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I received this information in late 2002 from my French cousin, Dominique Dolveck, who had been searching for information about Suzanne Dolweck. Also thanks to Gary Conklin.

Jean Dolweck (2) and Anne-Marie Gundolf

Jean Dolweck (2) was born 23 March 1759 at Bening, Lorraine, France to Gaspard Dolweck and Suzanne Scherer.  He died 9 September 1828 at Bening.  He was a weaver and later became a farmer. Jean married Anne-Marie Gondolf on 9 February 1779 at Folkling, France.

Anne-Marie Gondolf was born 1756, died 17 January 1820 at Bening.   They had 6 children:

1.  Jean Dolweck (3) was born 10 August 1780.  He married Barbe Mager. They had 3 children. This is my line. Click on his link for more information about this family and their descendents

2.  Angelique Dolweck, born 4 October 1782

3.  Michel Dolweck, born 26 July 1784 and died 20 May 1867 at Bening, France.   He married Ange Dauphin. They had 4 children.

4.  Anne-Marie Dolweck, born 13 May 1787, married Joseph Boulling on 28 January 1812.

5. Christine Dolweck, born 1792 at Bening, Lorraine, France; married Nicolas Brayer on 19 January 1815.

6. Pierre Dolweck, born 28 Oct 1798 at Lorraine, France; d. 26 Apr 1876 in Sandusky County, Ohio; married Marie-Anne Bour (1808-1892) on 18 September 1827. He was buried 28 Apr 1876 at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Millersville, Ohio.

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