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This home page was created for descendents of William J. Walls and Sarah (Sally) E. Cotrell.   Special thanks to Ronda Hall and Nadine Quiggle for their hard work and willingness to share their information. Please send additions, corrections, and updated information for these pages to

Richard Cotrell and Mary Anderson

Richard Cotrell was born about 1662 at New Kent, Virginia. He married Mary Anderson about 1684 in New Kent, VA, where he died on 16 March 1715.

Mary Anderson was born about 1667 in Virginia to Robert Anderson (1640-1712) and an unknown mother. She died in 1691 in VA. Richard and Mary had at least two children:

1. Richard Cottrell, b. abt 1687 at St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, Virginia; died there on 13 Oct 1715. In 1709 at New Kent, VA he married Anne Waddill (1691-1714). They had at least one son, Richard Cottrell (b. 17 Dec 1710 at New Kent, VA; d. 12 Mar 1792 at Henrico, Virginia).

2. Thomas Cottrell, b. 11 Apr 1690 at New Kent, Virginia; d. 22 Apr 1718 at St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, Virginia. He married Martha Hatcher. This is my direct line. See more information about this family below.

Thomas Cottrell and Martha Hatcher (?)

Thomas Cotrell was born on 11 April 1690 at New Kent, Virginia to Richard Cottrell and Mary Anderson. Thomas married Martha Hatcher on 25 May 1709, and he died on 22 April 1718 at St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, Virginia.

Martha Hatcher was born about 1684 at Henrico, Virginia to Benjamin Hatcher (1644 VA-1727 VA) and Elizabeth Greenhaugh (1645 VA-1740 VA). She died at Henrico about 1767. Thomas and Martha had at least the following children:

1. Susannah Cottrell, b. 1 Apr 1710 at New Kent, Virginia

2. Thomas Cottrell, b. Apr 1711 at New Kent, Virginia, d. 1763 at Amherst, Virginia, married Susannah Patterson. This is my direct line. See more information about this family below.

3. William Cottrell, b. abt 1714 at New Kent, Virginia; d. 13 Feb 1725 at Henrico, VA

3. Anne Cottrell, b. 31 Mar 1716 at New Kent, Virginia

Thomas Cottrell and Susannah Patterson

Thomas Cottrell was born in April 1711 at New Kent, Virginia to Thomas Cotrell (Sr) and Martha Hatcher. He married Susannah Patterson about 1734 in Henrico, Virginia. Thomas Cottrell died about 1763 at Amherst, Virginia.

Susannah Patterson was born about 1715 at Virginia to James Pattison and ?. She died in Bedford, Virginia in about 1763. Susannah and Thomas had at least the following children:

1. Thomas Cottrell, b. abt 1737 at Henrico, VA; d. Nov 1828 at Wilkes, North Carolina

2. William Cottrell, b. abt 1741 at Deep Run, Henrico, Virginia

3. John Cottrell, b. abt 1743 at Deep Run, Henrico, VA; d. Nov 1828 NC

4. James Cottrell, b. 14 Oct 1748 at Albemarle Co., VA; d. 9 Jun 1841 at Pike Co., OH. He married Lydia Cash. This is my direct line. See below for more information about his family.

James Cottrell and Lydia Cash

James Cottrell was born 14 October 1748 at Albemarle, Virginia to Thomas Cottrell and Susannah Patterson. He married Lydia Cash about 1775 at Amherst, Virginia. James Cottrell died on 9 June 1841 in Pike County, Ohio.

Lydia Cash was born about 1752 at Amherst, Virginia to Stephen Cash (1730 VA-1799 VA, a son of Robert Howard and Ruth (Walker) Cash) and Jemima Grining (1730 VA-1763 VA). She died about 1821 at Bedford, Virginia. James and Lydia Cash likely had the following children:

1. James Cottrell, b. 1775 in Virginia, died 1840 at Jackson, Pike Co., OH. This is my direct line, see more information below

2. Jemimah Cottrell, b. abt 1781 at Franklin Co., VA; d. abt 1834 at Montgomery Co., Ohio

3. Betsey Cottrell, b. abt 1788 at Bedford, Virginia; d. 30 Jan 1846 in Ohio. On 5 Jan 1807 at Bedford, Virginia, she married Daniel McCann (1775-1846).

