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Roman Catholic Parish of Caheragh
Driscoll Baptism Sponsors
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Date Child Father Surname Mother Maiden Name Sponsors Residence
1818/06/12 Julia     Mary BROWN Eugene DRISCOLL; Ellen GRADY  
1818/07/12 James   COLLINS Mary BRIAN DRISCOLL  
1818/07/21 James Cornls SULLIVAN Mary CALANAIR Tim DRISCOLL; Ellen HAVS  
1818/08/16 Honora Tim DALY Julia DUNCAN Tim DRISCOLL; Mary REGAN  
1818/08/22     KEOHANE Norry COLLINS Darby DRISCOLL  
1819/01/05       Norry BARRY DRISCOLL; Mary DRISCOLL  
1819/04/15 Norry Patt BAROLELY Cath CADIGAN Michl BASOLULY; Mary DRISCOLL  
1819/04/16 Thos Oulivr HARRINGTON Ellen HARRINGTON Denis; Mary DRISCOLL  
1819/10/09   James BRAHIS Ellen SHANISY James CALAHAN; Mary DRISCOLL  
1819/10/21 Michl Eugene CUNIGAM Mary HOULIHAN Dennis DRISCOLL CAHEW GRADY  
1819/11/29 William William GEALY Jo CROWLEY John DRISCOLL; Jo KEOHANE  
1820/01/26 Chas Darly DONNAN Ann MCCARTHY Oliver DRISCOLL; Catu SULLIVAN  
1820/02/08 Mary John LYNCH   LEARY Tim DRISCOLL; Ellen REGAN  
1820/02/12 John Danl HARRINGTON Ellen BRIAN John DRISCOLL; Nancy EVANS  
1820/03/05 Patt John MURPHY Catn REGAN Dennis; Ellen DRISCOLL  
1820/04/27 Danby Denis THINDY Mary GLAVIN Dan CAGHLAN; Mary DRISCOLL  
1820/04/28 Denis Tim BRIAN Ellen   Tim DRISCOLL; Mary BRIAN  
1820/06/16 Cath William HURLY Ellen COLLINS Owen DRISCOLL; Catin COLLINS  
1820/07/10 John James ROP Ellen EVANS Tim DRISCOLL; Ellen DRISCOLL  
1820/07/24 Timy T COMBER Mary CRESSMAN Danl DRISCOLL; Nory HAYS  
1820/08/08 Conls Conk DONOAN Mary MURPHY Florence DRISCOLL; Ellen  
1820/10/28 Julia John CAS… Mary REGAN Dennis REGAN; Ellen DRISCOLL  
1820/10/28 Julia John HOUNIHAN Cath REGAN Patt REGAN; Mary DRISCOLL  
1821/02/08 Owen Owen MCCARTHY Ellen HURLY MCCARTHY; Ellen DRISCOLL  
1821/02/13 Mary Tim SULLIVAN Mary CONNELL Mary DRISCOLL  
1821/02/17 Danl Owen CARTHY Cath DONACEAUR John WHITE; Mary DRISCOLL  
1821/03/08 Mary James NEIL Cath BANEL Jerry NEIL; Mary DRISCOLL  
1821/04/09 Joa Patt   Mary CLUNCY Jerry DRISCOLL; Ellen  
1821/06/26 Mary Darly BANNE Tennsy MURPHY Timothy DRISCOLL; Cath DRISCOLL Caharagh
1821/07/28       Cath MAHONY DRISCOLL; NEIL  
1821/08/24 Michl Patt SULLIVAN Mary SULLIVAN Darly MAHONY; Joa DRISCOLL Garane More
1821/09/11 Mary William DONAHUE Mly HURLY John HURLY; Cath DRISCOLL Buuraiville
1821/09/26 Michl Timoth CONOLEY Betty DONOVAN Timothy DRISCOLL; Mary EVANS Clonusjgin
1821/12/19 Mary Darly BEAJORN     Darly DRISCOLL; Joa DRISCOLL Garanibey
1822/04/12 Cans Peter SULLIVAN Joa COLLINS John BAUNE; Mary DRISCOLL  
1822/04/12 Marty Tim HUNOSOHAN Ellen HEASLITY John DRISCOLL; Mary DRISCOLL Clahane More
