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This home page was created for descendents of Raymond Joseph Kenney and Ella Goerring.  

Patrick George Kenney and Mary Magdalene Enders

Patrick George Kenney was born 27 August 1867 at Lima, New York to ??? .  His paternal grandparents were John (1807-1879) and Elizabeth "Biddy" (1804-1878) Kenney who were both born in Tipperary, Ireland and died in Lima, Livingston Co., New York.  I'm not sure if Patrick's father was their son Jeremiah "Jerry" Kenney (1841-1871) or John Kenney (1842-1874).  I also do not know his mother's name.  I just know his parents died in the mid 1870's, and he lived with his grandparents until they died in 1878 and 1879.  Family lore has him being shipped off to Michigan on one of the Orphan Trains that took orphaned children to farmers in the Midwest during that time. 

Patrick married Mary Magdalene Enders on 26 March 1887 at Coloma, Benton Harber, Michigan. Patrick Kenney died on 2 November 1968 at Baroda, Berrien, Michigan. Click here for a picture of Patrick with some of his great grandchildren in the 1950's.

Mary Magdalene Enders was born 21 May 1867 at Coloma, Michigan to John Adams Enders (b. 1825 Germany and died 1900 Berrien County, Michigan) and Theresa Solomon (born 25 May 1825 Nassau, Germany, died 8 May 1910 Berrien County, Michigan). Mary Enders Kenney died 24 Dec 1944 at Baroda, Berrien County, Michigan.

Click here for a picture of their family in about 1907.

1. Jacob Enders Kenney, b. 26 Jul 1889 in Michigan, m. Beatrice Hortense Kelsey (1889-1956), had at least the following children: Marion Lorraine Kenney (1911-1999); Josephine Enders Kenney(1912-1993) Perry Graydon Kenney (1914-2005), Donna Kenney (1916-2002).

2. Mable Pearl Kenney, b. 26 Jan 1892 at Coloma, Michigan, m. William Barnes Carroll (b. 13 July 1889, d. 22 Sept 1968), Mable died 18 Aug 1991 at New Carlisle, Indiana. Mable and William had at least 3 children: Robert W. "Bob" Carroll (1912-1982); and Marie Carroll (1915-2005); and Raymond P. Carroll (b. abt 1917)

3. Raymond Joseph Kenney, b. 8 Mar 1897 in Coloma, Michigan. Married Ella G. Georing on 22 Nov 1916, died 25 January 1970 (see below for more information about the descendents of Raymond and Ella)

4. Mildred Marie Kenney, b. 30 Aug 1901; d. 2 Feb 1998; m. Harry Washington Grover (1887-1926), and 2nd m. Emil Nitz (b. abt 1900)

5. Grace Alene Kenney, b. 23 Mar 1904 at Baroda, Michigan,  Ward Shaver (1900-1973) and had a son named John Ward Shaver (b. abt 1925).  She then married Harry Bird (1900-1970. Grace died at St. Joseph, Michigan on 12 Feb 1995.

6. Josephine Irene Kenney, b. 22 Nov 1907; d. 16 Aug 2001 at Mesa, Maricopa Co., Arizona.  She first married Joseph Donnellan (1900-1930) and they had one daughter.  She then married Leo Nutting

7. Gerald Kenney, b. 22 Nov 1907; d. 18 ul 1925 at Galien, Michigan

8. Samuel Wesley Kenney, b. 10 Jul 1913, d. 18 July 1932

Raymond Joseph Kenney and Ella Georgia Goering

Raymond Joseph (RJ) Kenney was born 8 March 1897 at Coloma, Michigan. He married Ella Georgia Goering in November 1916 at Detroit, Michigan. RJ Kenney was a funeral home director, undertaker, and factory owner. He died on 25 Jan 1970 from Emphysema at Mesa, Arizona. Click here for pictures of RJ Kenney and Ella Goering taken about 1916 (just before they were married).

Ella Georgia Goering was born 25 May 1895 at Chicago, Illinois to Charles Goering (1851-1912) and Catherine Elizabeth Habel (1863-1945). Ella died on 8 March 1988 at South Bend, Indiana. Click here for a picture of Ella taken in 1973. They had 3 children:

1. Jerry Edgar Kenney, born 14 Sep 1917 at Baroda, Michigan. He married Lola Catherine Lechtenberg (b. 17 Feb 1921 Iowa; d. 1 Mar 2004 Kentucky). Jerry died 5 Nov 2008 at Lexington, KY.  They had three children, one of whom has passed away, Mary Catherine Kenney (1947-2009)

2. Catherine Mary "Kate" Kenney, born 26 Oct 1918 at South Bend, Indiana. She married William A. Banfi. Catherine died on 6 Mar 1975 at South Bend, Indiana. William Banfi was born 17 Jun 1916 and died at Elkhart, Indiana on 10 Mar 2005. Click here for a picture of Kate and Bill Banfi.

3. Betty Jane Kenney, born 13 January 1924 at Galien, Michigan. She married Ralph Vernon "Vern" Walls (son of Henry Chase Walls and Lucretia Imo Wolford). Betty died on 22 December 2004 at South Bend, Indiana. Click here for picures of Betty as a toddler and as a teenager.

Betty Jane Kenney and Ralph Vernon Walls

Click here for information about their family.

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