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This home page was created for descendents of William J. Walls and Sarah (Sally) E. Cotrell.  

Robert Moulder and Jane (last name unknown)

Robert Moulder was likely born about 1650 at Hamburg, Germany. His father may have been Peter Heinrich Mulder 91630-1736)? He married Jane (possibly Marie Jane Jahan Dit Laviolette?) and they had at least one child, Henry (b. 1695). Robert Moulder died about 1745 in Marcus Hook, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Henry Moulder and ?

Henry Moulder was born about 1695 at Hamburg, Germany to Robert Moulder and Jane (?). He married ? (possibly Sara Evens?) and they had at least one child, John (b.1733; d. 1810). Henry Moulder died at Grainger, Tennessee in 1764.

John Moulder and Susannah Swingle

John Moulder was born on 27 May 1733 at Hamburg, Germany to Henry Moulder and ?. John married Susannah Swingle. He died 27 May 1810 at Maynardsville, Union Co., Tennessee.

Susannah "Susa" Swingle was born abt 1733, possibly in Switzerland. She died 1833 at Maynardsville, Union Co., Tennessee. They had at least the following children:

1. Catherine Moulder, b. 1765 at North Carolina; d. 1838 in Missouri; in 1870 she married Richard Penn (1768-1803) at Rowan Co., NC, and they had at least the following children: William Penn (1786-1873); Susannah Penn (1790); Joseph Penn (1793-1812); Rebecca Penn (b. abt 1802) possibly John Penn and a Nancy L. Penn, too.

2. Susanna Moulder, b. Sep 1767 at Rowan County, North Carolina; d. 1839 at Davie, North Carolina, in 1784 she married Johann Adam Sheek (1761-1832, the son of Christian Schick and Rosina Catharina ?. They had at least the following children: Sally Sheek (1785-1867); George Sheek (1787-1867); Christian Sheek (1792-1869); Jacob Sheek (1795-1884); William Sheek (1798-1840); Johann Adam Sheek (1801-1895); Mary Sheek (1804-1864); Daniel Sheek (1807-1822)

3. Henry Moulder, b. 1768; d. 1855, this is my direct line - see more information below

4. Elizabeth Moulder, b. 1759; d. ABT 1838 at Scott Co., Indiana

5. Jacob Moulder, b. 4 Apr 1775 at Rowan County, North Carolina; d. 3 Mar 1846 at Orange County, Indiana; in 1802 at NC he married Elizabeth Borland (1784-1866, the daughter of Alexander Borland and Susannah Flinthem). They likely had the following children: Susannah Moulder (1803-1865); John Moulder (1805-1900); Alexander Moulder (1807-1841); Sally Moulder (1811-1875); William Moulder (1813-1854); Lydia Moulder (1815-1886); Lewis Henry Moulder (1817-1863); Mary Ann Moulder (1819-1853); Archibald Moulder (1821-1855); Oliver C. Moulder (1823-1905); Betsey Jane Moulder (1827-1885).

6. Valentine Felta Moulder, b. 25 Nov 1776 at Salem, Orange Co., NC; d. 1833 at Clinch River, Union Co., Tennessee; In 1798 he married Lavina Robertson (b. 3 Apr 1780 at Rowan Co., NC- d. 15 Jul 1839 at Union Co., TN). They had at least the following children: George W. Moulder (1799-1885); Selina Moulder (1801-1811); Susan Moulder (1802-1812); Susan Moulder (1802-1812); John Moulder (1804-1886); Jacob Moulder (1806-1856); Mary Polly Moulder (1806-1851); Rebecca Moulder (1809-1875); Elizabeth Moulder (1810-1895); Lavina Moulder (1813-1891); Valentine Felta Moulder (1815-1863); Rufus Morgan Moulder (1816-1876); Silas Moulder (1819-1893).

7. ?Mary Moulder

Henry Molder (Moulder) and Mary Margaret ?

Henry Moulder was born about 1768 at Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina to John Moulder and Susannah Swingle. He married Mary Margaret Robinson about 1794 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Henry died on 17 September 1855 in White County, Tennessee.