1822/05/16 John Alex ROBERTS Joanna HUTOKINS William EVANS; Ellen DRISCOLL  
1822/05/17 Michl Dennis   Mary GLAVIANE M DRISCOLL; Ellen EVANS Carilaganine
1822/05/28   John HEALY Ellen REGAN Ellen DRISCOLL  
1822/05/31 John Tim DALY Julia DININE Marty HANNAHAN; Ellen DRISCOLL Ganans More
1822/06/02 Joa Darby COLLINS Norry REGAN James CARTHY; Mary DRISCOLE Calanulir
1822/07/04 John     Jane SULLIVAN Jerry SULLIVAN; Nory DRISCOLL  
1822/07/21 Danl Phillip REAGAN Joa CLENENEN Jery SULLIVAN; Margt ODRISCOLL Claucuggin
1822/08/12 James Darby LYNCH Ellen   Timothy DRISCOLL; Ellen MCCARTHY Cloncugin
1822/08/12 Jery Dan SULLIVAN Ellen MUIDHAJN John SULLIVAN; Cath DRISCOLL Dromeuriu
1822/09/22 Patt John MURPHY Julia LEAHY Denn CRESSMAN; Julia DRISCOLL Sohanane
1822/10/07 Can   CASEY Mary MCCARTHY Eugen DRISCOLL; Ellen LANG Corlis
1822/10/20 Danl Carl SULLIVAN Cath MCCARTHY DanlDRISCOLL; Cath MCCARTHY Ballyavnama
1822/10/30 Ellen James ROF Ellen SUCINS Dennis DRISCOLL; Ellen DRISCOLL Caulagerniue
1822/11/02 Joa David BARRY Norry CARTHY John DRISCOLL; Joa BARRY Meghauiles
1822/12/20 Julia Patt SULLIVAN Mary SULLIVAN Darby DRISCOLL; Cath DONOVAN Garane
1822/12/21 Danl James DONOVAN Mary HOLOHAN D BRIAN; Betty DRISCOLL Ginhiascuina
1824/01/08 Nory Danl COMBA Mary CASKAE John HYARTY; Mary DRISCOLL Coulbry
1824/02/01 John Tim DONOHUE Ellen SULLIVAN Patt HAYS; Jane ODRISCOLL Holtmileagh
1824/04/28 Cath     Ellen HALY HALY; Mary DRISCOLL Canluane
1824/05/08 Darby Darby REAGAN Mary   Michl MURPHY; Joa DRISCOLL Garamby
1824/06/17 Pat Patt DONOVAN Ellen HARRINGTON Philip DRISCOLL; Cath DONOVAN Kilnagospagh
1824/06/21 Cath Darby KEOHANE Anne KEOHANE Michl DRISCOLL; Mary DRISCOLL Maunvough
1824/07/19 John Darby   Mayl BEUNE Timoth DRISCOLL; Mary DRISCOLL Ballyourane
1825/01/26 Mary Darby COLLINS Ellen CARTHY Patt DONOVAN; Julia DRISCOLL Caharagh
1825/01/30 Mary Tim LOONY Joa GEANY Darby DRISCOLL; Nory REGAN Cauluane
1825/02/28 Pat William HALY Ellen COLLINS John oDRISCOLL; Mary HURLY Lifangle
1825/03/04 Mary Tim SULLIVAN Mary REAGAN Nichl DRISCOLL; Mary REAGAN Mime
1825/03/13 Patt Cans COLLIN Joa DONOVAN Dan oDRISCOLL; Ellen COLLINS W Colimanu
1825/03/18 Danl John BURKE May HOOHY Dan MURPHY; Mary DRISCOLL Garaniby
1825/04/26 John J MAHONEY Nory MINIHAN Tom MINIHAN; Ellen DRISCOLL N Colemane
1825/05/15 Cans (Bastard) Cans BOUINE Cattn MURPHY Richd CEJAN; Ellen DRISCOLL Coulvence
1825/06/12 Chs Florince CARTHY Mary CARTHY DRISCOLL; Mary CARTHY Culaniulir
1825/06/13 Mary   MCCARTHY M   Timothy DRISCOLL; Mary Ballihadowen
1825/06/13 John John DALY Mary C Pats DAILY; Mary oDRISCOLL Maulagallane
1825/08/01   Joseph GRADY Ellen GAURUGH Dan DRISCOLL; Mary COFROM Garden Mou
1825/08/07 Mary Danl DONOVAN Mary MUMJUANE John oDRISCOLL; Ellen DONOVAN Relimine
