm Collins & Mary Driscoll ?
1832/02/21 Thos Thos ROBERTS Margt MIHIGAN Wm Scott & Cath Driscoll ?
1832/03/28 Henry Tom DAVIS Nancy LAULRY Kelly Driscoll Church Lane
1832/04/10 Joseph Joseph WAKEHAM Cath GORON Ned Green & Joan Driscoll ?
1832/04/12 Joanna Wm CRONIN Judith HALLAHAN Joan Healey & Cath Driscoll Church Lane
1832/04/18 Ellen James CADIGAN Nancy MALTS Dan Driscoll & Aen Grady W End
1832/05/05 Michl Jerry MAHONY Cath BEAMISH Dan Driscoll & Joanna Beamish Market
1832/05/20 Lan John WARD Mary CALLINANA Mary Driscoll W End
1832/05/26 John Thos ALLEN Mary CADIGAN ? Wilcock & Mary Driscoll ….
1832/07/03 Mary Jim MURPHY Hannah MARTIN Tim Donovan & Honora Driscoll ….
1832/08/29 Mary Curly ? Joan SULLIVAN John Driscoll, Pat Driscoll & Margt Coleman Waterland
1832/11/10 Dan Chas M'CARTHY Joan CORENOT Pat Honisha & Abby Driscoll B Daly
1832/11/28 Timothy Tim LONGHLAN Mary STEPHENS Denis Mahony & Margt Driscoll ?
1832/12/10 Ann Walter KENNAN? Mary MADDEN Tim Driscoll & Joanna Madden Bk St
1832/12/26 Thos Michl MAHONY Cath YALE John Driscoll & Mary Donovan Bk St
1833/03/17 Pat Dan DONOVAN Mary DESMOND Ned Quin & Honora Driscoll B St
1833/03/25 Mark Anthony FARLY Ann CARTHY Dick Wick & Kate Driscoll Scilly
1833/05/06 Ellen Denis LAWLEY Jane FIVES Jerh Driscoll & Bridget Macklen W End
1833/05/15 Wm Wm RIORDAN Joan CADIGAN Mary Driscoll ….
1833/05/25 Thos Wm ALCOCK Jane PRATT Florence oDriscoll & Mag Barreu W End
1833/06/17 Tim Tim LEARY Mary HURLY Tim Driscoll & Margt Hurly ?
1833/10/06 Michl Hurly BAKER Ellen DONNELLY ? Driscoll W End
1833/10/20 Dan Owen SULLIVAN Ann DESMOND Jerh Keefe & Kate Driscoll Ch Lane
1834/03/20 Honora John BRIEN Kate DONOVAN John Driscoll & May _ ?
1834/05/11 Mary Con BRIEN Befs BENNTR John MCArthy & Kat Driscoll Higher St
1834/06/01 Joanna Maurice DEMPSY Kate HYNE John Driscoll & Mary Horogan B Pugan
1834/10/12 Pat Pat HAGARTY Mary ? Bett Driscoll Church Ln
1835/06/05 Judi Michl MCARTHY Judi CLEARY John Driscoll & Joan White Chap lane
1835/06/11 Son, A Foundling