4. Stephen Cottrell, b. 13 Mar 1791 at Amherst, VA; d. 3 Aug 1849 at Henry, Indiana.

James Cottrell and Susan Tyree

James Cottrell was born about 1775 at Virginia to James Cottrell and Lydia Cash. He married Susan Tyree about 1797 at North Carolina. James died about 1840 at Jackson Township, Pike County, Ohio.

Susan Tyree was born on 30 November 1778 to John Tyree (he was b. abt 1758 at NC, to William and Mary (Smith) Tyree, and he d. 16 Oct 1778) and Francais Voul. Susan died on 21 December 1855 at Pebble, Pike County, Ohio. James and Susan likely had the following children:

1. Benjamin Cottrell, b. 12 Jun 1798 at NC; d. 14 Apr 1874 at Wapello, Iowa

2.  Nancy Cottrell (1803-1875)

2. James Cottrell, b. 1804 at Bedford, VA; d. in Pike Co., OH, this is my direct line, see more information below

3. Susanna Cottrell, b. 23 Nov 1809 at Henrico, VA; d. in Wapello County, Iowa; in 1830 at Ohio she married Phillip Hartley (1792-1880).

4. Delilah Cottrell, b. 15 Mar 1821 at Pike Co., OH; d. 3 Feb 1900 at Warren Co., Iowa

James Cottrell and Polly Carter

James Cottrell was born about 1804 at Bedford, Virginia to James Cottrell and Susan Tyree. He married Polly Carter on 22 November 1824 at Bedford, Virginia. He died at Pike County, Ohio.

Polly Carter was born about 1804 in Virginia to ? Carter and Jane Warren. She died on 3 February 1904 at Benton, Pike County, Ohio. James and Polly had at least the following children:

1. Elizabeth Cottrell, b. 17 Feb 1825 at Bedford, VA; d. 24 Jun 1908 at Ohio. She married John Kinzer (1823-1902).

2. Charles Cotterrel, b. abt 1833, d. abt 1900 at Pike County, Ohio

3. James M. Cotrell, b. 20 Feb 1835 in Ohio; d. 21 Apr 1875 at Pebble, Pike Co., Ohio. This is my direct line, see more information below

4. George Cotterrel, b. abt 1847

James M. Cotrell and Ann Elizabeth Bond

James Cottrell was born 20 Feb 1835 in Ohio (likely Pike County). He married Ann Elizabeth Bond on 17 December 1857 at Pike County, Ohio. James died on 21 April 1875 at Pebble, Pike County, Ohio.

Ann Elizabeth Bond was born on 30 September 1836 at Hardy, Virginia to Vincent Bond (1814-1898) and Catherine Iman (1815-1889). Ann died on 26 February 1878 at Pebble, Pike County, Ohio. James and Ann Elizabeth had at least the following children:

1. Mary Cash Cottrell, b. Nov 1858 at Ohio; d. 1948 at Benton, Pike Co., OH; on 31 Dec 1876 at Pike Co., OH she married Lovalla Walls (1854-1923). Lovalla was the son of James Walls (1827-1923) and Mary Shattuck (1832-1898). This is not the same Walls line as her sister, Sarah Elizabeth (below) married into. Lovalla was from the Delaware Walls line. Mary and Lovalla had at least the following children: Eliza E. Walls (b. abt 1878); James E. Walls (1879-1956); Levi Leroy Walls (1882-1959); Cloves Walls (1884-1914); Catherine Walls (1886-1924); Frona Walls (b. abt 1886); Samuel Walls (1889-1897); Mary Walls (b. abt 1891); Lawrence Curtis Walls (1894-1927); Florence Grace Walls (1896-1981); and Ollie M. Walls (1898-1915)