1825/08/28 Ellen Denis HICISLITY Cath DONAHUE Michl BUCKLEY; May DRISCOLL Baina
1825/08/29 Bridget John SULLIVAN Ellen REAGAN Nichl DRISCOLL; Ellen KEIUNE Glanotna
1825/09/03 Michl Tom YOUNG Cath MAHONY Robert YOUNG; Nory oDRISCOLL Rerahingh
1825/10/21 Denis T CORENJAN Mary ROE Tim DRISCOLL; Mary DRISCOLL Clasjiin
1825/11/21 Bridget Darby COLLINS Julia COLLINS Chas CARTHY; Cath DRISCOLL Cahargh
1825/11/30 Terry Terry DONAVEIN Eliza DONAUUN Denis DRISCOLL; Mary MCCARTHY Rarg
1825/12/18 John John SULLIVAN Bridget DEMPSY John DRISCOLL; Nory HURLY Corlis
1825/12/28     STACK Ellen MCCARTHY James STACK; Mercy oDRISCOLL Clahumby
1826/01/01 Joc Tim HAYES Nory BARRY Ganet BARRY; Mary DRISCOLL Cauliane
1826/01/01 Patt Danl HUMAHUN Mary COHUNE Michl COHANE; Bridget DRISCOLL Clahune More
1826/01/01 Julia     Mary HAMAHUN Danl DRISCOLL; Julia CONLY Drini
1826/01/03 Bridget Tim HAMAHAN Ellen HEASLEY Tim DRISCOLL; Ellen HAMAHAN Clahan More
1826/02/16 John Tom CASEY May MCCARTHY Eugene DRISCOLL; Bridget DNUN Corlis
1826/04/16 Julia Jams COLLINS Ellen HANNAHAN Curly DRISCOLL; May HARRINGTON Baunes
1826/06/07 Tom Toms HALY Mary BRAKER Tim DRISCOLL; Julia SULLIVAN  
1826/06/28 John Patt HAYS Mary MCCARTHY Jerimia DRISCOLL; Joa HAYS Killimlegh
1826/07/10 Cath Timothy REGAN Cath CADY Jams DRISCOLL; Cath LYNCH Culumila
1826/07/22 Richd   CUE Rebecca WHITE Joseph DRISCOLL; Jane WHITE Ballohunater
1826/08/14 Danl John RYUN Mary   Tim REGAN; Cath DRISCOLL Culanalu
1826/08/17 Cath Florence CARTHY Mary CAGHLUN Tim CAISHEN; Mary COOGHLUM Cauloorne
1826/11/11 Tim Cans RIEGAN Cath CASSIDY M REAGEAN; Norry DRISCOLL Dromau
1826/11/11 Cath   RIAGAN Mary LOONY Patrick LOONY; Terry DRISCOLL Gaiuniby
1827/01/16 Tim Tim DONOVAN Mary COLLINS Nichl DRISCOLL; Mary DONOVAN Dromoue
1827/01/31 Tim Patt SULLIVAN Anne SULLIVAN Michl SULLIVAN; Anne DRISCOLL Dumalhuore
1827/02/11 Patt C GLAPAUY Eliza NEIL Darby DONOVAN; Margt DRISCOLL  
1827/03/10 Mary Florence   May NAYS John DRISCOLL; Mui DONOVAN Gushsassruna
1827/04/08 Cath John KELLY Cath DALY John KELLY; Cath DRISCOLL Gaiane
1827/06/20 Cath C CROWLY Cath   Den oDRISCOLL; Cath KELLY East Colenaine
1827/06/27 Philip Chas   Joa CASIY John CASEY; Mary DRISCOLL Culyamiue
1827/07/08   John CADYAN Nory   Patt DRISCOLL; Mary DRISCOLL Glanapuua
1828/01/12 Tim Con DONOVAN Cath COCJSLAM Folrince DRISCOLL; Mary DONOVAN Garramibrou
1828/02/14 John Daniel MURPHY Eleanor MINHANE John BARRY; Nory DRISCOLL Gassmeby
1828/03/02 Danl Tim DONOVAN Nory MURPHY Danl DRISCOLL; Nory MURPHY Gasanibeg
1828/03/07 John     Rebecca EVANS Danl CARTHY; Ellen oDRISCOLL Ballyhaooids
1828/07/17 Betty MCCARTHY   Mary MURPHY Danl DRISCOLL Lifangle
1828/09/30 Michl John SULLIVAN   HAUNIHAN DRISCOLL; Mary CARTHY Aughuieiln