John a foundling & Honora Desmond ….
1835/06/26 Briget George COURTNAY Ellen KNOULER Michl Crotton & Befs Driscoll ? Hills?
1835/08/30 Margt Thad DESMOND Hanna __ANTON Michl Lane & Biddy Driscoll Chapel Lane
1835/09/20 James James COLEMAN Mary THORNTON Denis Driscoll & Cath Sullivan Scill
1835/11/05 Wm Phil CUANS? Margt RYAN OR REGAN Pat Donovan & Mary Driscoll Blind gate
1835/11/26 Ellen Pat DONOVAN Mary LEARY Charles Carthy & Ellen Driscoll Short Quay
1836/09/13 Chas Chas MCARTHY Joan OREILLY Jer Driscoll & Cath Hogan Bk St
1836/09/16 Befs James MURPHY Joanna MURPHY Coleman Murphy & Kate Driscoll Mt Lane
1837/05/19 Cath Michl SCANNELL Mary MURPHY John Murphy & Kitty Driscoll Raycurran
1837/08/08 Ellen Dan DESMOND Marg HILLARD Michl Desmond & Mary Driscoll ?
1837/09/04 Owen Denis CARTHY Mary MAHONY Pat Driscoll & Ellen Mahony ? Lane
1838/04/07 John Denis DONOVAN Mary FEVER Wm Mahigan & Mary Driscoll Guard Wl
1838/06/10 Ben Thos WARD Befs ALCOCK Dan Driscoll & Befs Allen W End
1838/07/08 Maurion Bob HONIN? Cath ? Timothy Driscoll & Margt Driscoll Chapel Ln
1838/07/26 Norry Michl DONOVAN Mary CASEY Pat Barry & Mary Driscoll B ?
1838/07/28 Norry Wm BUCKLEY Margt CROWLY John Driscoll & Mary Mkay ?
1838/10/20 Mary John GRIFFEN Joanna BRIEN John Brien & Ellen Driscoll W End
1839/02/25 Cath Lar MURPHY Eleanor MURPHY John Driscoll & Eleanor Fitzgerald B Green
1839/05/01 Mary Thos NEWMAN May HURLY James Driscoll & Antz Alcock W End
1839/07/10 John James CONALLY Mary CASEY Denis Driscoll & Mary ? ?
1839/08/18 Wm Wm SULLIVAN Honora SHEEHAN Denis Driscoll & Ellen Murphy Cork St
1839/09/01 Eliza Lan MURPHY Mary LOGAN Edward Mcarthy & Norry Driscoll L Lle St
1839/12/10 Margt Wm COLLINS Cath FOLEY John Driscoll & May Horgan Clonlea?
1840/01/22 Cath John PERCY? ? ? Peter Driscoll & Abbey Murphy ?
1840/03/15 Joseph John ALCOCK Hasty COGHLAN John Croni & Mary Driscoll W End
1840/06/21 Margt Stephen FOWLER Ellen LYNCH Pat Leary & Mary Driscoll Milk? Market
1841/01/29 Margt Pat BUCKLY Margt ? John Driscoll & Margt Penny Cove
1841/04/02 Ellen Judy BRIAN Mary KEATING Jim Mcarthy & Betty Driscoll Chapel Ln
1841/05/10 Joanna Jerry DONOVAN Nancy MCARTHY John MCArthy & Norry Driscoll B Mills
1841/06/13 John John DALY Ellen ALLEN Pat Barry & Honora Driscoll L ? Street
1841/07/31 Ann Eugene CONNOR Ann HAGARTY James V & Kitty ? W End
1842/01/09 Cath Bud HURLY Cath CONNOLE John Alcock & Holly Driscoll Scilly
1842/01/21 Judy John LYONS Mary WALTERS Pat Driscoll & Nancy Lyons W End
1842/02/25 Jane Dan SULLIVAN Mary NEUMAN John ? & Cath Driscoll W End
1842/03/03 Joanna Michl LANE May CASEY Thade Driscoll & Joanna casey Bk St
1842/04/07 Joanna Denis DONOVAN Jude SULLIVAN Bob Donovan & Cath Driscoll ? Hill
1842/05/29 Richard Rich HUELT? Margt HANNER John Leary & Joanna Driscoll

1842/10/03 Ellen John LORY Norry MURPHY Michl Driscoll & Judy Driscoll Browns Mills
1843/01/07 John John VACANS Betty CRONE George Driscoll & Betty Greenevey Scilly
1843/01/20 James John DONOVAN Joanna OWENS James Driscoll & May Mcarthy W End
1843/04/09 Joanna Denis MAHONY Cath MAHONY John? Coghlan & May Driscoll ?
1843/04/11 Kelly Dan MAHONY Ellen DONOVAN John Driscoll & Julia Donovan Scilly
1843/04/18 Marg Michl DONOVAN Peggy COGHLAN Cons Collin & Mary Driscoll B Road
1843/05/11 Peggy Richard LEZDD Ann LEZDD Wm Stoery & Mary Driscoll Higher St
1843/11/19 Stephen Frank GRADY Eliza QUIN Jas Driscoll & Eliza Howe W End
1844/02/11 Ellen Denis DONOVAN Julia SILLIVAN Pat Pearce & Joanna Driscoll Honbite?
1844/02/25 Mary Henry STEPHSON Eliza FLYNN Kitty Driscoll & Mary Sullivan

