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RC Parishes of Clontead-Belgooly and Tracton
Father Dominick O Gara's register
Driscoll Baptisms and Marriages
"Father O Gara's Register is a collection of loose leaves of notes found several years ago in the wall of the former church at Ballingarry and sent to the Diocesan Office for safekeeping by Fathur Burns. It was photocopied last year and consists of about 160 pages, or 783 marriage and baptismal records. These entries cover approximately the years 1809 to 1830 and seem to have been kept in a very irregular fashion. The entries seem also to have been made by more than one person. The majority of the pages bear no year, and on many the month and day cannot be read because the edges of the pages have worn away.

Father Dominick O Gara was a Dominican priest and is not described on his gravestone in Clontead graveyard as 'parish priest' (the equivalent expression of the American 'pastor' ) or 'curate'. The entries in his register cover a geographical area that seems to have included all or most of both Clontead-Belgooly and Tracton parishes. I suspect that Father O Gara enjoyed some kind of special status, perhaps as confessor to the several well-to-do Catholic families who lived in the area. He occupied a farm of his own, probabably employed servants to operate it, and, perhaps only as a side-line, served as an assistant to both the Tracton and Clontead-Belgooly parish priests.

Many of the family units that appear in Father O Gara's register are also recorded in the register of Tracton Abbey parish, where baptisms were recorded from 1802 on, but where marriages were not entered until 1841. A much smaller number of the persons also appear in the official register of Clontead-Belgooly parish, which begins, for both marriages and baptisms, in 1836. Until 1836, therefore, the chances that one will find the marriages and baptisms of persons who resided within the borders of Clontead-Belgooly parish, are still poor. Father O Gara's register is, for the most part, an unexpected bonus for those researching their Tracton ancestral roots.

If you succeed in finding any of your own ancestors in Father O Gara's register, please let me and others in our group know about it!"
[Frank Thompson, Jan 31, 2003]
Date Child Father Mother Sponsor Sponsor
1814-12-?? BRIEN {Daniel[?]} BRIEN Michael HAYS Mary Driscoll, Tim White, Ellen
18??-12-02 COVENY Catherine COVENY James {BULL} Margaret Driscoll, Timothy Collins, [obstruc
1811-02-?? COVENY Catherine COVENY Maurice DRISICLE[?] Catheri Deasy, John Coveney, Mary
18??-08-30 DOWNEY Johanna DOWNEY John DRISCOL Mary Scannell, Patrick Donevan, Catherin
18??-11-26 DOWNY James DOWNY John DRISCOL Mary Donevan, Tim[?] Keily, Catherine
1810-12-27 DOWNY William DOWNY John DRISCOLL Mary Coakly, John [obscured], Mary
18??-03-27 DRISCOL Margaret DRISCOL Tim COTTER Ellen Croneen, Darby Sullivan, Mary
18??-??-?? DRISCOL Mary DRISCOL John CARTHY Norry Brien, Tim Sexton, Mary
18??-12-01 DRISCOL Mary DRISCOL Timothy [illegible] Ellen[? Kiely, Charles Mehigan, Nel
18??-06-07 DRISCOLL Denis DRISCOLL Darby {WAL--} WALSH? Margaret Delay, Daniel Colman, Margaret
1811-03-?? DRISCOLL Margaret DRISCOLL John DRISCOLL Mary Ahern, Garrett Madden, Joan
18??-09-?? DRISCOLL Michael DRISCOLL Daniel CARTHY Norry Driscoll, John Carthy, Mary
1812-05-06 HOGAN Mary HOGAN James MAHONY Mary Carthy, Charles Driscoll, Mary
18??-10-06 KELEHER Daniel KELEHER John DRISCOLL Mary Croneen, John Coveney, Mary
18??-07-07 McCARTHY Daniel McCARTHY Patrick McCARTHY (DRISCOLL?) Catherine Keily, Bartholomew Ahern, Mary

Date Groom Bride Witness Witness
1812-05-06 DRISCOLL John DALY Johana Daly, John Daly, Daniel & Darby McCarthy
1814-02-?? DRISCOLL Tim COWHIG Norry Garrett, John Brien, Michael & John Deasy
18??-11-02 DRISCOL John BRADLY Catherine Bull, John Bradly, Patrick & Tom Driscol

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