1829/01/17 Cath Dens FOLEY Joa COEFHLAN Florince DRISCOLL; Ellen DONOVAN Garaine More
1829/02/19 John Cans SULLIVAN Ellen DONOVAN Laurence REGAN; May DRISCOLL Dromcora
1829/02/26 Ellen   COLLUM Julia CRIMMEN CRIMMN; Ellen oDRISCOLL Garune More
1829/04/01 James James COLLINS Ellen HANAHAN Patt HANAHAN; Ellen DRISCOLL Baunshal
1829/04/23 Michl; bastard Michl   Mary   Mary DRISCOLL Caulsimr
1829/04/23 Cath James COLLINS Mary KEATING oDRISCOLL; May SULLIVAN W Murrelh
1829/05/03 Darby Danl DAUN Nancy CARTHY Danl DRISCOLL; May BANNE  
1829/05/17 Jerh Jeria MCCARTHY Cath SULLIVAN Tim SULLIVAN; Cath DRISCOLL Castle
1829/07/11 Ellen Florince   Mary HAYS John DRISCOLL; Julia NEIL Gurhrascuena
1829/09/05 William William CAEGHLUM   CAOFLUN Danl DRISCOLL; Mary DRISCOLL  
1829/12/15 Can & Catherine Can SULLIVAN Mary MINIHANE Tery DONOVAN; M Lane MCCARTHY; Tery DRISCOLL; & Julie MINIHANE Ballyourune
1829/12/20 Can Dans C Ellen BRIAN Florence SULLIVAN; Ellen DRISCOLL Dromcora
1830/01/10 Patt Chs MCCARTHY Betty CARTHY Dan DRISCOLL; Joa Key
1830/03/19 Patt James CARTHY Cath DONOVAN William DRISCOLL; Cath CARTHY Caulanidi
1830/04/30 Patt Patt NEIL Ellen CARTHY Tim BAUNNE; Cath DRISCOLL West Colemane
1830/05/02 Eleanor bastard Dane COOGHUM Nancy SULLIVAN Cath DRISCOLL  
1830/05/30 John Tim CRAXLY Margt KEADY Timothy DRISCOLL; Nancy DONOVAN East Colerune
1830/06/20 Dens Patt RYAN Mary   Mary DRISCOLL Calanishis
1830/06/27 Joanna Pat BARRY Mary BUY Teny NEIL; Cath DRISCOLL East Colemaine
1830/06/28 John Terry DALY Joa CRONIN John CRONIN; Cath DRISCOLL Maulafuloni
1830/09/08 Mary   SULLIVAN Mary CARTHY Florence CARTHY; Nory DRISCOLL Calusulin
1830/11/21 Danl Danl MINIHANE Cath   John MINIHANE Lafanaroe
1830/12/16 Danl Michl COLLINS Mary DONOVAN C DONOVAN; Margt DRISCOLL  
1831/01/18       Ellen EVANS EVANS; Ellen oDRISCOLL Culagmore
1831/01/22 Can John COLLINS Mary MANGUNE DRISCOLL; Mary MCCARTHY Guibaicruna
1831/02/09 Robert Jerm BANIT   LEARY NEIL; Cath DRISCOLL East Colemane
1831/03/15 Danl John CAMBER Margt CHAMBERS Danl CAMBA; Margt DRISCOLL Gushiascuina
1831/03/17 Terry Terry DA.. Jane BARRY Michl HURLY; Cath DRISCOLL Garane
1831/03/29 Mary John CRUMEN Merry DONOVAN Danl WHITEY; Eliza DRISCOLL Dromore
1831/06/29 John Danl WEST Julia CARTHY John SULLIVAN; Delooca DRISCOLL Corlis
1831/07/27 Julia Florence HARRINGTON Ellen DATRY Dens SULLIVAN; Norry DRISCOLL Ginshnatulli
1831/09/04 Nory Tim DONOVAN Nory MURPHY Michl MURPHY ; Margt DRISCOLL Gonanaley
1831/09/23 Mary Chs CARTHY Mary YOUNG James YOUNG; Nory DRISCOLL Lifangle
1831/10/13 Terry Terry CRUMANEN Ellen BANY Can CRYSNEN; Margt DRISCOLL Clancuyga
1831/12/05 Joa Michl TOONY Joa MUNANE Eugene MUNNANE; Ellen DRISCOLL Dromofuhmine
1831/12/06 Chs   CARTHY Mary CASEY Alex DRISCOLL; Mary Ballylasdeun
