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Townsend Street Skibbereen. Photo courtesy Kassy Ferguson. Cornelius Driscoll of Upper Phale. Photo courtesy Paul Francis Driscoll. Tombstone Yuba County California. Photo courtesy Diana Goings. Mary Jane Driscoll Queensland Australia. Photo courtesy Diane Cairns. Lough Hyne. Photo released into the public domain by its author Riekeshieldmaiden at the Wikimedia project.
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WELCOME to the website formerly called Driscoll of Cork, devoted to the history, genealogy, and DNA of the famous Driscoll clan of Cork. The website has been remodeled to allow for record expansion into other Ireland counties and the rest of the world and encourage data submissions from volunteers.

THE DRISCOLLS were the chief family of the Corcu Lóegde, an old territory in west Cork and Kerry. By some accounts these people were part of a larger group called the Éirainn, who were related to the Dáire in other parts of Ireland. Ptolemy referred to these people in the southwest as the Iverni.

In some genealogies Ith was the remote ancestor of the Corcu Lóegde people, and one account dates him as far back as 2900 B.C. That would place Ith at the earliest in Ireland’s late Neolithic Age. In the first millennium, the Dáire were living in an area known as Ossory, between Kilkenny and Tipperary. Lughaidh Lóegde, a descendant, is recognized as founding the Corcu Lóegde túath, around the second century. The Munster inhabitants briefly ruled over south Ossory around 600 A.D. Their reign was in honor of ‘Edersceol.’ In the latter half of the first millennium, conflicts with other tribes started to push and confine these people into an ever smaller amount of territory. The progenitor of the present day Driscolls, Uí Eidersceoil, lived about 940 A.D.

If you have visited us before, you'll find most of our old content is still here. (We're still working on getting it all up.) Some information may have been moved. If you are a new visitor, please explore our website. Read about the history of the Driscolls in more detail, browse our genealogy records contributed by many generous volunteers, and contribute a Driscoll family biography.

Our DNA Project is picking up steam! We have discovered that Y-DNA testers are roughly divided into two ancient "ethnic groups." Join the project and help us discover who the original Driscolls were. Or, if you are doing genealogy research on your own family history, get the men in your Driscoll lineage to take a Y test so as to enhance your research.

Whether or not you are eligible to join the DNA project, please join the community mailing list and post your Driscoll lineage to the list. If you have a Driscoll research family biography that you'd like to publish here we will gladly add your submission under our Family Biographies.

If you wish to join our volunteer data collection team for the purpose of constructing Driscoll genealogies to make available to project members, please let us know.

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