Mary Margaret Robinson was born about 1772 in Orange Co., North Carolina. She died about 1850 in Hickory Valley, Hardeman, Tennessee, USA. Henry and Mary Margaret had at least the following children:

1. Lewis Moulder, b. abt 1794

2. Daniel Moulder, b. 25 Jul 1795 at Rowan County, North Carolina. He married Rachael Hopper (1798-1853). He seems to have married a second time in 1854, to Malinda Howard (1816-1864). Daniel died. 9 Jan 1875 at Humansville, Polk, Missouri. He likely had the following children with Rachael: Martha (b. 1816); Henry P (b. 1818); Archibald F (b. abt 1820); Amerlia Ann (1822-1902); Julia Ann (1825-1868); Mary M. (1833-1857); Sarah E (b. abt 1835); Louiza J (abt 1836); and John R (b. abt 1838)

3. Henry Molder, b. 7 Aug 1797 at North Carolina, married Nancy (last name unknown). He d. 7 Nov 1887 at McDonald, Missouri. See more information about this family below.

4. David Moulder, b. 23 Oct 1799 at Union Co., Tennessee; married Rachel Bearcraft (1793-1872) on 15 Dec 1822, and d. 23 Aug 1890 at Cedar Missouri. David and Rachel had at least one child, Henry N. Moulder (1830-1905).

5. Samuel Tennessee Moulder, b. 16 Oct 1801 at Tennessee, d. 8 Oct 1888 at Arizona. Abt 1832 he married Nancy Luster (abt 1812-1899), and they had at least one child, Sara (b. 20 Dec 1842 at TN, m. Richard A. Martin; Sara d. 9 Mar 1922 at Sherman, Grayson Co., TX). Samuel and Nancy may have had the following children as well: Jesse (1834); Elizabeth (1835); William M. (1836); Jeremiah (1838); Alexander (1839-1900); Sara (mentioned above - 1842-1922); John T (1842); Samuel Houston (1844-1906); Margaret (b. abt 1844 or 1847); Pleasant (1845-1868); Amanda (1848-1924); Martha (1850-1894); Ferdinand (1852-1930); Henry (1854-1908) Roland (1857-1939)

6. Jacob Moulder, b. 21 Jan 1806 at Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN, d. 19 Dec 1863 at Bedford Co., TN. He married Susannah Copley (1803-1870). They likely had the following children: Martha Ann (1830-1922); Jasper W. (1832-1920); George B (b. abt 1833); Sarah (b. abt 1834); Catherine (b. abt 1834); William P (abt 1837-1909); Jasper W. (abt 1837-1920); Mary J (b. abt 1840); Christiana (b. abt 1842); and Samuel K (1845-1936)

7. ?George Moulder, b. 1810 at Tennessee

8. ?John Moulder, b. 19 May 1817 at Grainger, TN

Henry Molder and Nancy ?

Henry Molder was born 7 August 1797 in North Carolina and he died in 7 November 1887 in McDonald, Missouri. About 1821 he married Nancy (last name unknown) in Tennessee.

Nancy (?) was born about1803 in South Carolina and died abt 1894 in Arkansas. 

1. Alfred L. Molder, born 14 January 1824 in Tennessee; married Sarah Couch (1828-1902). They lived in Barry County, Missouri until at least 1880 (where they show up on the census), but Alfred seems to have died 29 May 1898 in Texas. They likely had the following children: Ozias (1846); Vance Herd (1848-1910); Scina E (1850); Mary Jane (1853); Susan L (1855); Nancy Ellen (1858); John Franklin (1860-1896); Phoebe Alice (1862-1896); Martha Juliana (1865-1936); Liza (1868-1899); Sarah M (1870-1910); Maude Mandy (1872)

2. Isaac Moulder, born Oct 1825 at Tennessee, he married Evaline Meek (b. abt 1834) abt 1849 at Van Buren Co.,TN. Isaac died abt 1861 (or 1864?) in Arkansas. He and Evaline had at least the following children: Nancy (1856); Anthony (1858); Couch (1860) and possibly a Joseph?

3. Elijah Moulder, born October 1825 in Tennessee. Abt 1850 he married Rutha Keener (1832-1882). They had at least the following children: George W. (1852); James Isom (1854-1912); Carroll (a boy, b. abt 1861); Sarah (1862); Elijah Carrol (1866-1940); Annie (abt 1867); Sena E (1869); Claborne Valentine (1871-1943); Nancy J (1874). In 1884 at Benton Co., Arkansas, Elijah married Elizabeth Hanson (b. abt 1852), with whom he had the following children: Mary E. (1885); Dora (1891); and Miles J. (1893). Elijah died after 1900 in Arkansas. In 1900, the family was living in Elm Springs, Washington Co., Arkansas

4. Clarinda Moulder, born about 1827 at Warren Co., Tennesse and she died about 1861, probably in Johnson Co., Arkansas. She married David Couch (b. abt 1827) and they had the following children: Samuel Couch (1847); Nancy Emaline Couch (1849); Obediah Couch (1851-1925); Lodeniah Couch (a girl b. abt 1855); Azarian Scheldon Couch (a boy, b. abt 1856, d. 1927); Alfred Couch (b. abt 1859). In 1860 the family is living in Spadra, Johnson County, Arkansas.