1832/01/29 Peter John BRECLILEY Nancy SHUKY John HAUNUHAN; Nancy DRISCOL Airahingh
1832/02/19 Danl Danl MONIHANE Mary REAGAN Tim MINIHANE; Mary DRISCOLL Culumila
1832/02/26 Ellen Danl   Bridget SULLIVAN John DRISCOLL; Ellen HAUNIHAN Lifangle
1832/03/13   Dan MURPHY Mary COISOHY Owen DRISCOLL; Bridget DONOVAN Caslos
1832/03/28 Ellen M EVANS Norry SULLIVAN M DRISCOLL; Merry MAHONEY Lifangle
1832/07/15 Ellen Tim REAGAN Cath CAROJAM Florence DRISCOLL; Mary REAGAN Clahane
1832/08/15 Jerry Can DONOVAN Cath CAEGHLUN Jerry DONOVAN; Mary DRISCOLL Gasune
1832/08/19 Tim Tom BUY Joa LYNCH Curly DRISCOLL; Ellen DONOVAN Garane More
1832/09/02 Ellen Can CROWLY Ellen LAVE Dennis DRISCOLL; Ellen MAHONY Gurtoranagh
1832/09/31 Corley Mich COLLINS Mary DONOVAN Tim DRISCOL; Norry DONOVAN Bluckhole
1832/11/28 Tim & Ellen Curly DONOVAN Ellen HOUNAHAN Denis DRISCOL; Margaret DRISCOL; Darly COLLINS; Ellen HEGURTY Baunishal
1832/12/12 Denis James COOMBER Polly CARTHY James COOMBER; Mary DRISCOL Glenlndscuna
1833/03/03   Denis CARTHY Nory SPILLANE Dan MCCARTHY; Julia DRISCOLL  
1833/03/05   Denis CARTHY Norry SPILLANE Dan MCCARTHY; Julia DRISCOLL  
1833/03/10 Pat   CAMBA May CHAMBERS Denis CAMBER; Cath DRISCOLL Guctnasereena
1833/03/24 Michl Darly REFORD Mary GALAHOE John; May DRISCOLL Gulayaroice
1833/03/24   John HAUMAHAN Cath MAHONU Tim CADIGAN; Mary DRISCOLL Clahane More
1833/05/05 Cath Tery SULLIVAN Nory SULLIVAN Danl DRISCOLL; Cath DAHY Corlis
1833/05/25 Danl Tim KEATING Cath CASTEA David WALSH; Cath DRISCOLL Kilnagospagh
1833/06/03     REAGAN     John; Mary DRISCOLL Gaiane More
1833/09/13 Tim Tim HAUNIHAN Cath SULLIVAN Danl SULLIVAN; May DRISCOLL Coledoney
1833/11/28   Pat DONOVAN May HANUCHAN Danl DRISCOLL; Margt Claneuyrs
1834/01/19 Mary Danl DONOVAN Nory   Darly DOISEN; Nory DRISCOLL West Colanconer
1834/02/19 Joa Batt DONAVAN Bridget CREUIUELA Phlillip CREUNUNEN; Margt DRISCOLL Molagh
1834/03/19 Pat John D Ellen   John NEIL; Ellen DRISCOLL .ushnascruna
1834/03/31     CARTHY Mary SULLIVAN Florence DONAHUE; Tim DRISCOLL Danalenau
1834/04/01 Nory Jam CARTHY Cath DONOVAN Conl DRISCOLL; Nory DRISCOLL Culunuli
1834/04/11 Bridget Denis CAIN Ellen BRIAN Danl DRISCOLL; Mary MUHIN Cahargh
1834/05/08 May James SULLIVAN Mary COLLINS Michl DRISCOLL; Cathn COLLINS Cahaigh
1834/06/12 John Eugene   Cath CRONAUGH Denis COLLINS; Margt DRISCOLL Dromore
1834/07/20 Mary Pat MCCARTHY Mary MINIHANE Curly MINIHANE; Margt DRISCOLL Gurhuuene
1834/09/10 Margt William BARRET Mary SULLIVAN Conl SULLIVAN; Julie DRISCOLL East Colemane
1834/09/22 Margt Dennis MURPHY Mary CONOHY John DRISCOLL; Cath MURPHY Corlis
1834/11/03 Jery C MINIHANE Nory HURLY Jerry HURLY; Cath DRISCOLL Gunhraheble
1834/11/12 Danl John SPILLANE Joa DONAHOE Danl SPILLANE; Julia DRISCOLL Colehony