1844/03/27 Danl Jerh LEARY Honora HAYES George Driscoll & Joanna Hayes Scilly
1844/03/31 Bridget Michl LANE Margt DEASY Timy Driscoll & Mary Collin Chapel Lane
1844/05/02 Thomas John DRINAN Mary FLEMING John Fleming & Mary Driscoll Scilly
1844/06/09 Bridget John GRIFFEN Joanna BRIEN John Driscoll & Hannah Brien Scilly
1844/07/15 James Of Unknown Parents

Mary Driscoll

1844/10/06 Mary Denis CONOLY Ellen LEARY George Driscoll & Befs Leary Scilly
1845/01/26 Cath James PRICE Cath CORCORAN John Driscoll & Joan Cronus Scilly
1845/02/13 Kate John FIELD Ellen MAHONY Pat Driscoll & Cath Dooman Waterland?
1845/05/25 Thos Timothy CASEY Mary COLEMAN Wm Richi & Ellen Driscoll B mote
1845/06/07 Mary Jas MURPHY Mary LEARY Thos Driscoll & Margt Canly ? St
1845/07/20 Honora Dan COLLINS Margt HANNYLOS Pat Driscoll & Isiah Arundelt W End
1845/09/09 Honora William LEAHY Margt WALSH Peter Driscoll & Margt Walsh B Road
1845/11/10 Timy Charles SHORT Bridget CARTHY John Guffton? & Kate Driscoll Scilly
1845/11/19 William William STAPLETON Mary COLLINS Jerh Sheehan & Margaret Driscoll ?
1845/11/27 David James CONKEY Jane HURLY Con Driscoll & Saly Dugust Balyosly
1846/01/14 Kate Michl TINAS Bridget MADDEN Peter Driscoll & Jerimiah Sullivan Scilly
1846/05/10 Ellen Joseph MCARTHY Anne SHEEHAN John Croni & Ellen Driscoll W End
1846/06/18 John William AHERN Ellen DONOVAN John Driscoll & Ellen Twomey

1846/09/06 Toms John HAYES Mary GRIFFEN George Driscoll & Mary Fleming Scilly
1846/10/08 Timy Timy HAYES Julia BARTLE james Hayees & Mary Driscoll Scilly
1846/10/22 Michl Michl REILLY Ellen HAY Patrick Driscoll & Mary Reilly Chapel Lane
1846/10/24 Thomas Cornelius MAHONY Ellen COGAN Jerh Greerman & Joanna Driscoll Browns Mills
1846/10/29 Mary Maurice HAYES Ann REGAN James Hays & Mary Driscoll W End
1846/11/08 Ellen John MKEY Mary BRIEN Patrcik Kelly & Ann Driscoll Cork St
1846/11/13 Denis William DAILY Julia CRESSMAN John Cressman & Eliza Driscoll ? Hill
1846/11/16 Jerh Jerh COUNA Mary DONOVAN John Coleman & Ellen Driscoll Lr Cove
1847/02/14 Daniel Cornelius KEEFFE Joannah CUNMAS Jeremiah Keohane & Eliza Driscoll Male`
1847/02/28 Patk Timy OCONNELL Ellen BOX Jeremiah Crong & Joanna Driscoll ? Lane
1847/04/01 Thomas Patk BARRY Margt CONNAN John Driscoll & Joann Daily Bunanvita?
1848/04/02 James Michl HOLLAND Mary BARY John Driscoll & Mary Keefe

