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Crisp - A Middlesex Family

Frederick William CRISP, son of George CRISP and Elizabeth THWAITES of Pentonville, Clerkenwell, County of Middlesex was born 29 July 1866. He married Ann ELTON nee BARLOW in 1894. Their children include Lena, Sarah, Henry and Ivy. They lived in Custom House, East London on Cundy Road.

I have been unable to find the marriage of George CRISP and Elizabeth THWAITES. In the 1871 census of Clerkenwell they are listed at 34 Wellington Street. RG10 399 Folio 37

George CRISP Head Mar 39 Carpenter Norwich, Norfolk
Eliza E CRISP Wife Mar 30   Middlesex
William CRISP Son   8   Middlesex, Pentonville
Frederick CRISP Son   5   Middlesex, Pentonville
Mary A CRISP Daur   3   Middlesex, Pentonville
Eliza J CRISP Daur   1   Middlesex, Pentonville

The birth certificate for William shows his mother is Caroline SMALLWOOD; I have been unable to find this marriage either. However, I did find George and Caroline in the 1861 census living with the CRUM family:

St James Clerkenwell, 13 North Street [RG9-196-101b (S&N CD page 198)]

The only thing consistent about George between the census of 1861 and 1871 is that he is a carpenter. If you overlook the fact that the enumerator misspelled the family name the 1881 censsus is consistent with the 1871 census and allows us to conclude that George was born in Norwich about 1831. Here is the family in the 1881 census:

In 1891 the family is at 1 Slaney Place in Islington:

At the same address occupied by the CRISP in 1861 it is interesting that in 1871 at 13 North St. we have

I have been unable to locate them in the 1881 census. Hence I searched for the death of John Thwaites of Islington from Jun Qtr 1871 to Mar Qtr 1881 but no record was found. Further in 1851 the family of John Thwaites is at 43 Rawstone St.

It seems highly likely that the Eliza Thwaites above is George Crisp's second wife. The family in 1861 is at 1 Providence Row [RG9-196-74a (S&N CD page 143)]:

Eliza is not at home in 1861 nor is she yet married to George Crisp. Perhaps this entry in the 1861 census is her:

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