1835/02/15 John John KINSTON Ellen MAHONEY Jery DRISCOLL; Joc MAHONEY Kealanine
1835/03/02 Tim Tim SULLIVAN Cath DONOVAN Denis DRISCOLL; Cath DONOVAN Corlis
1835/03/10 Mary Michl CA.. Ellen HAYS John HAYES; Betty DRISCOLL Droinsoran
1835/04/04 James Denis DAHY Mary MCCARTHY John MUMEAU; Honora DRISCOLL .oncuiis
1835/05/03 Anne or Jane James BARET Mary KERKEHY John CALANAN; Catherine DRISCOLL Lower Lisane
1835/06/08 Danl Jerry HERLIHY Mary SHEALY Jery DRISCOLL; Johanna DONOVAN Derini
1835/09/29 John John ..H.UATO Betty RIN..OU Denis DRISCOLE; Mary DENIS Drunafunhmine
1836/01/16 Timothy James HEALY Mary HOUNRIHAN Batt DRISCOLL; Mary HEAHY Lafscanarse
1836/01/25 Tim Dennis MARKY Elle BANY Danl DRISCOLL; Cath BUNY ..ey
1836/03/22 Michl Tim DONOVAN Ellen COLLINS Danl DONOVAN; Joa DRISCOLL Dromore
1836/04/16 Danl Denis COLLINS Betty CARTHY Danl DRISCOLL; Cath CARTHY Blue Hill
1836/04/28 Denis Tom HAYS Norry COLLINS Murphy DRISCOLL; Cath HAYS Dermiavargh
1836/05/29 Denis Jams CARTHY Cath DONOVAN John DRISCOLL; Mary CARTHY Calmeln
1836/06/10 Pat Tim …… Ellen BURKE Chas CARTHY; Mary DRISCOLL Bu.naleh
1836/06/29 Tim Mathew SULLIVAN Elle FITZGERALD Canl LOWNY; Mary DRISCOLL Drumagushrine
1836/08/21 Tim Danl ….. Mary COLLINS Danl MAHONEY; Julian DRISCOLL Bainkey
1836/08/26 Tom Pat CARTHY Cath SULLIVAN Eugene DRISCOLL; Jane DRISCOLL Doronia.non
1836/12/05 …. DAHY Mary DAHY Dan DRISCOLL; Cath MURPHY …ne More
1836/12/05 Ellen …NDER Cath DONOVAN D… DRISCOLL; Cath MURPHY D…re
1836/12/05 Patt John MINIHANE Norry HURLY Con DRISCOLL; Debora DRISCOLL Gughnalulle
1837/01/29 John Tim WALSH Betty HAUNIHAN DINOND BAINE; Mary DRISCOLL ..layispagh
1837/03/02 Pat Jno BRYAN Margt WHOLEHANE Ja WHOLEHANE; Mary DRISCOLL Dirrenairrihe
1837/05/28 Jno & Mary Timy SULLIVAN Cath DONOVAN Jno KEOHANE; Cath DONOVAN; Ds DRISCOLL; Cath DALY Corlass
1837/06/18 Jno Neil BARRY Jane DONOVAN Thos BARRY; Eliza DRISCOLL Tooreen
1837/07/09 Norry Phil SPILLAN Anne MAHONY Jns DALY; Julia DRISCOLL Cooledowny
1837/07/14 Cath Denis DONOVAN Julia DONOVAN Tim HAYES; Cath DONOVAN Aughavile
1837/07/14 Danl CAUN Nory HEGOUHY Jery HEGOUHY; Ellen DONOVAN Gananibu
1837/07/24 Tim Tim BROYAN Margt HEGARTHY Danl DRISCOLL; Cath HEGARTHY Inchlinseny
1837/08/10 Margt Js MCMARTHY Mary PURCELL Jno BURKE; Jane DRISCOLL Culaneuller
1837/09/18 Dl & Ds Jerry CAREY Mary MCCARTHY Michl AMBROSE; Ellen HURLEY; Michl DRISCOLL; ellen CADDIGAN Corlass
1837/09/19 Cath Ds COLLINS Mary DONOVAN Jerry DRISCOLL; Mary DONOVAN Collemane
1837/10/20 Thom Jams ROF Margt MCCARTHY James ROP; Ellen DRISCOLL Dromcora

Ardfield & Rathbarry Belgooly or Clountead Caheragh Carrigaline & Temple Brigid
Douglas & Ballygarvan Kilmacabea Kinalea (Tracton Abbey) Kinsale
Passage West & Monkstown St. Mary's (Cork City)