1848/10/22 John David M DONNELL Mary CONNELLY John Donovan & Ellen Driscoll Cove
1848/11/19 Patrick Denis MURPHY Honora NEIL Timothy Hurly & Kate Driscoll Scilly
1848/12/14 Florence Jerh MAHONY Mary MURPHY Denis Mahony & Mary Driscoll S Quay
1849/01/13 Daniel Daniel DERCY Nory TONIKIN Timothy Driscoll & Hannah Santry Wk House
1849/01/14 Jerh John FITZPATRICK Ellen KINGSTON William oBrien & Ann Driscoll

1849/02/16 Daniel John HALHPY Ellen MURPHY Timy Driscoll & Betsy Reily Wk House
1849/02/25 William Wm MULLHOLLAND Mary MAHONY Mary Driscoll Rampart
1849/03/04 Michl Owen HENNIGAN Joannah KELLY William Keating & Catherine Driscoll Scilly
1849/03/11 Kate Michl CORNWELL Bridget HANLON Hnonora Twohag Chapel Lane
1849/05/27 John James BOWAN Ellen REILLY Jerh Dealy & Margt Driscoll Holly Hill
1849/07/01 Catherine Batt LYONS Ellen RYAN John Lyons & Ellen Driscoll Wd end
1849/07/24 Michl Michl MAHONY Kate HOLLAND Jeremiah Driscoll Bk Street
1849/08/06 Denis Samuel BURCHILL Kate HURLY Mary Driscoll B Gate
1849/08/29 Sarah William CULLITON Kate KINGSTON George Kingston & Kate Driscoll Higher St.
1849/12/09 William Michl REFAN Elizabeth ARENT? William Stapleton & Patience Driscoll Wd End
1849/12/27 Julia Dl CRONIN Mary FARRATT James Keefe & Julia Driscoll Melaphastown
1850/01/22 Jane Chs MCCARTHY Joanne WHITLEY Denis Driscoll & Kate MCarthy Barrack St
1850/11/24 Frances Michl HURLY Jane DONOVEN Richard Murphy & Mary Driscoll Cork St
1850/12/15 Ann Dl COPICE Kate ALCOCK George Darley & Kate Ahern Bandon road
1851/04/22 Denis Chas MCCARTHY Joanna WHITLY Cors Driscoll & Ellen Prenderghast Butchers Row
1851/05/04 William Thos WARD Eliza ALCOCK Daniel Collins & Margt Driscoll Worlds End
1851/07/06 Bat Michl HURLY Kate CUMMINS Patk McDaniel & Kate Crowley Band road
1851/07/23 Timy Jerh MURRAY Eliza LEARY John Driscoll & Honra Murray Cove
1851/11/27 Joanna Joseph LEARY Jane CRAMER Patk Brien & Mary Driscoll Mall
1852/02/01 Ellen Dl MCARTHY Honora WALSH William Ahern & Mary Driscoll Cove
1852/02/22 John ? ? Kate MUNIG Jas Bowen & Ellen Driscoll Green
1852/02/29 Robt Robt MEADHAM Bridget BARNY Joanna Driscoll W End
1852/05/19 Thos William RYAN Susan PRATT Michl MCarthy & Patience Driscoll W End
1852/07/04 Peter Patk DONOVAN Ellen BRIEN Michl Murray & Mary Driscoll B Gate
1852/08/10 Joseph Joseph YOUNG Honora MCARTHY Patk Corkran & Hannah Driscoll Chairmmslu
1852/10/10 John Richard NEWMAN Ellen QUSEOTT James Driscoll & Anne Neil W End
1852/11/30 Thos Thos WALSH Eliza KEANE Edwd McCarthy & Ellen Driscoll Cove
1853/01/23 Mary Daniel AHERN Ellen HURLY Patrcik Driscoll & Julia Hannihan Wd end
1853/03/11 John

Nory BUCHAN Timothy Bucham & Joanna Driscoll Winters Hill
1853/03/20 Benjamin Michl RYAN Betfsy ARNOP Margaret Driscoll W End
1853/04/09 Mary Jno HAYES Mary GRIFFIN G Driscoll & M McDaniel Scilly
1853/05/15 Batt Daniel MAHONY Mary FLYNN William Hegarty & Joanna Driscoll Kilcan
1853/05/18 Thomas