2. Joseph Edwin Cotterrel, b. December 1860 at Ohio, In 1889 he seems to have married a woman named Clara Francis Williams (1868-1923).  They likely had the following children:  James Cotrell (1889-1943); Fanny Cotrell (b. abt 1890); Homer Cotrell (1891-1959); Minnie Cotrell (b. abt 1894); Gilbert Cecil Cotrell (1896-1951); Clarence Eston Cotrell (1898-1967); Hazel Cotrell (b. abt 1900); Arthur Cotrell 9b. abt 1903); Grant Cotrell (b. abt 1905); and Willard Cotrell (b. abt 1908)

3. Charles Westley Cotterrell, b. June 1862 in Ohio; d. about 1927; married Mary Elizabeth Tucker (1870-1948).  Children: Fleetah Cotrell (1889-1959); Charles W. Cotrell (b. abt 1889); Leroy Cotrell (1890-1946): Margaret "Maggie" Cottrell (1892-1966); Mary Cotrell (b. abt 1894); Verna Cotrell (b. about 1896)

4. John Cotterrel, b. 16 Apr 1865 at Pebble, Pike Co., OH; d. 16 Jan 1946 at Springfield, Clark Co., OH; married Ida Virginia Smith (1873-1942)

5. Sarah Elizabeth Cotrell, b. abt 1868 in Ohio, d. 1929 at Buchanan, Berrien Co., Michigan. See more information below

6. Minnie Cotrell, b. abt 1869 Ohio; d. 3 Oct 1960 at Franklin Co., Ohio

7. Bertha Cotrell, b. abt 1873 Ohio; d. 10 Apr 1961 at Pike Co., Ohio; married William Dotson (1870-1965).  They had the following children: Forest Dotson (b. abt 1895); Lawrence Ray Dotson (1897-1979); Levicie Dotson (b. abt 1900); Hazel Dotson (b. abt 1900)

Sarah E. Cotrell and William Jackson Walls

click here to see a picture of Sarah Cotrell and William Jackson Walls

Sarah "Sally" Elizabeth Cotrell was born 13 Oct 1867 in Pike County, Ohio to James M. Cotrell and Ann Elizabeth Bond.   Sarah died 17 May 1929 at Buchanan, Berrien County, Michigan.  On 8 Dec 1887, she married William Jackson Walls at Pike Co., OH Click here for a picture of her grave stone.

William Jackson Walls was born on 27 April1858 in Johnson County, Arkansas to Jesse C. Walls and Millie Jane Molder. Wiilliam's father, Jesse, was a Union solder who died in the Civil War in 1964. William moved to Pike County, OH sometime before 1870 with his mother. They were living there in the household of Joshua Haines in the 1870 Ohio census. He moved back to Arkansas as a young adult and was living with his paternal uncle, Charles Walls, in the 1880 census. Apparently he then returned to Ohio, where he married Sarah "Sally" Elizabeth Cotrell on 8 December 1887 at Pike County, Ohio. They had at least 8 children together.  Sometime between 1911 and 1914, William and Sally moved from Clark County, Ohio to Southern Michigan with at least two of their grown children and their families, Henry Chase and Bertha Catherine.  They were living in the Buchanan Township, Berrien County, Michigan by the time of the 1920 census, and William J. Walls was listed as a farmer. William Walls died on 21 September, 1936 at the Berrien County Infirmary in Berrien County, Michigan. He ws buried in Buchanan, MI on 23 September, 1936. On his death certificate he is listed as a laborer, and his parents are listed as "unknown". Click HERE to see a copy of his death certificate. Go to the William Jackson Walls link to see the names of the children of William Walls and Sarah Cottrell.

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