5. Racheal E. Molder, born about 1830 in Tennessee, she married Charles Walls (1815-1900, the brother of Jesse C. Walls, who married her younger sister, Milly). The family lived in Benton County, Arkansas. Racheal and Charles had at least the following children: Jesse (1846-1870); Martha Delilah (1848); Sarah "Sally" (1851); Clarinda (1856); Mary Jane (1858); Almeda (1863); and possibly Marinda (1864)?

6. Milly Jane Molder (see below), born 1833 in Tennessee, first married Hiram Hill and then married Jesse C. Walls. She died in 1870 in Pike County, Ohio. This is my direct line.

7. Nancy Molder, born about 1834 in Tennessee; d. abt 1899 in Arkansas. 

8. ?James Henry Moulder, possibly born 1836 in Tennessee

9. Andrew Jackson Moulder, born 26 Aug 1838 in Warren County, Tennessee; d. 7 Nov 1928 at Pawnee Creek, Oklahoma. He first married Mary Miler Graham (1841-1887) and they had at least the following children: William I. (1862); Frances Elizabeth (1863-1938); John L (1866); Arminda (1869); Cora Belle (1878); Lee (1881); Frank (1883). Next he married Mary Louise Scott at Barry Co., MO on 15 Sept 1886. They were living in Barry Co. Missouri on the 1900 census. They had the following children: Josie (1887); Bert (1892); Jessie Wade (1894-1982); Lucy (1896); Laura (1899); Charles Homer (1902); and Cynthia Orlia (1905).

10. Francis Ann "Honey" Molder, born about 1844 at Warren Co., Tennessee and she died in Benton County, Arkansas after 1890. She first married James Washington Walls (son of Edwin and Delila Walls, brother of Jesse C. Walls, see above). They had two children, William Walls  (b. 1867) ; and Andrew Walls (1869-1879).  James Henson Brown was her second husband. She had at least two children with him, James and Nancy.

Millie Jane Molder and Jesse C. Walls

Millie Jane Molder was born in 1833 in Tennessee to Henry Molder and Nancy (last name unknown). Millie was first married to Hiram Waldin Hill (d. 26 July 1851). Soon after they married they moved to Lexington, MO. After he died Milly “moved back” to Cedar Co., MO. Their son, Henry, was born in 1852 in Missouri. Then she moved with her parents to Benton County, Arkansas. After her second husband, Jesse Walls, died she moved to Ohio with her son, William, where she was listed as a housekeeper in the household of Joshua Haines on the 1870 Ohio census. Joshua Haines (Haynes) became William Jackson Walls’ legal guardian in 1870 when Millie died in Pike Co., OH and William Jackson Walls was only 12 years old.

Jesse C.Walls was born around 1824 in Pendleton District, South Carolina to Edwin and Delila Walls. The family moved to Bledsoe County, Tennessee, and then to Benton County, Arkansas. As an adult, he is shown as having bought land in 1854 in Benton County, AK. He served in the Fourth Arkansas Union Infantry: Walls: Jesse C., Pvt - enlisted 21 April 1864 at Clarksville, Arkansas at age 41. According to his civil war record, he had blue eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, and was 5’ 10” tall. He married Millie Jane Molder on 23 June 1852 in Benton County, AR.  Jesse died in hospital from dehydration while serving as a Union soldier in the Civil War on 16 September 1864 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The Children of Jesse C. Walls and Millie Jane Molder

1.   Henry Hill (son of Millie by her first husband, Hiram Hill, Jesse C. Walls was his stepfather). born 1852 in Missouri. He married Sarah J. ?. According to the 1880 Pike County, OH census (town of Benton), Henry and Sarah had 2 daughters. In 1880, one was six years of age and the other was three.

2.   Amanda Walls, born 1855 in Arkansas. Died before 1864.

3.   John Franklin Walls, born 29 January 1856 in Arkansas. Died 12 November 1863 in Arkansas.

4.   William Jackson Walls, born 27 April 1858 in Johnson County, Arkansas. Married Sarah Cotrell in Pike County, OH in 1887. William died 21 September 1936 in Berrien County, Michigan.

5.   Alfred G. Walls, born abt 1861 in Benton Co., Arkansas, died before 1865.

6.   Nancy Delila Walls, born abt 1860, died before 1865.

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