John Driscoll & Bridget Higgins Adult Baptism
1853/09/19 Jas Denis MAHONY Jane HALEY Jas Driscoll & Ellen Harrington l'arren low?
1854/05/14 Julia Patrick HOLLORAN Mary MEHEYAN John Murphy & Mary Driscoll Higher St
1854/05/20 Ellen Dan LEARY Margt REILLY Denis Dantry & Ellen Driscoll

1854/06/04 Margt Jno STAMP Ellen FLEMING Denis Driscoll & Julia Fitzgerald Scilly
1854/07/08 Dick Ben WARD Ellen GIMBLET Jerry Shehan & Kitty Driscoll W End
1854/08/06 Matilda Age 5 Edwd HURLY Mary CRONIN Ellen Driscoll & Jermh Hurley From England
1855/01/11 Anne John LEARY Kate CARTHY Bath Murphy & Joan Driscoll Higher St.
1855/05/07 Danl Dl AHERN El HURLEY Patk Barret & Julia Driscoll W End
1855/06/11 Mary John (South Cork Militia) BAXTER Cathl FLYNN Cons Driscoll & Jane Clancy Main St
1855/09/26 ? George ARNEFS Constistant Margt HULL Mary Driscoll & Pierce Arnefs W End
1855/12/17 Mary John COLEMAN Margt BURRY John Barrett & Mary Driscoll Scill
1856/01/01 John Tim HAYES Julia BARTLE Dl Cronin & Eliza Driscoll Scilly
1856/01/31 Johanne Owen SULLIVAN Johann HURLY Con Donovan & Mary Driscoll West Cork
1856/02/17 Patrick Patrick BARRY Margt DONOVAN Danl Horgan & Mary Driscoll

1856/02/29 Daniel Charles KEAN Catherine MAHONY Timothy Kean & Elizabeth Driscoll Higher St
1856/03/17 Catherine William FITZGERALD Margaret ROCK Timothy Driscoll & Bridget Hurley Work house
1856/03/23 Catherine John BARRY Joanna GALAVAN Timothy Driscoll & Mary Mahony Workhouse
1856/05/18 James John HAYES Kate MAYNA? Mich Bush & Mary Driscoll Scilly
1856/06/23 Mary Edward CALNAN Ellen FOLEY Timothy Driscoll & Mary Griffin Workhouse
1856/07/12 Denis Michael REGAN Betty ARNOPH Patrick Driscoll & Margaret Lyons Worlds End
1856/12/13 Florence Flor MCCARTHY Rachel HURLY Corly Driscoll & Cate Deasy ?
1856/12/28 Anne John STAMP Ellen FLORENCE Michael Good & Hannah Driscoll Scilly
1857/05/03 Margaret John SHEENAN Ellen WALSH Denis Mahony & Margaret Driscoll

1857/07/27 Mary Victoria John CARTER Victoria BRUNUMI James Allen & Mary Driscoll proxy for Alice Wynn

1858/02/14 Margt Bridget Jas DONOHUE Johanna AHERN Mich Twoomy & Sally Driscoll

1858/04/20 Ellen Timothy CROWLY Mary SHEA John Lane & Mary Driscoll

1858/12/01 Jeremiah Jerh STAPLETON Kate GIMBET francis Driscoll & Mary Coghlan

1859/02/12 Cornelius William DOWN Mary MURPHY John Driscoll & Kate ?

1859/04/03 Timothy David CRAMER Mary FLYN Simon Drinan & Mary Driscoll Glen
1859/04/30 John Michl CARTHY Ellen CONDON Michl Murphy & Cath Driscoll Cronlay

Ardfield & Rathbarry Belgooly or Clountead Caheragh Carrigaline & Temple Brigid
Douglas & Ballygarvan Kilmacabea Kinalea (Tracton Abbey) Kinsale
Passage West & Monkstown St. Mary's (Cork City)